Live Your Peace Ruth Anne Wood chats with friend Stash Serafin,
world-class figure skater, blind since birth

Stash Serafin, Sensitive Movement Coach

You Can't Get It, Cause  You've Already Got It! A blind figure skater and a visionary writerBefore there was a movie, workshop or online community, the director of Live Your Peace, Ruth Anne Wood chats with her dear friend world-class figure skater and Sensitive Movement Coach, Stash Serafin about how to set and achieve your seemingly impossible goals including creating an international peace movie and online community. Eavesdrop on the co-authors of  You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! as they invite you to explore what it means to “Live Your Peace” mentally, emotionally, politically, economically, creatively and socially. Learn how to maximize personal and professional success by focusing on what already feels good in your life! Then continue the conversation online through a rich community of people who use powerful tools to set and achieve their dreams! Inspiring blind ice skater. Motivational speaker, co-author teaches ice skating as a metaphor of life.

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