Book Selling Brenda (Book Selling Brian)

“My book is on the market, I’m a book selling machine with my talks, clients, back of the room sales, but I’m overwhelmed from my job of running my book business. I need help!

  • Established author you are living the author dream of being in demand speaker, doing lots of interview and building an impressive author platform.
  • You’ve created a job that brings in $50k-150k and you want freedom.

Who you are

You’re totally passionate about being a published author running to book signings, being asked to speak, doing tele-classes. You have built up quite an engaged following on facebook and twitter and you’re doing your daily platform building campaign and it’s paying off! You are building your list with speaking gigs and have stated to really hit your stride with great coverage in the media. The only problem is you are too busy from the J.O.B. you have created  – so much so, that you’re actually struggling to keep up with the demand carrying too many hats and running yourself ragged and you’re probably feeling guilty about neglecting those who are most important to you. You’re also not making much time for self-care.

What your issues tend to be

Although your success as an author is good and you’re making good money, you’re working a lot, you’re tired and overwhelmed because your to-do list is a mile long. Your stress level is pretty high and it’s likely that you haven’t taken a vacation in a while because you’re just too busy. In fact, without you, the business of book promotion wouldn’t happen and you wouldn’t be able to make any money because you’re trading “hours-for-dollars,” sometimes working more than 50 hours a week. You haven’t figured out how to leverage your author expertise to really create more passive streams of income and offer more to your growing fan base. At this point, you’ve reached the ‘ceiling of complexity,’ and it feels like the only way to get your platform to the next level is taking on more talks, doing more interviews and working more and longer hours, but you just don’t have it in you.

What you need most right now

Changing your mindset around building your author platform and selling your books ad expertise is crucial to get you out of your own way. It’s time to reduce the overwhelm and increase your level of personal satisfaction by creating leverage in your author platform building business: leverage on how you use your time, your skills, your marketing systems, and your support structures. It’s about multiplying your personal productivity and beginning to work smarter, not harder. It’s also time for you to get clear on your priorities, so you get out of overwhelm and avoid the inevitable burn-out headed your way if you continue this pace. If anything, it’s time for you to let go of the control and get support. Then, it’s time to create more passive and leveraged income revenue so you can serve so many more people than you’re currently serving, while finally having some time off and taking care of your self.

  • The Free Platform Building Video
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  • The Inner Circle Platform Training and Q & A

The Scripting for Success Product you’ll need most…

  • The 7 Step System to Launching Your Global Media Platform
  • The VIP Coaching Intensive Event

The ‘Author Platform Building Academy’ Coaching Program you’ll thrive in…

  • The Platinum Mastermind Coaching Program

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