Make a 30-60 second
“Work The Room” Thank You Video
For Sherry


Sherry Sadoff Hanck



As a thank you for Sherry inviting me to this event I got inspired to set up this page where we take a picture and/ or a video with the help of our new best friends at this event and do 1 minute thank you video for Sherry. Introduce yourself, thank Sherry for putting on this fabulous event and talk about some of the amazing people you met! You can also share event pictures.  Then text or email me a link to your video with your contact information, so we can tell you how much we appreciate your collaboration. Upload your video to your favorite video site and send me the link.

Share this video invite link with others now and after the event.


Work The Room Video Thank You Invite



 Ruth Anne Wood, Scripting For Success

Hi, I’m Ruth Anne Wood, from Scripting For Success. I’m an artist, mentor, producer, playwright, writer, philanthropist, and advisor for two charities.

I’m a board member of Twilight Wish Foundation, a national charity that honors and grants wishes for deserving seniors, which started locally 20 years ago in a room full of amazing, supportive women such as this.

I’m also a consultant to the United Nations through Global Interactions. We’re an international NGO that empowers women and men through the WORLD ACADEMY FOR THE FUTURE OF WOMEN two-year leadership program. We’ve partnered with universities around the world including Mexico, India, Nepal, Bangladesh…Ask me about being a 6-week university leadership facilitator in China!

Ruth Anne Wood, Scripting For Success

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Manifest my husband on April Fools 2004

Explore 24 countries around the world

Collaborate on multiple books

Produce and star in an original play at the Live Arts Festival

Receive an Indie film actor and producer credit

Advise for 2 charities

Exhibit acrylic landscapes and portraits in private and group art shows

Host 160 podcast guests

International Speaker & Expert Panelist

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Work The Room Video Thank You Invite