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Hello, Visionary Professional!

I’m thrilled to welcome you to Career Success Strategies – a unique journey designed for individuals like you, ambitious souls who strive for greatness despite life’s challenges and setbacks.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Ruth Anne Wood, a one-person show, just like many of you. Through years of curating tools and strategies for myself and my visionary, heart-centered clients, I’ve honed in on the one thing that consistently propels us forward – the power of words and our level of acceptance or rejection of them.

My background in oriental medicine, coupled with storytelling, playwriting, and intuitive recognition of patterns, allows me to guide you through bypassing your inner critic that stops us from our best intentions. Whether it’s planning daily activities, writing, newsletters, marketing plans, sales calls, or crafting compelling social media content, I’ve got your back. With my training, you’ll feel a heightened connection to your writing that repels costly unwanted attention and accelerates connection with your ideal people, resources, and experiences. 

The Essence of Transformation:

I’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of templates, exercises, and mindset to navigate beyond self-sabotage and mental roadblocks that occur at every level of success. From negativity-clearing tools to journaling, flipping negative self-talk, writing love letters, powerful prayers, or just more heartfelt marketing copy – we’ll explore it all.

My Unique Approach:

I draw inspiration from over 20 years of personal and client success. From volunteer work to global adventures, I’ve helped people write and publish personal development books, sales letters, and scripts, every experience has been a stepping stone to a more fulfilling life. Writing down new stories, embracing opportunities, and crafting a narrative of future success, positivity, and abundance has been my secret weapon. In essence, I marry energy medicine with marketing technology to remove mental and emotional setbacks from our career paths. 

The Visionary Writer’s Transformation Program:

This program isn’t just about sharing resources and letting you figure them out on your own. It’s about creating a community of like-minded individuals – visionaries who have big dreams, a commitment to service, and a passion for personal growth. This is where were share resources and you benefit from the ongoing community-inspired resources and upgrades.

Key Building Blocks:

We’ll focus on the basics – journaling, flipping negative self-talk, redirecting complaints, recognizing new opportunities, and maintaining focus. These are the foundations of a fulfilling career and a positive mindset.

STORIES – Your Foundation for Professional Transformation

Our journey begins with STORIES, the foundation of Career Success Strategies. STORIES are not just words on a page; they are your secret weapon to transform your career and enhance your personal growth. Imagine seamlessly integrating affirmations, meditation, business plans, and to-do lists into one cohesive, life-altering experience.

For professionals like you who are already crafting social media posts, press releases, newsletters, budgets, sales letters, and more, our digital courses provide a transformative twist to enhance your content and engagement. We’ll show you how to make your writing, marketing, and everyday communications resonate with the stories that drive success.

Unlock Your Career Excellence

As a professional, you’re familiar with the power of words. Our courses, built on the STORIES foundation, will empower you to bypass negative beliefs, overcome self-sabotage, and achieve career happiness. You’ll discover the transformative side of challenges, empowering you to navigate your path with confidence.

Imagine creating connections that unite success and foster positive relationships, harnessing the power of gratitude to thrive in your career, and propelling your career forward with speed. These digital courses will provide you with the laser-focused tools you need to overcome obstacles and decode human dynamics for career excellence.

Elevate Your Professional Journey

We invite professionals like you to join our transformative journey. Learn how to use STORIES writing technology to change your focus, behavior, and mindset, guiding your professional decisions toward success. Each digital course will help you clear distractions and blocks to keep your stories flowing, while also guiding you to create stories that accelerate your professional outcomes.

For Professionals, By Professionals

Our courses have been developed by professionals for professionals. Drawing from over 20 years of experience, we’ve collaborated with sales managers, setters, closers, executives, and founders who rely on effective writing every day to communicate with teams, prospects, clients, and vendors. We understand your challenges and Career Success Strategies is here to make your journey to success an exhilarating one.

Experience Transformation

Ready to embark on a journey that will elevate your career and personal growth? Join the growing community of professionals who have transformed their lives through Career Success Strategies. STORIES is not just for beginners; it’s for those who are ready to take their careers and personal development to new heights.

