Design Your Own Community Results 2

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The initial community will focus on:

  1. providing inspirational stories
  2. a place to network with others
  3. receive training on how to create products
  4. receive training on marketing your products

Now the survey data…

2. What kind of Live Your Peace community do you want?Check all that apply.

Response Percent Response Count
A place to get inspirational stories
66.70% 14
A place to network with others
66.70% 14
A place where the media comes to find guests/experts
52.40% 11
A place to collaborate with others and teach together
76.20% 16
A place to learn how to market services
38.10% 8
A place to build profitable relationships
61.90% 13
A place to pose questions and requests for advice
47.60% 10
A place to show case your expertise and post solutions
52.40% 11
A place to promote your peace related products
42.90% 9
A place to buy peace related products
28.60% 6
Other (please specify) 4.80% 1

answered question 21

skipped question 2

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