What If you could design your ideal presidential candidate? Here’s your chance…

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With so much dissatisfaction of the current 2016 presidential candidates I began to muse what would happen if the American people did the unthinkable and designed our own ideal Presidential candidate and then did a talent search for someone with those qualities. Since I am just one American I designed a survey to get a […]

Trip To India

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I’m compelled to share more of my India adventure… After 30 friends showed up last minute at my friend Edie Weinstein’s house to be in the energy of India and hear about Jason and our two week adventures. I am inspired to talk more about being in the moment, taking in ancient and modern experiences, […]

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Best Seller Book Launch Directory

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Add your resources to the comment section Ruth Anne Wood ScriptingForSuccess.com  – Profitable Publishing, Business Solutions, Public Speaking LiveYourPeace.com – Interview series with community leaders on Peace, Passion and Prosperity 215-872-5035 ruth@ScriptingForSuccess.com https://twitter.com/ruthannewood https://www.facebook.com/ruthannewood http://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthannewood http://www.youtube.com/ruthannewood I help people write and publish books on their ideal client solutions I help people effectively communicate best case scenarios and […]

Social Media Pro Nick Orthner Shares Big Sales Success Strategies

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicolas Ortner, the Creator and Producer of “The Tapping Solution” and since then my health and income has had a kind of snow ball effect, eliminating blocks around money, service and meeting more people receptive to my work as a book midwife and leadership trainer helping problem solvers grow […]

Script Your Influence at Work

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Inspired Response to Robert Ciadini, PhD Influence at Work Scripting for Success TM helps influencers become conscious of ideal people and specific desired relationships in your business. It works by deciding what kind of influence you want to have in your organization. Then by writing it down in the form of a story or success script […]

Test Drive Your Success

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Test Drive Your Success “33% of executive’s time is spent responding to crises or problems.” According to The Creative Group, a leader in matching creative talent with the best companies, But it gets worse Wage Income Is Not Increasing. As a result, the Us Labor Department reported that average hourly earnings increased 3.7% in the […]

Marketing Cruise

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Marketing Cruise Success Script “Days before the guests stepped onto the boat at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale to set sail to the Exotic Ports of Cozumel Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica every passenger assumed the identity of their highest aspiration. They were told, the moment the passengers stepped aboard they were on the set of […]

Getting the Most out of Your Live Your Peace Interview

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Live Your Peace Interview Fill out the application form to have your very own web page promoting you. Some PR firms charge a minimum of $400/ month to have just a half page bio, picture and contact info. I know because I’ve participated in those and I […]

Measure Success Before You Sign The Contract

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“A lone individual may innovate, but teamwork is essential to entrepreneurial innovation. The better the teamwork, the greater the chance of success.” – Rich Bendis, CEO and Founder Innovation America You can only track and measure what you plan. If you don’t plan and measure the kind of people and team you want to have […]