Start Your Journey Today

Choose from our digital courses and immerse yourself in the world of STORIES, where professional excellence, career growth, and personal fulfillment converge. Ready to uncover the flip side of challenges and embrace a future of limitless success? Your journey begins here.

What You’ll Get:

(Up to 9 Digital Courses… Get one at a time or all of them at once for 50% savings.)

1. STORIES:  Test Drive Future Success, Overcome Obstacles, and Transform Your Career Path

2. SELF-LOVE:  Unleash your inner compass, Build on STORIES, and overcome Self-Sabotage for Career Happiness.

3. FORGIVENESS:  Invent new empowering STORIES – Let Go of Resentment and Cultivate Career Harmony.

4. CONNECTIONS:  STORIES Uniting Success and Foster Positive Relationships for Your Career

5. GRATITUDE:  Use STORIES Of Ideal Transactions To Harness Positivity and Prosper in Your Career

6. SPEED:  STORIES to Accelerate Your Career and Overcome Slowdowns in accessing your desired career superabilities.

7. LAUNCH:  Use STORIES for Success to Catapult Your Career and Surpass Obstacles

8. PERSONALITIES:  Decode Human Dynamics for Career Excellence Using STORIES, GRATITUDE, and more!

9. ROMANCE: Use Engaging STORIES to Nurture Your Blossoming and Committed Relationship.

10. Get ALL 9 courses and get the bonus of an online interactive community of professionals sharing questions, answers success stories, and resources.

Change Your Conversation, Change Your World

Our programs are not just about personal growth; they’re about transforming your entire lives. By changing the way you think, feel, and relate to others professionally, you can fill your world with more positivity, joy, and fulfilling connections.



Test Drive Future Success | Overcome Obstacles and Transform Your Career Path

Explore STORIES – Transform Your Career & Overcome Obstacles for Success

STORIES, the foundation of career success, guides you to overcome obstacles and reshape your professional journey. Discover the flip side of challenges to achieve greatness.

Explore the World of Precision Decision-Making with ‘STORIES – Unleash Future Success Through Focused Plans and Conversations.’ This digital course is your direct route to swiftly identifying profit-driving patterns and elevating your decision-making skills, all powered by the captivating magic of storytelling. With precise plans and engaging conversations, we pave the way for your journey to success. Ready to supercharge your decision-making abilities? Click ‘Shop Now’ and unlock a world of possibilities.





“I’ve been doing the morning self-love exercises you recommended in our session and I have to say, I’m in a much better mood. I hadn’t realized how negative and weighed down I felt before. It’s the first thing I do now!”



Unleash your inner compass, Build on STORIES, and overcome Self-Sabotage for Career Happiness.

Embrace SELF-LOVE, rooted in the power of STORIES, and discover how to bypass self-sabotage. Achieve career fulfillment and address the flip side of these results.

Are you prepared to reach new heights in your professional journey? Explore the possibilities with our ‘Unlocking Career Success’ module, a 30-minute session specially crafted to flip the script on negative self-talk and ignite a compelling vision of your career success. Take the first step by clicking ‘Shop Now’ and embark on a journey of self-love and personal growth, redefining your career trajectory.





“You won’t believe this, but the same week you had me write the gratitude letter to my cheating ex and former business partner a client handed me a check for what he normally paid me for a year of services. And my soon-to-be ex-husband suddenly gave me the legal paperwork I had begged him for these last two years without me asking him for it.




Invent new empowering STORIES – Let Go of Resentment and Cultivate Career Harmony.

FORGIVENESS Beyond STORIES – Release Resentment for Career Harmony.

Experience FORGIVENESS, a course rooted in STORIES, to free yourself from resentment and create career harmony. Explore the flip side of grievances and embrace a fulfilling path.

Are lingering regrets from bad business deals haunting your peace of mind? It’s time to let go and thrive with our ‘Forgiveness’ module, a transformative experience offering 10-minute exercises. These exercises are your key to enhancing ease, confidence, clarity, and inner peace. Don’t let the past continue to weigh you down. Click ‘Shop Now’ and embark on your journey towards releasing the burdens of your past, allowing room for a brighter future.





“Once I wrote these conversations in my journal about how I wanted to be treated at work, I was amazed at how different everyone was even without me talking to them. What’s that quote, ‘Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.’ It really works.”  




