Super Star Stacey (Super Star Steve)

“I’m already well known in my industry and want to become a household name in other markets. I want to partner with bigger authors, charities and companies and create a true legacy”

  • The best selling author wanting to create a thriving community of students and practitioners of your stories, techniques and philosophy.
  • You’re a best selling author who is expanding to use your status to make a lasting difference in the world. You have visions of creating a network, show or online university with your thriving community that takes you to 7-8 figure income.

Who you are

You already had much success in your career and really made an impact in your industry. You have more time to write and teach yet sometimes you feel isolated from the other movers and shakers in your industry. You would love a community of authors who really understand you and can help you dream bigger and take your gifts and brilliance to the next level.

What your issues tend to be

Even though you’ve had great sales accolades with your book(s) you would like to leverage more of these successful book campaigns into licensed and automated products that create ongoing income. Your success begun before all these computer automated systems including membership sites and ongoing fulfillment programs became mainstream and you know your body of work belongs in this world on your terms. You also like the idea of doing more online joint ventures with other authors to quantum leap your community to the next level.

What you need most right now

There are important mindset and organizational shifts that need to be made to make this new level of service to your fan base happen. You need to continue to adapt ways to lessen the control of the daily operations of your book empire and return to being the visionary that you are. You also need to tap into the growing empire building expertise of the newer generation of authors and partner on more of their book campaigns and product launches. You are also eager to debut your new programs at a content rich live event that is designed to celebrate your raving fans and really take your teachings and stories to the next level of intimacy, entertainment, connection and service. Regular guidance and mentoring throughout the process is key.

The Scripting for Success Product you’ll need most…

  • The 7 Step System to Launching Your Global Media Platform
  • The VIP Coaching Intensive Event

The ‘Super Star Academy’ Coaching Program you’ll thrive in…

  • Private Access Coaching Program (Sapphire or Diamond Level)

The Private Client Programs of the Winners Academy are for the highest level author and require 1) an application process, 2) income verification, including a letter from your accountant, 3) a private, confidential in-depth phone interview with Ruth to determine whether you’re truly ready for this type of intensive coaching and regular direct access and if so, which of the two programs would suit you best.

If you’re interested in finding out details of this program and receive more information about a coaching program that would best fit your requirements, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you right away.

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