Short Bio: RUTH ANNE WOOD is the founder of “Scripting for Success” a leadership training and production company.

Ruth has been referred to as a “Muse” and “Writer of our Lives” for over a decade.  She has collaborated with community leaders in the personal development and business success arenas.  She specializes in supporting to in discovering your true worth and the adventure of realizing your life work.  Ruth is available for individual or group training and leadership talks and training at




Introducing Your Instructor: Ruth Anne Wood

🌟 Unleash Your Potential with a Proven Mentor! 🌟

Meet Ruth Anne Wood, a dynamic instructor with a journey as fascinating as her teachings. 🚀

🌱 Rooted in Oriental Medicine: Ruth’s mentoring journey began in the 1990s, steeped in the wisdom of Oriental medicine. She discovered the intricate connection between thoughts, emotions, and physical health, touching the lives of thousands through her healing touch and wellness expertise.

📚 Where Words Transform Lives: Ruth’s passion for words and stories became her secret weapon. Like acupressure points for the mind, she used storytelling to help her clients break free from limitations, solve problems, and achieve their dreams.

🌟 Empowerment Through Clarity: Ruth’s unique approach involves measuring the power of thoughts and emotions within stories, business documents, and marketing strategies. Her magic touch helps clients gain clarity, confidence, and a keen eye for new opportunities, all while nurturing the intuition to recognize helpful patterns.

💫 A Love Story Beyond Belief: Destiny brought Ruth an unexpected love story. A doodle she created of her friends on the beach manifested her future husband, sparking a kindred spirit romance under a full blue moon – just as her drawing had foretold. Two weeks later she discovered her husband in 2005 matched everything on her “Meet My Life Partner” list.

🌎 Globetrotter Extraordinaire: In 2018, Ruth and her husband embarked on a five-week odyssey across 5 countries, exploring the rich tapestry of cultures in Asia. Her adventures add fuel to her creative spirit as she recalls wonderful adventures from the 24 countries she has visited.

🎭 A Multi-Talented Creator: Ruth’s talents extend to theater, personal development, and even improv comedy. Her engaging workshops have touched the lives of many, fostering creativity and personal growth.

🌟 Giving Back: Ruth serves as an advisor and board member for the national senior wish granting charity,, and collaborates with the United Nations through the NGO Global Interactions, where she facilitates leadership training, mentors students online and abroad and lectures on her career as an artist, traveler, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and leadership trainer.

🎨 Beyond the Classroom: Ruth is not just an instructor; she’s a produced playwright, an Indie film producer, and actor, an exhibited painter, and loves to jam on her harmonica during blues jams and open mic.

🤝 Join Ruth’s Journey: Ruth is your go-to resource for workshops, mentoring, lectures, strategic planning, joint ventures, product collaborations, and commissioned art projects.

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Ready to embark on a transformative journey with a mentor who walks the talk? Ruth Anne Wood is here to guide you to greatness. 🌟🚀




Priceless Reaction Of 1st Time Client Working With Ruth (Audio Clip).


Ruth Is My Consultant And Board Member

“I’ve privately hired Ruth multiple times in the last 20 years of our organization for her fast problem solving, visionary expansion consulting, laser-focused decision making… After insisting she joined my board as one of our most qualified senior wish-granting applicants, Ruth’s counsel has proved invaluable during director firing and hiring decisions and in our finance and marketing committees.”

L’Oreal “Women Of Worth” Award Recipient, Founder of Twilight Wish Foundation, and VP of AEONRG



Expert Panelist At Ken’s Events And

“The Impact Factor” Producer/ Actor 

“Hire Ruth to make stuff happen now.” 

– Ken MacArthur, Bestselling Author and Creator of “The Impact Factor” movie



Working With Genius 

“Ruth’s insights and skillset is suitable in providing the most unconventional, simple, high-level solutions.” 

-Mitch Axelrod, The New Game, IP Genius




Ruth Is Part Of The Fabric Of Our Organization

“Ruth has been a huge asset as a journalist, secretary, and visionary for our weekly United Nations Task Force meetings. I first got to know Ruth when she became our US State Department grant recipient for “Give Women A Voice For The Arts” lecturing on American art and culture in China. She also did us proud as one of our WORLD ACADEMY global university leadership program mentors and facilitators.”

-Jerrie Ueberle, Global Interactions, CEO



Ruth Was Instrumental In My Student Leadership Success

“As a mentor for over a year, Ruth helps me harness my feelings for focus and victory! She helped me believe in myself, and go on to win two national competitions in English, (an honor never received before by a student at my university in China). She helps me stay focused studying up to 10 hours a day during school breaks for an entrance exam to one of the top English interpretation and translation master’s degree programs. I’ve had many health setbacks and communication challenges taking classes full time and running the student leadership program where Ruth and I first met. Yet, Ruth’s love and encouragement have done more to help me stay healthy,  positive, focused, learn faster, and keep winning than any other teacher, family member, or friend! #Blessed ”

– Elaina Jing, Alumni at Zhengzhou Sias University


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