Getting Started with Scripting for Success

What Scripting for Success Author Platform Building Profile do YOU fit in right now?

To know what you need most right now in terms of getting to the next level of your author platform, it’s important to ask yourself some questions and really see where you fit in best. No matter where you are currently in building your fan base and expert status it’s perfect. And you can change author profiles over time as your media connections and fan base continues to change and grow…

Where am I in my author media platform today? What is my mindset around my building a business around my books and supporting products and services? What are my current challenges around my platform? What do I need most right now to get to the next level?

New-Book Nancy
(New-Book Nick)

“I’m still writing my book and don’t have an agent or a publisher.

I need help putting together a book proposal.

I just started building my fan base/expertise with articles, blogs, press releases and posts.

With self or traditional publishing I know I need to build up an audience to buy my book.

I need help setting up my marketing plan and daily action steps to steadily build my platform.”

  • You are discovering being a published author is a business and whether you are self published or seek an agent it’s your job to build a fan base.
  • You need to organize your writing and marketing and test market your audience.

Book Selling Brenda
(Book Selling Brian)

“I am making hundreds of dollars with speaking gigs and back of the room event sales.

-I have a popular website, blog or podcast and responsive fans on facebook, twitter and youtube that I have converted into book buyers.

-I have already have a self-published hit book that I have marketed myself

-I’m exhausted! I need support managing all my talks, book sales, live events and social media.”

  • Established author, you’ve created a “job” for yourself and want freedom
  • Making $50-150K in your own business with clients, book sales and talks

Super Star Stacy
(Super Star Steve)

“I’m already famous in my industry and want to create a name in other markets, what’s next?

I want to partner with bigger authors, charities, and companies and create a true legacy

I want to become a household name with my book series and licensed products.”

  • I already have a a multiple six-figure income from my books, talks, training and want to play a MUCH bigger game (while striving for seven figures and beyond.)
  • I make an upwards of $150-$250K+ in my own business as a speaker, author, trainer