STORIES Uniting Success and Foster Positive Relationships for Your Career

CONNECTION builds on STORIES to foster positive relationships that elevate your career. Discover the flip side of disconnects and unlock professional growth.

Tired of conflicts creating turbulence in your professional relationships? Dive into ‘CONNECTIONS’ for the ultimate solution. This digital course is your gateway to more harmonious conversations, equipping you with 101 proven phrases to swiftly reduce conflicts with your business associates. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and discord, and embrace effective communication. Click ‘Shop Now’ to transform your interactions and forge stronger, more resilient connections with your peers.






“It seemed silly at first to write gratitude notes in my journal to prospects who hadn’t signed the contract or vendors that were difficult to deal with, but I tried it. I have to say much of the delivery dates and back-forth negotiations ended and suddenly my stress melted away because the things that I wanted were happening. It was not how I expected it, actually, it went much easier.”




Use STORIES Of Ideal Transactions To Harness Positivity and Prosper in Your Career

Thrive in Your Career with Positivity and Practice Gratitude for Future Success. GRATITUDE, aligned with STORIES, helps you harness positivity for career prosperity. Explore the flip side of ingratitude and unlock success.

Fed up with slow decision-makers and service providers causing unnecessary delays? It’s time to take charge and experience more fruitful transactions with our ‘GRATITUDE’ guide. This comprehensive resource includes templates to enhance your buying and selling experiences, enabling you to restore faith in others even during or after challenging business interactions. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to gratitude. Click ‘Shop Now’ and let the buying and selling experience flow more profitably and naturally.




“I love your training, but I have to say, I had the most fun creating my superhero avatar and supervillain. Now instead of complaining about issues at work, I can pour my frustration into my alter ego, and follow your story templates to use the abilities and strengths I have to creatively defeat the obstacles that seemed to steal so much of my time and attention. Now I almost welcome challenges because I’m kind of addicted to writing my hero story.”



Accelerate Your Career and Overcome Slowdowns in accessing your desired career superabilities.

SPEED, guided by STORIES, propels your career forward and helps you overcome slowdowns. Delve into the flip side of inertia and embrace swift professional progress.

Are you ready to maximize the fun in your life and career? Say hello to ‘SPEED,’ your gateway to unleashing the power of super plans. Inside this digital course, you’ll discover ‘Fun Worksheets’ that will ignite your creativity and help you stay on track with what you love. Click ‘Shop Now’ to gain access to these empowering tools, allowing you to swiftly implement your creative ideas and supercharge your career endeavors. Get ready for a fun-filled journey like no other!






“I didn’t realize how much past failures in business, personal and professional relationships were still calling the shots. Who knew adding humor to my feelings and giving them a voice was what I needed to focus on a happier, more confident, and profitable business story? Now I wish I invested in your training sooner. There were a couple of more business deals I would have had the confidence to do if my fears and negative self-talk hadn’t gotten in the way! Now I’m ready!”




STORIES for Success to Catapult Your Career and Surpass Obstacles

LAUNCH, grounded in STORIES, catapults your career forward to surpass obstacles. Explore the flip side of stagnation and embrace soaring professional growth.

Are you prepared to leave your business setbacks in the dust? Say goodbye to the old struggles and welcome more profitable deals with the ’10 Empowering Business Conversations’ template. Click ‘Shop Now’ to uncover the secrets of navigating business challenges and thriving without dwelling on negative self-talk or gloomy conversations. It’s time to shift to a more abundant, resourceful, and blessed state of being. Start your journey towards success today!






“Now when we go to a restaurant I find myself telling my wife, what the personality types are of the people sitting nearby. In my mind, I’m already writing the various apology and thank you notes you created for me to use in my company. It’s the closest thing to X-ray vision I’ll ever have.”



Decode Human Dynamics for Career Excellence Using STORIES, GRATITUDE, and more!

Use these Insights Married with STORIES to Decode Human Dynamics for Career Excellence.

PERSONALITIES, enriched by STORIES, helps you decode human dynamics for career excellence. Discover the flip side of misunderstandings and unlock thriving professional relationships.

