Modules to Script Your Remarkable Legacy
1. Unleash you emotional engine to propel you toward your dreams.
2. Setting and KEEPING priorities to hold you accountable to your dream and attract it to you more effortlessly.
3. The automatic dream calibration that kills shiny object syndrome and leverages gravity to draw you to your dream.
4. How to empower your subconcious to filter, attract, and protect your DREAM even when you are sleeping.
5. How to magnify the effect of relationships to get anything and everything you want with less, time, effort, and work than you believe – and even how to do it successfully with no cash.
6. The magic of commitment.


2. Setting and KEEPING Priorities to Hold You Accountable to Your Dream and Attract It to You More Effortlessly

✔ Be able to plan and measure opportunities that match personalized success scenario/ goals.

✔ Success tracking includes: Designing ideal conversations or proposed opportunities with key players mapped out in your success story including: business relationships with ideal decision makers, team and supportive loved ones.

✔ Setting up and track profit goals and product and service innovations.

✔ 8-12 week course includes Scripting for Success TM Strategic business communication and Mindset/ Business Relationship/ Communication Success training.

✔ Weekly group module skype calls (1hour) Thursday 2pm EST followed by the following group Q & A Tuesdays 2pm EST (till all questions submitted by Wednesday are answered. Call is opened up for additional questions.)

✔ Group members area for lesson support and marketing, communications and mindset feedback.

New Resources

Building A Marketing Message Around Your Core Genius

Circle Maps – Income from Your Core Genius

Module 1 Resources

1) Download Your Circle Map Guide (Helps with step 2)


3) How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy (received on welcome page)

4) Script_Your_Ideal_Success_Story_Demo.mp3 (Follow along with this couple in writing your own success script on any topic you chose; ideal career, ideal clients, upcoming meeting or sales call, travel adventure…)

During our first training call we’ll cover the process of how to Script your Success Story and answer all your questions during our Q & A call.

* Send all question about the material no later than a day before our Q & A call.

Training is on Thursdays 2pm EST  (#1 audio) (#1 transcript) will be available

Q & A is on the following Tuesdays 2pm EST (#1 audio) (#1 transcript) will be available

(Thursday Trainings and Tuesday Q & A calls apply to enrolled students.)

It all makes sense on the Weekly lessons and Q & A calls how to script stories for your ideal clients, business partners and income streams.

“Jump Start Your Legacy Breakthrough” Free Phone Strategy Session

Apply for a:

Ruth Anne, Thank you sooo much!” Roxie Thomas“Barry and I required a multi-national, multi-cultural leader for a project that we are working on…wrote a script and less than ten minutes later met exactly that at 8 PM in a strip mall…International Investor, Real Estate Syndicator, and Financier operating in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and the UK…Ruth Anne, Thank you sooo much!” Roxie Thomas, Atlanta, Georga

My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy” Cheryl Adams, CEO Space “I just completed my copy of “My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy”! I did some tweaking and it feels really good! It goes with me everywhere.Rob and I can see how effective this process will be for so many that we know who are feeling like they are just getting by or missing the abundant life they are seeking to see manifest.This like minded dynamic duo enjoyed working with the “Innovative Genius with a big heart who easily enjoys a steady flow of multi-million dollar income generating projects working with like minded, high achieving CEOs”.We look forward to our next multi-million dollar encounter with you! Heart to heart Hugs from the inspirational and energetic woman of God who is full of love, peace and joy and who speaks a word of wisdom and prophetic prayer that imparts a change in those she meets. (Still working on this one liner!)”

-Cheryl Adams, Senior Director at CEO Space Mid Atlantic