Weekly Round Robin Doylestown Food Co-op Potluck Groups

Doylestown Food Co-opOne of the goals mentioned at tonight’s delicious Doylestown Food Co-op pot luck dinner was having families buy a $100 gift card to save on credit card fees and then spends $25/ week. This would really help our community.

Here’s my idea to make this an easy, fun way to make this happen and support the food co-op and our members…

I have a dream… That everyone who brought something to Sunday’s Doylestown Food Co-op Pot Luck who want s to participate takes turns doing A Weekly Dinner Round Robin with near by neighbors.


One day me and Jason makes a delicious healthy meal (ex: soup, salad, main dish, dessert) for 4 other families one day a week on a Monday through Friday and drop it off at the four other near by participating families. The meals include  using locally grown Doylestown Co-op food. 4-6 other participants in my group prepare food one night a week and drop it off to the door steps of the other near by participants. A schedule is sent out among the 5-7 group participants of the monthly meal schedule and meal menu. That way we share our favorite meals once a week, save on making our meals in bulk at the Doylestown Food Co-op and have great dietary friendly, healthy meals lovingly cooked for us 4 times a week. Each group has our own email communication.

The schedule for each week is updated once a month via email.

Possible meal schedule:

Jason and Ruth
1st MONDAY of the month
Delivery between 5-6pm (unless specific instructions)
Soup: Chilled, Carrot, Ginger, Tomato, Cucumber gazpacho
Bread: Beer bread with caraway seeds
Salad: locally grown mixed greens, organic carrots, tomatoes
Salad Dressing on the side: poppy seeds, apple cider vinegar, mayo
Meal: Outdoor grilled kabobs with locally raised meat and veggies on a stick seasoned with olive oil and spice
Dessert: home grown mint, frozen banana whips with cinnamon

2nd MONDAY of the month…
3rd MONDAY of the month…
4th MONDAY of the month…
5th MONDAY of the month…


Email the following and I’ll help to match you with nearby participants.

Email Ruth at: Ruth@ScriptingForSuccess.com with:

  1. Your gmail address (so you have the option to co-ordinate meal prep and delivery schedule on google docs) among 4-6 other families a group:
  2. Your phone number:
  3. Facebook address:
  4. Home address and easy to find your house landmarks/ directions:
  5. Best day for you to prepare meals for 4-6 families once a week:
  6. Best time a day to receive the home cooked meals:
  7. Best time to deliver the home cooked meals
  8. Best days to receive a home cooked meal delivered to your door step:
  9. What days you don’t want a home cooked meal delivered to your door
  10. Sample meal:
  11. How many people in your household are eating the delivered meals
  12. Dietary restrictions:
  13. Favorite foods to eat:
  14. Favorite foods to make:
  15. Known upcoming vacations you can’t deliver or receive home cooked meals:
  16. Your form of transportation for delivering meals to your group (ex: by foot, bike, station wagon)

To your delicious success:

Ruth Anne Wood, director of Scripting for Success

Ruth Anne Wood,

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