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in the next Abundant Magical Live book series

Make a Five Word Pitch right now! The theme of our second book is an original talk or speech you have or want to give to your ideal audience/ venue. The word count is: 500-1200 and it might just be featured along with other essays/talks by super star authors, speakers and entrepreneurs.

This co-authored project is offered in conjunction with the “Live Your Life So You Can Be Seen” Boot Camp/Training Program. Stay tuned for details.

BONUS: Get a free download of our  first co-authored book in the series: ABUNDANT MAGICAL LIVES Insights for Passionate People after you hit submit!

Sample Pitches:

Ruth Anne Wood, director of Scripting for Success

Ruth Anne Wood “Pitch Book In Five Words” https://www.scriptingforsuccess.com/submit/

Edie Weinstein, Bring Your Own Bliss
Edie Weinstein “Bring Your Own Bliss” http://www.LiveInJoy.org

Jason Wood “I have a book chapter?” http://www.ImmersionTechnology.com
jason A Wood, Web Solutions

Dawn Richerson

Dawn Richerson “Make Your Healing Matter” www.MakeYourHealingMatter.com

Ruth Anne Wood, director of Scripting for Success
Ruth Anne Wood host of Live Your Peace interview series & Scripting for Success “Action Steps for Building a Successful Business ‎-inspiring visionaries with group projects (5 words) -writing stories to achieve goals -helping leaders to build communityhttp://www.LiveYourPeace.com/

Make Your Healing Matter Video

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