Live Your Peace interviews Susan A. Smith

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Susan Smith, Psychic & Conscious ChannelSusan A. Smith is a psychic and conscious channel with over 30 years experience working in the energetic realms. She began her practice doing hand analysis (palmistry).  As her abilities grew she became adept at various psychic arts.  She was ordained a minister in the Church of the Golden Age in Sedona, Arizona, in 1994.

Since then Susan has continued to expand her practice to include conscious channeling, meditation groups and ceremonies to mark the many rites of passage in our lives.  Susan also teaches classes in palmistry, psychic development, Tarot and other psychic skills.  Additionally, Susan teaches classes on a regular basis at Pennsylvania College of Technology, Community Resources.

Susan was born and grew up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University. In 1975 Susan moved to San Francisco, California, where she began a 15 year apprenticeship in metaphysics.  In 1990 she moved to Sedona, Arizona, where her channeling and psychic skills blossomed.  After 30 years in the west and Southwest, including New Mexico and Colorado, Susan returned to Williamsport, PA where she continues to expand her metaphysical work.  In addition to her private practice Susan writes a twice monthly column for the Williamsport Sun Gazette titled “Lifelines” and teaches and gives readings in the Philadelphia area on a regular basis.

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Ruth Anne Wood, Creator of Live Your Peace seriesRuth Anne Wood the director of Scripting for Success, a publishing and production company dedicated to help her clients set and achieve specific measurable goals around sharing a personal vision and key message of hope, peace, healing, creativity, community, innovation and entrepreneurial transformation in the world. Through the “Live Your Peace” movie, interviews, live events and online community Ruth and her team brings together a wealth of resources from peace makers in our local and global community. To receive more information on the upcoming Live Your Peace events, training and resources contact Ruth at 215-872-5035.

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