New-Book Nancy (New-Book Nick)

“I need help setting up my marketing plan and daily action steps to steadily build my platform.

  • You are discovering the process of being a published author is a business and it’s your job to build a fan base.
  • You need to a system to organize your writing and marketing that builds your author platform at the same time.

Who you are

As a New-Be Nancy or Nick, you’re an author who is going through the writing and author platform building process for the first time. You still maybe writing your book and haven’t focused on the audience building side of publishing a book.  Whether you choose the traditional or self-publishing route you are discovering it’s your job to build up an audience before a reputable book agent and publisher will consider working with you. You love the process of writing your book and are eager to get it published.

  • You are discovering the road to being a published author is a business and whether you are going to self published or seeking an agent it’s your job to build a fan base.
  • You need to make a choice which group of people are most interested in reading your book and put together a marketing plan

What your issues tend to be

You haven’t figured out your target audience or where to find them. You are spending precious time, money and energy on article writing, blog posts and social media without a clear idea of who your audience is and if they even like your message. You still need to learn how to put together a media kit and an author/book website. You also hear how effective speaking to groups is but you’re not sure how to get started. You also want to start getting featured on the radio, podcasts and written media. You want to hire a good publicist and do some of the promotion yourself and are unsure the best way to manage your shared promotional activities.

What you need most right now

You want to hit the ground running with your manuscript and do it swiftly and right the first time. Your need to get organized and put together the basic marketing pieces for your book promotion. You also need to research your competition and found out what their audience wants and how you can feature that on your author and book website, blog, articles, videos and social media. You need to create tasks and accountability to get them completed by a specific date so you can move your author platform building forward quickly, yet comfortably.

The Scripting for Success Product you’ll need most…

  • The Free Platform Building Video
  • The Platform Building Bootcamp
  • The Inner Circle Platform Training and Q & A

The ‘Scripting for Success’ Coaching Program you’ll thrive in…

  • The Gold Mastermind Coaching Program

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