What If you could design your ideal presidential candidate? Here’s your chance…

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With so much dissatisfaction of the current 2016 presidential candidates I began to muse what would happen if the American people did the unthinkable and designed our own ideal Presidential candidate and then did a talent search for someone with those qualities. Since I am just one American I designed a survey to get a glimpse into what kind of president my fellow Americans would want.

Imagine what would happen if a significant amount of the American voting population filled out this survey and discovered to our shock that our ideal candidate doesn’t come close to the ones that are currently running.

Then we had influential personalities such as a Steven Colbert, NPR, MoveOn.prg to create a computer simulated version of our ideal candidate and/or hosted a reality or talent show to draw someone from the general public that possessed the qualities of our ideal candidate.

Go ahead and fill out the survey on designing your ideal president by clicking right here.

Be sure to share this survey and add your email in the last question to get the survey results.

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