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Ruth Anne Wood appears on The Author Show


What if you could turn adversities into adventures? Two people who did just that are co-authors Ruth and Stash of You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! Challenged by early childhood setbacks such as Stash loosing his sight at birth after dying three times in the premie tank and Ruth losing her identical twin sister before they were two and having painful childhood Scolliosis could have taken Ruth and Stash on a much different path. Instead they choose to learn as much as they could about health and focusing on the positive in their lives. This led Stash on adventure starting in the 70’s that involved ice skating in shows with local and world-class figure skaters. Ruth took her ability to write short stories about fictional characters and teach herself and clients how to live those adventures. Learn the very movement and writing exercises that helped them turn lemons into lemonade! Use the stories in this book to inspire you to live your own dream come true relationships, conversations and experiences, such as meeting and marrying the love of your life, traveling the world, having restored heath and a dream come true career!

SHOW HOSTLinda Thompson, The Author Show
The self-published author of four books, Linda Thompson takes pleasure in helping new authors with the challenges of spreading the word about their books. Her ability to put authors at ease in front of a camera is particularly rewarding. Linda’s expertise lies in helping people understand how to communicate their message across generational boundaries.  As an avid reader herself, Linda loves introducing her viewers to books they may otherwise have missed.

Ruth Anne Wood, director of Scripting for SuccessMeet visionary writer, playwright, author platform builder and teacher Ruth Anne Wood, who uses the power of story to help clients and audiences “turn adversities into adventures” and achieve specific measurable career, publishing and relationship results through http://www.ScriptingForSuccess.com/ and her Peace, Passion and Prosperity interview series http://www.LiveYourPeace.com/.


Stash Serafin, Sensitive Movement CoachStash Serafin is a renowned figure skater, in a class of his own, who has performed in shows with Olympic skaters and has work closely with nearly a dozen world-class figure skating coaches since 1968 despite being blind since birth! Creator of Serafin Sensitivity Skating Skills Stash teaches athletes from beginner to world-class how to move quicker with more power, accuracy and safety. He lives with his family outside Philadelphia, PA. Visit: Stash Serafin for classes, writing, on and off the ice coaching services. Stash Serafin is available for speaking nationwide.


You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You Already Have It! is inspirational and entertaining. You will be immersed in the life of Stash Serafin and be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your life and yourself. Masterfully written.” -Terri Levine, President Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc.

The lovely Dorthy Hamill On page 123 of A Skating Life: My Story Dorthy says, “I was moved to tears by Stash’s courageous performance.”


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