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“Renaissance Woman” and “The Writer Of Our Lives” Scripting For Success founder Ruth Anne Wood, uses her writing, art, mentoring, music, and world travels to over 20 countries to inspire herself and others to live a rich and fulfilling life! She came into this world as an identical twin who passed when they were babies and was blessed to have a talented younger musical, spiritual, artistic brother and very creative, smart, generous parents.

Ruth is reminded to connect to her vocation written at age 22 in 1997 while reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:  “To share my healing vision of love and beauty through powerful; art, writing, teaching, and healing touch.”


MysticMag Interview

Mystic Mag Interview & Article


SOLFUL CONNECTIONS – Artificial Intelligencing with Ruth

In this episode of Amanda Sullivan Soler‘s SolFul Connections podcast, writer, writer, speaker, and founder of Scripting for Success, Ruth Anne Wood breaks down how she overcame her AI fears and has opened the door to a new collaborator! Listen in as we explore the possibilities of AI – how it can help us in life and business. And, take a journey with Ruth as she connects the dots between her fascinating childhood to a life where every day she makes her dreams come true.

Listen here!



Thanks, Doylestown Observer for this issue’s feature article on Twilight Wish Foundation as a newly appointed volunteer. <3 Thanks Rick Kiernan for your PR help and Jason Wood for the headshot. And thanks Cass Forkin for the invitation to join the board for the last couple of years.

The Impact Factor Movie Private Screening In Newtown 2021

The private screening is at 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 31, 2021, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. for the cast and backers of the Impact Factor Movie. in Newtown, PA. Ruth has an unspoken role as a server in a classy restaurant and also a producer credit. Spending many hours with the awesome cast a few hours into the night after store hours shoot brought Ruth back to her role in her mom’s student film when Catherine Werth was a film and video student at Bucks County Community College. Both in Ken’s film and Catherines just how many takes are done for a two-minute scene! Ruth smiles, a long-time friend and mentor Ken McArthur has a soothing and powerful presence on the set of his writing, acting, and directorial, editorial debut!


The Impact Factor | Unofficial Trailer 2020

Newest Board Member For National 501 C3 Charitable Organization Twilight Wish 2021

I’m excited to become the latest board of directors for the local/national senior wish-granting organization, Twilight Wish Foundation. Friends are starting to send me news articles about this! Find out more about this beloved organization and donate to make the wishes come true of a senior or community of seniors today!

Ruth Anne Wood latest Twilight Wish Board Of Directors







Twilight Wish welcomes board member
















ZING! Your Way To Happiness with Ruth Anne Wood At  AWAKEN Your Soul Expo 2021

Stop using words that block communication with yourself and others and create too many steps, setbacks, or obstacles. Avoid years of therapy rehashing the past and just focus on your ZING! Ruth Anne Wood walks us through her original process called the ZING METHOD of feeling really good by making and testing mentally, emotionally, and physically aligned decisions.




The Water Consciousness Project~ At AWAKEN Your Soul Expo 2021

Join the Water Consciousness Project! In this class, you will: Discover how a small Earth Energy Group has UNITED for a single purpose to help boost the frequency of water and life of our community. Discover how and why we ACTIVATE water to its natural vibrancy. Receive a demonstration on our water CHARGING methods.

Musician Picked Up Harp And Violin in December 2020 And Open Mic Jams In March 2021

Ruth had done violin recitals for Suzuki violin up to book two in pre-school 1970’s early 80’s and picked up again in the last year in 2020.

“It’s really nice to be able to jam with a musician friend I’ve watched from the sidelines for years!” -Ruth Anne Wood

Thanks to Mike Ottaviano, “Mikey O” who runs Wednesday Open Mic Jams 7-11 pm at Villa Capri Restaurant, Ruth who started playing a “C” harmonica in her seat in August 2020 after her husband bought her a $6 harmonica at the shore, was finally invited up on stage when things started opening back up again in January. She didn’t publically play the violin until St. Patty’s Day shortly after Ruth rekindled her studies from pre-school of the violin by impulsively buying a Facebook Marketplace violin in December 2020.

She jams to Alexia’s song list of the Beatles, Blues Travelers, and taking pointers from her octogenarian friend Lutz Mueller who plays in Gilbert And Sulivan Shows, Handel’s Messiah, and Folk Song Society. She uses her childhood piano to quickly figure out what blues harmonica to play.





Student’s First Juried Show With Fine Artist/Mentor 2019

Ruth Anne Wood was honored to have her first juried painting accepted by the “Dawn To Dusk” Bucks County Chamber Of Commerce art show next to her friend and mentor Ann Woolsey.

2019 Five Creativity, Theater and Personal Development Workshops At The Being One Center

The Being One Center Partnered With Mentor, Creativity Trainer Ruth Anne Wood for five workshops in 2019. “It was an interactive experience that helped me really get clear about an important decision I had to make in my company. I didn’t expect the idea I needed to come to me in such a fun and intuitive way!” -participant Pat Peterson, Chalfont, PA








Local Business Woman Lectured And Mentored In China 2018

Thanks to the World Academy Of The Future Of Women Ruth Anne Wood served as a month-long facilitator for the World Academy leadership program at SIAS UNIVERSITY. She also received a US State Department grant through “Give Women A Voice Through The Arts” and she lectured in small villages, a prestigious children’s library, Foxconn factory learning center, elementary and junior high classrooms outside of her Monday-Friday on campus daily classroom lessons, labs, lectures and Friday coaching circles.

























Business Mentor Teaches On FREEDYM Members Platform 2017

Ruth Anne Wood had been a student of down to earth, 7 figure lifestyle, marketing, internet coaching guru, Ryan Lee for over a decade, so it was quite an honor to be asked to serve on his member training platform with some of Ruth’s most powerful tools and resources for building connections and achieving goals.

