Talk about your most pressing issues around inspiring raving fans, media and star talent to promote your books, products, online communities and events–>

“I have a published book. Now What?”

Don’t wait till you’re done writing to figure out how to sell your book!

  • STEP 1: Watch the “11 Steps to Write Market and Sell Your Book”
  • STEP 2: Apply for a free Author Breakthrough Strategy Phone Session
  • In addition to working with a best selling book agent and helping write, publish and market books since 2003 Ruth helps published authors build a profitable business as an author through her strategy sessions, live events and mastermind groups. Ruth’s clients discover the exact 7 step process used to work with best selling authors, book agents, national charities and businesses to take her career as a published author to a dream come true level of service in the global community! During a complimentary Author Strategy Session discover how you can use your expertise and passion you wrote about in your fiction or nonfiction book to increase fans, expertise, profits and media exposure and finally be on the right path to making the massive positive difference you set out to do when you wrote your book! It’s all possible when you learn to have the right conversations with yourself, media, audience and superstars in your industry!

    Learn more in your Author Breakthrough Phone Strategy Session!

    Isn’t It About Time You:

    • Get your book in the hands of more raving fans
    • Build instant credibility with the media
    • Attract star talent and jv partners
    • Spread your global message in a bigger way
    • Create list building products in a day
    • Take one product and transform into many: audios, reports, videos
    • Create live events and training that transforms the lives of your readers
    • Use your influence to raise funds and awareness for community needs
    • Speak on stage with superstar authors

    Ruth, who have you helped?

    What could an “Author Platform Building Strategy Session” do for you? Apply for your free “Author Platform Building Strategy Session” by filling out the above request form. With just a couple tweaks of my business plan…

    “The Sky Feels to Be the Limit”

    Stash Serafin, Sensitive Movement CoachMy writing/coaching sessions with Ruth have been such a rewarding experience. I cannot begin to put into words how meaningful our sessions have been. First of all, Ruth has guided me in a very gentle, and nonjudgmental way to allow my true self to shine through all of my beliefs of limited thinking. I have been able to raise my vibrational awareness to beliefs that will serve me rather than squash my real potential and talents within myself. The sky feels to be the limit, maybe beyond the sky if I dare to dream, imagine and act in harmony with my true nature and my real self. Thank you, Ruth, for helping me to activate my resources and move beyond those hidden blocks that sabotage my real inner nature. -Stash Serafin,

    “Power to Change the World”

    Cass Forkin, Twilight WishRuth, what we have accomplished in three months’ time could take some people their whole lives. I am able to share my light with others to change the world in a positive and uplifting energetic manner and share God’s hope with those who need it most, knowing it is through spiritual guidance. I accept all the goodness and plenty of it, without struggle, knowing that I am in the right place and connected to heaven and earth. Great job! Love, Cassy -Cass Forkin founder of

    I Implore You to Work with Ruth!

    Edie Weinstein, Bring Your Own BlissRuth takes the seeds of inspiration that her clients present; helps them find fertile soil in which to plant them; guides them to feed, water, nurture and fertilize them; and cheers along with them when they blossom into an exquisite garden. Her encouragement of my work as a writer has manifested a phenomenal harvest. In a six month time span, I have moved from writing for one publication to writing for seven publications as a free-lance journalist. Yahoo! She shares in the success of her clients like a proud parent would. I implore you to work with Ruth! You’ll be thrilled with the results. -Edie Weinstein-Moser,

    “Clarifying the Confusing World of Writing Agents Publishing & Social Media”

    Barbara K FoltsRuth Anne is a unique combination of warmth and compassion with a dash of realism and gentle confrontation. As we began our work together, Ruth Anne challenged me on just what I wanted out of the writing I had done, what were my goals and who was my audience. Together we created a newsletter and a web presence. In addition, I was a guest for interview series and found her interviewing skills powerful. As a result of our work together, I am no longer floundering in a confusing, foreign world of writing, agents, publishing, and social media. I have a steady resource who is generous with her time and energy. -Barbara K. Folts,

    “She was absolutely wonderful!!!”

    Carrol McHenryI recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Ruth Anne Wood [at] about my new book “The Secrets Behind The Secrets”. She was absolutely wonderful!!! I was pleasantly surprised that she had a basic knowledge of the subject matter and great skill at making me feel comfortable. It was like chatting with an old friend. This was my first interview for the recently released book, so I was a little nervous, but she quickly made me feel right at home. Thank You again for the opportunity. -Carroll McHenry,

    Who are these strategy sessions for?

    • Authors who want to get your book in the hands of more raving fans
    • Authors who want the secret to building instant credibility with the media and star talent
    • Authors who need help attracting star talent and jv partners that speak to your target audience
    • Authors who want to launch fun interactive global communities of raving fans in 10 weeks or less
    • Authors who want to create audience list building products in a day
    • Authors who have content that they can quickly transform into many audios, reports, videos
    • Authors who are highly motivated to do what ever it takes to build an audience of raving fans
    • Authors who want to use the message of your fiction/non-fiction book to help more people with a specific problem that you have overcome
    • Authors who understand the power of live events, workshops and tele-classes and want a team to help you set that up for you
    • Authors who want to discover how to partner with businesses and charities to raise funds and awareness and further the message of your book
    • Authors who want to speak on stage with superstar authors, millionaire entrepreneurs and award winning artists

    Who should avoid these strategy sessions?

    • Authors who afraid to invest in themselves and marketing their book
    • Authors who wrote a book that has nothing with their passion or expertise
    • Authors who already know how to do joint ventures with best selling authors and other experts in your niche market
    • Authors who have already launched global communities of raving fans in 10 weeks or less
    • Authors who are not interested in building a profitable business around their passion and expertise
    • Authors who are whiners and tire kickers and like doing things the hard way by taking the long road alone
    • Authors who’d rather take care of all the technical details of setting up marketing campaigns, live events themselves
    • Authors who want to keep their profits below six figures a year
    • Authors who are too shy to rub elbows with the leaders in their industry

    For a limited time Apply for your free “Author Platform Building Strategy Session” by filling out the below request form. You’ll discover what focused project, group event or marketing campaign is perfect for the massive growth of your author building platform and global community of raving fans. Or you could ignore this opportunity to ask any question about how to take your book to next level, harness the endorsement of the media and best selling authors. Fill out the application for a Author Platform Building Strategy Session. P.S. Keep you eye on your inbox as we announce upcoming date for our next “7 Week to Launch Your Global Author Platform!” Before you get wrapped listening to what all the cool authors are doing on the home page of Live Your Peace interview series REMEMBER TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION TO YOUR COMPLIMENTARY AUTHOR AUDIENCE AND INCOME STRATEGY SESSION. You’ll get to talk about where you are on the writing, marketing and publishing process and what are your next steps to help people who need you most in a massive way through your story, training and book’s topic! “How to Gain Media Credibility and Raving Fans by Being of Service to the Superstars in Your Niche Market”

    Talk about your most pressing issues around inspiring raving fans, media and star talent to promote your books, products, online communities and events–>

    Ruth Anne Wood has used her trademarked writing and communication process Scripting for Success to help people launch businesses, meet and marry dream-come-true mates, resolve conflicts and know on the first interview or date if the person is a good fit avoiding lost time, energy and money. Ruth is the founder of, which helps authors write, market and publish books, live events and documentary films. Ruth has used her writing to plan and envision her successes before she traveled the world, met her husband, hang-glided three times, backpacked across the country, launched her publishing company Thriving Artist Press and international interview series at Ruth’s clients also publish with large and mid size publishers. For a limited time book your complimentary author strategy phone session ($97 value).

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