Struggling to connect with your clients on a deeper level? Unleash your potential to identify, understand, and nurture various career relationship types with our ‘PERSONALITIES’ digital course. Click ‘Shop Now’ to gain essential insights, along with templates for personalized thank-you notes and apology notes designed to resonate with specific personalities. Elevate your client relationships to a whole new level and watch your business thrive!







“What good is it to improve my communication with my business associates if I can’t have a harmonious relationship with my family?  This training is icing on the cake, yet also one of my most valuable resources now! I’m inspired by how you were using this pattern recognition technology decades before using AI!”



Enhance Your Career and Personal Connections.

Explore the flip side of misunderstandings in relationships and unlock fulfilling connections.

Can we improve our relationship?

Looking to take your special relationship to the next level? Inside, you’ll discover a treasure trove of questions asked to A.I. to create personalized stories, games, conversations, and checklists, all tailored to support the goals and nurturing style of your beloved relationship. This roadmap also helps you understand your personal stories, habits, preferences, and love language better. Click ‘Shop Now’ to obtain engaging stories, games, conversations, and checklists that will nurture your blossoming and committed relationship, bringing you closer than ever.





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Why Choose Our Programs?

Proven Results:

With over two decades of mentoring groups and individuals who have experienced transformative journeys with our programs, we offer a track record of proven success. Our courses have touched the lives of countless individuals who have harnessed the power of stories to reshape their destinies.

Expert Guidance:

Our programs have been meticulously crafted by seasoned professionals in diverse fields, including start-up businesses, executive careers, national charities, international leadership training, and personal development. This holistic approach, coupled with our wellness perspective, ensures that you receive expert guidance from mentors who understand your unique journey.

Lifetime Access:

When you enroll in our programs, you gain more than just access; you gain a lifetime of learning and growth. Our materials evolve, and so do you. Enjoy continuous access to updates, ensuring that your knowledge remains up-to-date and relevant.

Community Support:

Join our community of like-minded individuals who are on a parallel journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Here, you can share your experiences and insights, drawing strength and inspiration from those who share your path.

Take the First Step to a Better You

Don’t wait any longer to continue your lifelong journey of personal growth and fulfillment. Invest in yourself and forge the life you truly deserve. Whether you opt for one program, a selection, or embark on the full journey—customize your path to personal transformation. Your destiny awaits your authorship.

Act Now!

The moment for transformation is just a click away. Take the next step toward a future filled with happiness, positivity, and fulfillment. Choose the programs that resonate with you and set sail on this conversation-empowering journey. Each program is a key to unlocking your true potential.

Our Visionary Community:

Instead of doing these digital courses on your own, bring your questions, comments, resources to the group conversations to help each other accelerate growth.

In this community, there is an invitation for powerful networking, cooperation, support, and service. Together, we can make a greater impact.

Why Join?

  • Transformational Tools: Learn the art of flipping negative self-talk, shifting your mindset, and recognizing new opportunities on a daily basis.
  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded visionaries, share experiences, help each other with your course assignments and foster a network that propels everyone forward.
  • Career Vision Reinforcement: Commit to your career vision daily, stay focused, and watch the transformation unfold.

Join for a month and keep all the core curriculum and resources. Then commit as long as you need to continue being inspired, have a sounding board for your thoughts, marketing and plans using the same obstacle removing technology. The commitment to fully embrace these daily tools and community connections is your decision. Cancel at any time with just an email available on your welcome page.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a visionary with big dreams, a heart for service, and a history of inspiring actions, you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on this transformational journey together, rewriting our stories and creating a future filled with success, abundance, and fulfillment.

Ready to flip negative self-talk, and recognize costly and profitable patterns, conversations, support, and opportunities? Join The Visionary Business Communication Program today! 🚀✨

If you’re already a professional actively engaged in writing, marketing, and daily communications, you’re about to discover the keys to a new level of success. At Career Success Strategies, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a revolutionary approach that will amplify your results, foster your personal growth, and take your career to unprecedented heights.

Get Started Today!

Seize the opportunity to reshape your career conversations, enhancing your intuition, clarity, focus, and confidence. Join our community of empowered individuals within each digital course who have reshaped their conversations and, in doing so, reshaped their worlds. Act now and let’s script your path to greatness together.



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