160+ Live Your Peace Podcast Guests Were Asked About Living With More Peace Passion And Prosperity

It started out as an afternoon mock Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech and panel discussion (in response to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009). The question that was sparked, how can ordinary people expect to receive peace when a global leader is getting so much negative attention. So how do we live with more peace, passion, and prosperity?

There were 16 participants/cast members. Among them were a two-time Oprah guest, Emmy award-winning filmmaker who documented the workshop, two award-winning musicians, the director of the Peace Center that works with Gandhi’s grandson, interfaith ministers, an artist and veteran Peace Core volunteer who sat with Coretta Scott King during Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1964 Nobel Peace Award Ceremony in Oslo Norway. There was also a seasoned journalist and another participant who received The Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism.

It was quite a conversation. The goal was to create a 3-minute movie trailer from an afternoon of stories by the time Obama gave his acceptance speech on December 10th, 2009. In preparation for the workshop, Ruth asked the HARO, community to interview a noble prize recipient and a peace activist. Little did Ruth know such amazing guests would share their deepest truths and resources and turn into an in-depth interview series that led to more amazing collaborations, speaking, and mentoring opportunities.

The interviews will be available over a decade later in a book and summit. Stay tuned.

Notable podcast guests include best-selling authors, fortune 100 business owners, charity directors, P.O.W.s. Grammy nominees, peacemakers, artists, teachers, mentors, students, visionaries, community leaders…




6 Minute Trailer That Kicked Of International Interview Series



  • Dov Baron Offers the Heart and Soul of Cutting Edge Leadership Training
  • The ABCs of Energy with medical intuitive Martine Bloquiaux
  • Bestseller DailyOM Scott Blum
  • Michele Blood uses light to transform
  • Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen
  • Inspiring Entertaining Speaker Patrick Combs
  • Hayhouse British Best Seller Jude Currivan
  • Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling
  • Champion for Woman Entrepreneurs and SLM founder Susan Daywitt
  • Celebrate Your Life with Liz Dawn Donahue
  • Happiness, Performance, Motivational Speaker Jim Donovan
  • Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love expert Nancy Dreyfus PhD
  • Experience Wealth Beyond Reason with Bob Doyle
  • New Thought Artist and Musician Karen Drucker
  • Amazing Woman’s Day Marsh Engle
  • Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Bill Jersey
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Global Summit founder Lori Leyden
  • Decoding habits of best sellers Jonathan Maberry
  • Millionaire Clients for Coaches Christian Mickelson
  • Intuitive Teacher & Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff
  • The Tapping Solution with creator Nicolas Ortner
  • World-class figure skater blind since birth Stash Serafin
  • Blissfully Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary with Edie Weinstein
  • Pitbull of Personal Development Larry Winget
  • Grammy Nominated Spiritual Performer David Young
  • and more…

DAY OF FIRSTS – First Amazon Book And Philly Fringe Comedy August 2007

She decided to co-author a book with the remarkable man, Stash Serafin, a world-class figure skater, blind since birth who has skated with and mentored olympic hopefuls and has been attributed in her biography to inspiring 1976 gold medalist Dorothy Hamill to work with special abilities skaters.  Ruth and Stash co-authored a spiritual biography called YOU CAN’T GET IT ‘CAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY GOT IT!  A Blind Figure Skater And A Visionary Writer’s inspirational Guide To Moving Through Life.

That same day Ruth and Stash’s 2007 Amazon book became available’s Ruth’s 2007 Philly Fringe 15 run show, “The Table” A Comedy About Massage, premiered.










“Chicken Soup For The Soul” Style Essay Book On Passion 2003

Abundant Magical Lives; Insights From Real People was a collection of stories inspired by 25 co-authors; artists, homemakers, a prison inmate, a cash prize winner, a teacher, artists, a blind figure skater, a husband’s heart-expanding experience witnessing his wife’s last days of life…  All these stories shared that spark of an idea that launched a new direction in the co-authors’ lives. The project was launched when Ruth Anne Dilley had just ended an 8 year relationship with her high-school sweetheart and wanted to reconnect with her passion. The intro to Marianne Williamson’s book Everyday Grace inspired the passion project that launched Ruth’s career as an editor/publisher.


Private Clients and Hired Projects Too Numerous To List 1997-To Date

Scripting For Success takes confidentiality very seriously. We don’t list current or past clients. We do deep mental, emotional, intuitive, problem solving, relationship and business/career transforming work here. If you would like to sample part of our VIP group and private work contact and/or call Ruth Anne Directly at 215-872-5035 to schedule your introductory session.


Some Scripting For Success Client Results Are Not Typical

  • Save business from closing
  • Found ideal love relationship
  • Record sales during popular digital product platform product launch
  • Avoided lawsuits
  • Avoided tax audits
  • Empowered family
  • Empowered community
  • Leadership Training
  • Manifested cars, scholarships, full university tuition, room, and board
  • Manifested ideal business partners
  • Winning 7 figure lawsuit
  • Lottery winner
  • Protection from stalker
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Hire the right people quicker
  • Partner with the right people quicker
  • Boost wellbeing
  • Increase intuition
  • Supercharge cashflow
  • Transcend family drama
  • Help create digital and physical books, audios, and training
  • Trained organization on leadership, problem-solving, overcoming drama with difficult sue-happy people
  • Making quicker more intuitive decisions

Talk And Training Topics

  • Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy
  • Get Your Dreams Out Of The Drawer
  • Scripting For Success
  • Turning Adversities Into Adventures
  • Get Out Of Hot Water Fast
  • Miracle Mondays
  • JV Attraction
  • Asset Growth
  • You Can’t Get It Because You Already Have It
  • Live With More Peace Passion And Prosperity