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I’m compelled to share more of my India adventure… After 30 friends showed up last minute at my friend Edie Weinstein’s house to be in the energy of India and hear about Jason and our two week adventures. I am inspired to talk more about being in the moment, taking in ancient and modern experiences, being guests in strangers homes that were quickly adopted into long lost brothers, sisters and even new Indian parents. How does living in community with others as guests in a Couch Surfing and Air B & B arrangement offer opportunities to be keenly aware of how you as a couple and individual traveler introduce yourself, react or go with the flow in different situations.

From a couple who invited you into their concrete apartment that is smaller than this living room and open to the elements with just ply wood covering some of the ceiling space, where the pigeons roost over your thin sleeping mat. Perhaps they are fighting in Hindi in your living space just a curtain away… (This is an opportunity to practice acceptance, non judgement and gratitude for them and their five year old son, rather than run and hide or get swept up in someone else’s drama.)

Then there is the sweet surrender that comes in being in a taxi in India where a bus, cow, pedestrian, motorcycle and car all practice free will to occupy one lane (Not too different from the traffic in our heads.) Or a red light doesn’t mean a red traffic light if the driver chooses a new definition in the moment and just turns head on into the intersection.

And how do you rate the spiritual stirrings in your heart of how moved you are visiting various sanctuaries. Starting at Ghandi’s and then Mother Theresa’s home where you see the humble beginnings and circumstances that lead to their mission and life’s work in their neighborhoods. Then onto visiting elaborate modern mosques and the Taj Mahal, a shine of love, to feeling the surprising spiritual awakening inside the Ba’hi Lotus Temple, a religion that prides themselves in evolving and not set in just ancient text?

What about the spiritual experience of unexpected good or bad karma trusting people. Choosing to view hotel theft of American dollars shoved deep in your single pack as an inconvenient violation or a love offering to the hotel staff…

(Jason and I outlined a video game for travelers to practice being in the flow) while waiting to leave India and board a flight for a day stay in Abu Dabai. The game and book series for each travel location plays with value and experience by spending as much on food during an afternoon tea in a hotel palace in Abu Dabi that equals 7 days of eating in India and various acts of love versions and more guarded acts of self preservation in airport security or hailing a taxi and being gauged 10x’s normal fair from the locals, to unexpected cash found along the road and unexpected generosity from strangers in the market.

All these travel insights have the opportunity to seep into life after returning home; patience, respect of another’s culture, intuition, observing the difference in emotions, with a delicate dance of acceptance vs. resistance.

These lessons suddenly appear recognizing that it’s fun when the power goes out in a waterfront eco village in Goa India on vacation with a chance to light candles or take a romantic walk yet power outages are suddenly not so fun at home. Resentment has the opportunity to crop up when the power goes out on a Sunday morning days after your return home and you’re running late to Sunday service because the alarm never woke you up.

While we never set foot in an Ashram in India, yet every moment of our journey was heightened with the awareness of being guided, present, being supported by an unseen force of love and support and the newness and wonderment of a child who is discovering: car honks and turn signals signify how you want others to move around you in the one lane, instead of here in the states signals notify others how you choose to move. And here, honks are disapproval of actions already taken and in India a form of communication in the flight pattern of motorized or organic “birds” on the road.

What happens when love between you and your host is so great that you feel so much physical pain at the goodbye like with our adopted family in Kalkuta celebrating my 41st birthday during the Festival of Holi, where a large range of powdered colors are lovingly dumped, smeared all over you on a concrete roof top or people below on the street?

This is the 15th country I’ve visited abroad and Jason’s 13th, with over 100 Couch Surfing friends/new family from around the world staying with and hosting in our two bedroom Doylestown town house… where the world comes to us a couple times of year and we travel beyond our US borders on average every other year for the last 12 years

Jason and I have been a couple who met at a bar April 1, 2004.

While Jason and I don’t share a spiritual practice, this has become how we practice love in action as a couple and sharpen our connection as we become more open and vulnerable to the world around us. This is our couple’s retreat.

On your daily adventures at home or on vacation…

How do you practice love in motion?

Where do give yourself permission to more fully accept and be present with yourself?

How do you dump and smear brilliant color into your friend’s lives?
How well is that received?

What happens when you thought an adventure or your day looks one way and you feel and hear unexpected messages from your higher self or broader consciousness and you go even deeper?


My guided mediation in my talk asks these questions with vivid imagery and feelings.

This talk was created when I texted the above focus in my car after another inspiring Peter Moses presentation at Circle Of Miracles.

Speaker Bio:

Ruth Anne Wood vocalized her vocation at 22 after already traveling to Jamaica at 4, Indonesia at 19 and backpacking across the US and living in Hawaii for 10 months at age 19 and 20.

She has since traveled to another 13 countries from age 30 to date with her beloved husband, Jason. Ruth’s vocation recognized at age 21 is: “To share my healing vision of love and beauty, through powerful; art, writing, teaching and healing touch”. As an intuitive Acupressure practitioner and Massage Therapist for two decades, published author and produced playwright. Ruth has interviewed over 150 luminaries on Peace, Passion and Prosperity since her afternoon Live Your Peace workshop at Circle Of Miracles in November 2009.

Ruth is the founder of Scripting For Success, a system to use the power of mentally and emotionally focused story and emotional clearing to manifest best case scenario careers, relationships and financial blessings. Learn more at and listen to her 150+ in depth interviews with spiritual and creative luminaries, about half of her guests have been featured at Circle at

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  1. Jody 3 April 2016 at 7:53 pm #

    Sounds like you and Jason had an incredible adventure in India. It was truly life changing for me. It’s a beautiful country.

  2. Jennifer R Culp 4 April 2016 at 1:43 pm #

    A beautiful description of your journey, so succinct but it truly captured your experience. Thank you for sharing and may your journeys continue to carry you to amazing places.

  3. Ruth Anne Wood 4 April 2016 at 3:38 pm #

    Yes, Jody, your telling of your adventure unknowingly planted seeds for me and Jason. There was so much to expereience and we got a lovely taste the first time there.

  4. Ruth Anne Wood 4 April 2016 at 3:41 pm #

    So true Jennifer, the beauty and connection to a place is often the people. Every trip we have the opportunity to be open to the lessons, stories and multiple stimulus all around us even if it is very different from our norm such as the traffic, language, spicy food, Islamic prayer echoing through the town, different architecture and fashion.

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