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Marketing Cruise Success Script

“Days before the guests stepped onto the boat at Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale to set sail to the Exotic Ports of Cozumel Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica every passenger assumed the identity of their highest aspiration. They were told, the moment the passengers stepped aboard they were on the set of a Hollywood film on health, wealth, love and opulence. With this mind set they were encouraged to present their best selves on the Marketing Cruise because they were showcased in the background as world-class entrepreneurs later green screened behind Hollywood stars in the movie “Opulas”. The Marketing Cruise passengers looked and felt the part of authority, business super stars as their success stories written in advance aligned reality with their healthy, prosperous, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual desires and intentions.

Locked into their sub conscious minds was the passengers’ ability to quickly identify and work with the best and skip they rest. Through the success template they co-authored with “Opulas” playwright, movie director and Scripting for Success founder over skype days earlier, they were able to exude the confidence and lazar focus of their business relationship and income desires as they were magnetically drawn to their ideal strategic alliance partners day one of the cruise.

The synchronicities were uncanny and wildly profitable, since they test-drove their ideal conversations, business connections and strategic alliances in a reality transforming Scripting for Success session before come aboard. During the Marketing Cruise they reinforced their desires and intensions by reading their scripts: short success stories, success headlines and ideal conversations whenever they wanted to feel good.

One of the most popular activities on the cruise was a whole day dressed the part as their childhood superhero and dream career. The staff and passengers were so accommodating. They treated the assumed characters as the special guests in the roles they were playing. When the characters did talk business or give talks they referred to themselves in third person speaking in the highest regard of what their best friend and strategic partner brought to the table. To their delight and amazement, this elevated the conversations to such a height of creativity, problem solving and wealth consciousness beyond what the veterans of Marketing Cruise had ever experienced.   For example, on the second day a product developer took on the role as talented musician and dressed and acted the part. He felt the rush of people addressing him accordingly. A business consultant dressed the part as her childhood dream as a professional dancer and wore stage worthy performance attire, and a best selling author dressed as a fire fighter and went out of his way to help others in that be of service to other capacity.

With their ideal outcomes already scripted their conversations as a skilled musician, dancer and fire fighter easily gave way to the answers they were seeking in their professional careers with such clarity that they had wished they had stepped out of their limited stories much sooner!

When they fully threw themselves into character during the talks, group activities, meals and outings, major career challenges were solved and income miracles happened easily and naturally. Role playing with others as their dream come true selves generated the biggest breakthroughs of their careers while acting out the bountiful heart and mindset of their childhood aspirations.

In the energy and mindset of these superhero and dream career characters, the passengers had the support of the cruise facilitators to inspire them to collectively raise 10 million dollars for charity in their silliness, wit, playfulness and higher awareness.  This was just 10% of the profits the group collectively raised on the cruise embodying the best qualities and ideas generated by the innocence of their true “free to be” selves that they tapped while role playing their dream selves.”

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