For over two decades, Ruth Anne Wood has helped herself and clients “Get Your Dream Of The Drawer” as a published author, produced playwright, exhibited artist, international presenter, university-level facilitator, wife, daughter, sister, business owner, volunteer, advisor, wellness practitioner, musician and executive coach.

Ruth is an Amazon Best Seller as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS. In her business “Scripting For Success”, she’s mentored clients through

  • career changes
  • product launches
  • conflict resolution
  • better study habits
  • stress relief
  • problem-solving
  • navigating behavior during tax audits, pending lawsuits, divorce, family drama, debt, and tragic loss…


By making better intuitive decisions that are scientifically tested in advance for mental, emotional, and physical agreement or that in love ZING feeling via Ruth’s original process called the ZING METHOD.

On a personal note she has traveled to over 21 countries, lectured and facilitated coaching groups and workshops at the university level on creativity, leadership, United Nations sustainability goals, and powerful decision making.

Ruth is always learning something new with daily Duolingo Spanish, picking up the violin again since pre-school and harmonica last summer. She feels her ZING playing at open mic jam sessions which she started doing in 2021.

ZING Your Way To Happiness By Making Winning Decisions with Ruth Anne Wood in her private and group forums.

Feel like a superstar talking to Ruth as she quickly intensifies what’s stopping you from making your next winning decision using her original process called the ZING METHOD.

The ZING METHOD tests in minutes if your conversations with yourself and others, your writing, self-talk, vision statement, business plan, goals, humor, prayers, and meditations are making you feel good or making you sick.

Just by reading what you wrote she can feel where you are stuck and quickly helps you identify roadblocks and negative self-talk that drains your energy and financial resources.

With a background in oriental medicine and acupressure, Ruth’s original ZING METHOD uses words as acupressure points to transform focus, perspective, and conversations to stop complaining and suddenly focus on what feels good and is working well in the current system.

With every decision, you have the opportunity to feel really good by making sure if what you think, feel, and say is a  mental, emotional, and physical match or if you are literally using words that create extra pain, suffering, setbacks, financial loses, and relationship drama.

When you don’t feel that ZING of pure positivity when you read your ZING statements out loud you may be facing:

  • extra work
  • slowed down the connection and support of others
  • dealing with people who break promises
  • self-sabotage
  • investors dropping support
  • bad media coverage
  • pending tax audits and lawsuits
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • unnecessary delays
  • clients slow to pay
  • employees that quit
  • clients that drop services
  • low workplace morale
  • miscommunication
  • lack of resources
  • unfulfillment
  • loss of focus and purpose

But when you are able to make decisions that generate that joyful, love ZING feeling businesses and relationships can turn around very quickly!

Abraham Hicks says. “There is nothing more important than that I feel good.”

The ZING METHOD is Ruth’s scientifically engineered process to get those feel-good results more often.

The nice bonus is noticing more winning conversations, opportunities, and synchronicities.

And thanks to that recognizable, Déjà vu, in the moment ZING feeling clients have a burst of confidence, wonder, and delight to go for it!

You know you’re in the flow and bypassing that pesky inner critic that says, “That’s Not Me Yet.” or “I can’t afford that.” “I’m too ____.” because you feel that ZING of pure positive love and joy throughout your body after reading your feel-good decision statements, (every time you want to feel Gooood!!

Stop using words that block communication with yourself and others and create too many steps, setbacks, or obstacles.

Avoid years of therapy rehashing the past and just focus on your ZING!

If you failed at or want more out of goal setting, meditation, positive manifestation, prayer, effective communication…

Get a free sample of how the ZING Method works. Email ruth[at]ScriptingForSuccess.com your vision statement and within 48 hours get an introduction to the ZING METHOD with edits and recommendations on how you are blocking the flow of what you want! Get a whole breakdown of where you are writing one thing but energetically saying the opposite.


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