Measure Success Before You Sign The Contract

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glow in the dark darts

“A lone individual may innovate, but teamwork is essential to entrepreneurial innovation. The better the teamwork, the greater the chance of success.”

– Rich Bendis,
CEO and Founder

Innovation America

You can only track and measure what you plan. If you don’t plan and measure the kind of people and team you want to have including your ideal business partners, clients, investors, employees and/or service providers it’s pretty challenging to know if you are talking to winners or losers the first time you meet them. This is particularly true in networking events, conferences, hiring situations and investor meetings. Sure they might look good on paper or appear to be immediate mis-matches. Yet there are many times your future or perspective success or destructive partner falls in that grey area. What if you could measure the very first meeting if the person over the phone or sitting in the same room would either 1. save, 2. make or 3. cost you a bundle in precious A. time, B. money or C. energy? How important is it to protect your company’s name and reputation?

Imagine having that déjà vu experience the first time you connect with that new person knowing what they are saying and doing is your ideal match or not compatible with your team or company vision. The same ability would be powerful in finding and building your social media relationships.

If you ignore theses tell tale signs then you are pretty much playing darts in the dark. How do you select the criterial for your ideal team and ideal clients and identify these qualities quickly?

How much are you willing to spend in lawsuits, over budget projects, emergency reputation management, unemployment benefits for hast decisions in the people you choose to entrust in your business family if you fail to work with compatible folks?

With out the ability to measure and track where you want your darts to go you run the risk of getting hurt or loosing the game. The thing is, millions are spent in the business sector hiring, training and firing the wrong team players for the job. What’s worse is the employees who weren’t clearly informed on the rules of engagement or properly screened have been known to sue employers. The same is true with unhappy clients or business partners. Managing expectations needs to begin before you and the perspective member of your business family first says “Hello”.

And here’s what they don’t teach you in business school… how to be the director of your business and only fill roles with super players that will follow the lines in your award winning business script. Stack the deck, “work with the best and skip the rest”, and win your team accolades in best supporting roles and performance. With a 100% success rate in helping my Scripting for Success clients write prewritten conversations before that all important meeting or sales call they know how amazing it is when they quickly recognize when they are on target with their effective communication. It’s just like reading lines in a movie except every scene and line of dialogue counts in the emotional financial and productivity costs of your business.


Ruth Anne Wood trains experts and entrepreneurs how to recognize your ideal opportunities, business relationships before they cost you a boat load of missed opportunities or worse yet the wrong business partners, clients, and media coverage. Script Your Remarkable Breakthrough turns any nightmare client, co-worker, employee, media circus into dream come true conversations that eliminate headaches, profit losses, bad press, low moral and strife. Her Scripting for Success System transforms and filters harmful, time and money wasting toxic relationships and experiences. This occurs by recalibrating the conversations and priorities in companies for record commitment and success with her three levels of support: “Script Your Breakthrough Solution”, “ReScript Your Remarkable Legacy” and “Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy” Sign up HERE for her newsletter, Scripting for Success >>> REPRINT AUTHORIZATION You are welcomed to reprint this article as you see fit in your publication as long as you reprint it in its entirety including the ‘About Ruth Anne Wood’ signature.

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