Listen To Exclusive Interviews With Best Selling Author, 7 figure Coaches, Award Winning Artists and Community Leaders (25-55 minutes)

What does it inspire in your life? Create your own MIRACLE stories using Scripting For Success training before they happen and live them with the help of Ruth Anne Wood and MIRACLE MONDAYS online community! (*At the end of each interview are powerful meditations and guided visualizations.) Which inspiring interview do you want to check out first?

  1. Angelika is an Internationally traveling Oneness Blessing Musician that recovered after seeing her fiancé drop her off  and crash his plane right before her eyes.
  2. Heart and Soul Cutting Edge Leadership Trainer Dov, on top of the speaker’s circuit fell hard during a hiking trip and had to recover from injuries and rebuild his speaker trainer career. 
  3. Jessie Barth‘s words and fantasy creation story has transformed lives.
  4. Shane Belceto despite being legally blind Inspires and motivates as a social media expert.
  5. Martine Bloquiaux can see dis-ease in the body on intuitive level as well as high tech medical machines.
  6. Best seller and DailyOM community leader Scott Blum has seen many unexplainable occurrences.
  7. Michele Blood uses light to transform pain and suffering.
  8. EFT specialist Pamela Bruner used the miracle of clearing mental and emotional blocks to create a 7 figure business.
  9. Notable photo journalist, film producer and conscientious objector Frank Capri has what some call a dream job photographing head shots of celebrities. 
  10. Best Selling Spiritual Author Alan Cohen teaches how to embrace the mind body and spirit. 
  11. It’s a miracle Patrick Combs first got on the map playing a prank on the bank.
  12. Grammy Award Winning Musician David Darling teaches anyone can play an instrument.
  13. Champion for Woman Entrepreneurs and SLM founder Susan Daywitt  has created a business worth 40+ million.
  14. Ah the miracle of falling in love after 50 in Autumn Romance After by Carol Denker
  15. Celebrate Your Life Liz Dawn Donahue works with personal development miracle workers.
  16. Happiness, Performance, Motivational Speaker Jim Donovan turned his life around.
  17. Experience Wealth Beyond Reason with Bob Doyle.
  18. New Thought Artist and Musician Karen Drucker speaks to the heart.
  19. Traveling Shaman Joshua Duncan has studied in Peru, middle america and Russia.
  20. Award Winning Bead Artist Wendy Ellsworth used her prize money to give back to Africa. Teacher in Consciousness Kayla Finlay talks directly to the body to reboot it to it’s natural state of being.
  21. Twilight Wish Founder Cassy Forkin honors and creates wishes for seniors.
  22. Team of Angels Trisha Gallagher has been on Oprah twice and has inspired people around the world.
  23. Greg Hague shares 52 stories on How Fathers Change Lives.
  24. Azim Khamisa forgives his college son’s murderer and teaches others to do the same.
  25. Win the race of life at 180 MPH with motorcycle champion Nadine Lajoie has recovered from multiple crashes.
  26. Using Past Lives and Numerology with Trish LaSage can predict the miracles in your life.
  27. Lori Leyden has helped children Africa within 48 hours forgive those who mass murdered their parents.
  28. Renowned Publicity Expert Jill Liblin found ways to get attention for free.
  29. Cherie Lyon helps you tap into you Akashic Records that miraculously archive your essence since the beginning of time. 
  30. One Red Paperclip guy Kyle MacDonald took an ordinary object on his desk and traded up to a house in a year.
  31. Bernie McDonald chose to leave the comfort of a job and walk USA Coast to Coast.
  32. Photographer Catherine Jansen has a spiritual practice in India which involves walking on the street and meeting people who need her help.
  33. Clarity, Wisdom and Harmony with Cheyenne Mease.
  34. Movie maker Joel Metzger talks about the Treasure Inside which wasn’t taken away during his life altering car accident 20+ years ago.
  35. Christian Mickelson talks about helping clients create financial miracles before making his first million and how things shifted when he did work on self worth.
  36. Extreme Mike faces extreme sport fears despite being paralyzed.
  37. Genius Squared Eiji Morishita overcomes depression and helps others transform lives.
  38. Best Seller Dr. Judith Orloff M.D. uses the miracle of intuition to help her clinical patients.
  39. Nicolas Ortner has 8 million +  launches that help people using Emotional Freedom Technique to overcome illness and money issues.
  40. Medical Physicist Dr. Tom Padikal shares how healthy bodies makes something that osts millions to create in the lab.
  41. Tom and Penelope Pauley talk about healing and selling to ideal clients using meditation. 
  42. Paris Middle East Conflict Resolution Expert Frank Romano escapes prison camp.
  43. Matt Roessler helps with Anxiety and Depression Relief.
  44. Millionaire Independent Wealth Creator and Trainer Jason Myers share the inspiring story of his first pinball business as a teen.
  45. Inna Segal shares the secret language of our bodies.
  46. World-class figure skater Stash Serafin was blind since birth. 
  47. Tracing the letter ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ on Dane Short‘s family necklace created miracles. 
  48. Peace Center Director Barbara Simmons works with Gandhi’s grandson.
  49. Access the Alchemy Of True Success with Jaden Sterling
  50. Millionaire at age 24 Ryan Stewman outsells the adults at age 8 at his dad’s carwash.
  51. From Super Juggler to Truck Accident to Inspirational Speaker Kit Summers
  52. Inner Peace, Resolution and Transformational author Betsey Otter Thompson
  53. UN musical performer Jackie Tice inspres us.
  54. Christa M. Tinari Empowers youth through Peace Training,
  55. Comedian Psychic Medium Carole Tollen tells us like it is.
  56. Blissfully Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary with Edie Weinstein
  57. Skin sensitive clothes for kids in bamboo by Kate Whorlow
  58. Spiritual film producer Michael Wiese talks about tribal drug for meditation. 
  59. Holistic Doctor Mark Wiley offers a new perspective on health. 
  60. Pit bull of Personal Development Larry Winget teaches accountability for your success.
  61. Truck Driving Mama Annabella Wood grants wish for 82+ woman on cross country trip.
  62. You Are What You Love Vaishali beats a death sentence giving up worry.
  63. Grammy Nominated Spiritual Performer David Young sells over a million cassette tapes and CDs out of his car even though he wanted to be a heavy metal musician. 

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