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So, Glad, You Joined Us!!

Miracle Mondays with Ruth Anne Wood

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November 11 – December 23

Mondays 7-8pm




Class 1




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(The class audio cuts in and out until the speakerphone is turned on)



We talked about:

How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy (Introduces the Six Steps To Script Your Process)

What could be our blocks in this class

Michael Craig’s interview on Logical Soul

Getting on Facebook and accessing class resources

Beliefs about money

Picking Partners


Check-in at the end – how we felt after the call


list – All this by Divine Right

Miracle Monday Love Letter


Class 2


Class Audio


Meditation/ Quantum Selling Audio


We did a Quantum Selling meditation


Just add up a rough estimate of all the missed opportunities, unappreciated acts of love or service… using Asset Growth Assessment
(Formally know as Debt Into Abundance)
(I’ve had clients go through this seven step process of forgiveness and within weeks and sometimes days have new found cash, unexpected gifts and income opportunities!)
To date, all my private weekly hour Scripting clients or accelerated VIP 1-3 hour sessions all have come away richer within 60 days and sometimes as little as a week.
Once my peeps have:
1. Added up all the wasted time, money, resources and energy dedicated to anything but love and forgiveness
2. Created a new laser focused story/script about being a generous philanthropist with an average unforgiven monetary value starting between $200k-$500k
3. Taken that new story of being a wealthy philanthropist and delivered it to the world in a heart meditation that had the power to wipe out years of suffering…
Here’s the first step in the seven step forgiveness process…calculating the untapped value of all the times you’ve held a grudge, withheld your love, felt a victim of circumstance…

Do the exercises. (You may want to go through part of it with your class partner in the figuring out how much you would have paid someone else for those services/contributions you did/made.)

Pace yourself and let Ruth know if you have any insights, questions or challenges with the steps at:


Class 3





Hooponopono Prayer:

Change your energy around a situation, limiting belief or stress

“I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You”

ho’oponopono youtube interview with the late Dr Hew Len

Background -wiki


Assignment – Continue indefinitely

  1. Use the Hooponopono Prayer when you need to clear:
    “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You”
  2. Get a daily pay raise of $1000
    Plus $1000 more income a day game


Class 4



Did not record


Feedback from the group: A desire for less money focused exercises and more Tools to experience more fun, joy, creativity, abundance, and balance.

Carolyn described the picture and script for success and created yesterday

Leslie lead us in powerful intention exercises of:

  • Tapping into a source of love and light and bathing our bodies in that light
  • We were greeted by a presence with a gift
  • After discussing that meditation experience and what we received Leslie guided us in a movement exercise stepping 1,2,3 weeks into the future ending with stepping 3 months into our positive future.
  • We discussed experience and coached each other


  1. Tune into the wonderful energy of the gift you received and the positive steps you took during Leslie’s meditation; ex: gold locket, jewelry box, space, hope…career, family, travel
  2. Use the anchor (a very energizing, empowering, joyful moment in your life) you chose at the end of class. Tune into your desired joy, balance, creativity, love, peace, confidence, hope by touching a part of your body as a reminder of the positive energy you choose to experience; (heart, head, thigh, nose, fingers…)
  3. Post at least 3 times in our Miracle Monday facebook group the opportunities you had to use your anchor to bring you back to your desired state of being on the path supported by your vision or meditation. Share how the anchoring helped you shift your focus back on your letter to your future self or steps you took in the 1 week to 3-month meditation.


Class 5





Lot’s of love and miracles shared in this class. From amazing prizes and financial gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Reminder to communicate in a way that is loving, clearly stating what you intend in your life. When you get sloppy and say negative stuff as a joke or because it just comes out that way, take the time to reach for more clarity and specific intensions of what you choose to be your focus.

Use powerful feelings, experiences, and memories to increase your connection to your intentions. Examples include your wedding day, triumphant moment or adventure, hitting a home run or remembering your kid hitting a home run or bringing you so much love and joy!


Continue to use your anchor to tune into your ideal feelings, thoughts, and experience.

Take the time to pour on the love and gratitude to someone this week.


Be open to someone unexpectedly pouring on the love and gratitude appreciating you!

Debbie Dusylovitch miracle monday endorsement














Class 6




We talked about the path each of us is on and next steps in moving forward. We shared profound and simple wisdom. Ruth gave an overview of the successes and the topics that made the most impact on the group.


Create a timeline or a map that either highlight where you’ve been and where you are going or a completely new map. You are invited to create pictures or use words to describe these moments or emotions.


Class 7




We offered gratitude to our loved ones.

We sent loving, powerful, empowering energy to friends and loved ones.

We set our intentions for the upcoming days, weeks and months.

We expressed an interest to continue these Miracle Mondays with Ruth as the facilitator.


The invitation has been extended for another 7 MONDAY MIRACLES with me as your facilitator. As my Christmas gift to you, I am offering the next 7 classes for the same special price you invested for 11/12/13-12/23/13. Send a check to Scripting for Success, 40 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901 by the next class, and your assignment is to update and send me your letter to Dear Future Self. Gift 2: I’m offering this same offer to anyone else who you invite to the group this week. We’ll skip a week and our next class is Monday, January 6, 2014. 1/7  Merry Christmas!


Update your letter to your future self including your intentions and anything you gleaned from the 1st 7 Miracle Mondays.

Send a check to Scripting for Success, 60 Constitution Ave, Doylestown, PA 18901 by the next class.





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How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy (Introduces the Six Steps To Script Your Process)