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Newest Board Member For National 501 C3 Charitable Organization Twilight Wish 2021

I’m excited to become the latest board of directors for the local/national senior wish-granting organization, Twilight Wish Foundation. https://twilightwish.org/our-staff/#ruth-annewood. Friends are starting to send me news articles about this! Find out more about this beloved organization and donate to make the wishes come true of a senior or community of seniors today!

Ruth Anne Wood latest Twilight Wish Board Of Directors






Twilight Wish welcomes board member



ZING! Your Way To Happiness with Ruth Anne Wood At  AWAKEN Your Soul Expo 2021

Stop using words that block communication with yourself and others and create too many steps, setbacks, or obstacles. Avoid years of therapy rehashing the past and just focus on your ZING! Ruth Anne Wood walks us through her original process called the ZING METHOD of feeling really good by making and testing mentally, emotionally, and physically aligned decisions.

The Water Consciousness Project~ At AWAKEN Your Soul Expo 2021

Join the Water Consciousness Project! In this class you will: Discover how a small Earth Energy Group has UNITED for a single purpose to help boost the frequency of water and life of our community. Discover how and why we ACTIVATE water to its natural vibrancy. Receive a demonstration on our water CHARGING methods.


Local Business Woman Becomes University Leadership Trainer, Mentor, and Lecturer In China 2018 Still Mentors Online

Thanks to Wold Academy Of The Future Of Women WAFW.org Ruth Anne Wood serves as a month long facilitator for the World Academy leadership program at SIAS UNIVERSITY. She also received a US State Department grant through “Give Women A Voice Through The Arts” and she lectured at a factory, small villages, a prestigious children’s library, Foxconn factory learning center, elementary and junior-high classrooms.