Once You Get One Celebrity Endorsement It Starts to Snow Ball

In November I facilitated a workshop called “Live Your Peace”
that generated a conversation a couple weeks before the Nobel Peace awards.

I inspired a “retired” film maker in his 80’s to film the workshop at my interfaith church.

It turns out he has won awards for his documentary films.

On the basis of that I sent out invitations that an Emmy award winning film maker was shooting the workshop and that all participants would be part of a six minute film that would be sent to the Nobel Peace committee by the day President Obama gave his speech in Oslo.

From that a journalist friend helped me invite 16  participants to be on the cast of the documentary.

We were billing the event as: What if the producers of “The Secret” asked you to be an expert in a movie about how you live your peace and what does peace mean to you?

Join us Sunday November 29, 2009 for the four hour shoot. A soup and salad lunch before hand will be included and a percentage of the profits will go to www.CircleOfMiracles.org and www.TwilightWish.org

Within two weeks of booking the workshop space and making an announcement at church, and on facebook, twitter, haro and rtir report I got a national award winning journalist (JFK journalist award), a national charity and two time Oprah guest to endorse the project and participate.


Then things took off internationally when Michelle. the owner/pr consultant from Pitch Rate contacted me based on my HARO query. She gave me a couple great guests for my “Live Your Peace” interview blog including my first interview a professor from France, regularly in the news for middle east peace relations and I also interviewed the spouse of a Physics Nobel prize winner from Michelle’s leads.


Fast foward to Monday March 1, 2010 – based on the strength of that project and who participated I gained instant credibility and got to interview Dr. Judith Orloff, MD on her book Second Sight for her massive Book Launch.

Now I’m mentioned in the same sentence as Deepack Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Shirley MacLaine, John Gray, Hay House… Ruth Anne Wood 🙂

What fun!!! On March 24, 2010 Edie Weinstine (who was instrumental in getting me the celebrity talent for the Live Your Peace project and the interview with Dr. Judith Orloff) and I will be guiding you through the exact steps we used to create our Big Mission in less than 10 weeks with none of our upfront capital through the strength of our marketing, commentment and Big Mission System.

Besides teaching the upcoming 10 week book camp Big Mission Group Projects Ruth Anne Wood will be realizing her big mission dream almost a decade in the making to fly LA in April to meet with a Hollywood producer about her movie about woman in her 80s who gets a second chance at her Big Mission, True Love and Youth in her spiritual comedy “Five Rites“.

March 1, 2010 – by Ruth Anne Wood

Stone Soup Peace Project

Live Your Peace project officially started four weeks ago in October 2009 as a workshop at a intimate, welcoming sanctuary called “Circle of Miracles”. Since then Live Your Peace has morphed into a filmed event by an Emmy award winning film maker in the biz for 40 years now a happily retired painter. We have musicians, PhDs, computer engineers, Rev, artists, healers, carpenters… a three time Oprah guest, a national charity director… as part of our lively cast ensemble.

In about a week’s time the workshop/filming event which is on Sunday November 29 from Noon till six will be edited into a 3-7 minute piece that will be available online the week of the Nobel Peace ceremonies the second week of December 2009.

The idea is to get it viewed by as many peacemakers as possible and invite them to link to the film and experience the power of sharing their message of peace. It will be emailed to the Nobel Peace Committee and the intention has been set to meet someone attending the 2009 Nobel Peace Award events who would be honored to share this movie with some or all of the guests as we invite the distinguished guests to be inspired and Live Your Peace…

The project keeps expanding and second week on November was no exception with connections made around the world. Peacemakers from Texas to Turkey responded enthusiastically to the invitation to get involved with Live Your Peace in an online community where people from many walks of life could contribute images, articles, statements, audio, video in the spirit of the highly anticipated game/exercise called “Live Your Peace” or Ten Second Challenge. What is it? It’s where the participant stands in front of the camera when s/he is ready and expresses a message of peace for 10 seconds as your gift/message of PEACE to the world. After all what would you share if you only had 10 seconds to be PEACE?

There is an investment for the workshop participants. They understand they are promoting their work and message and/or want to support this charity fund raising event which is currently for www.CircleofMiracles.org and www.TwilightWish.org. It’s filmed in the spirit of spiritual cinema and will be shared with such film, and local and international peace communities.

In the next couple days as the director, Ruth Anne Wood sets up the community aspect of the interactive website people around the world will be able to upload their 10 seconds of peace on one of the media outlets youtube, audioacrobat… and send a link to post on LiveYourPeace.com.

What else?

All the activities and games in the workshop facilitate play, self discovery, blocks around living your peace, personal peace explorations which prepares the cast/workshop participants on Nov 29th to tune into that state of peace that you may express in a song, poem, declaration, image,
meditation, dance or however the spirit moves you.

This project is a stone soup. I started out with the stones/inspiration and the global village is providing the savory ingredients.” -Ruth Anne Wood, Director of Live Your Peace

Get involved at www.LiveYourPeace.com

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA); ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com; www.LiveYourPeace.com


International Nobel Peace Film Project

We are coming into the season of Thanks Giving, Peace and Gratitude and the Nobel Peace Awards are just around the corner.

We want to know IF you were presenting at the Nobel Peace Concert with members of your place of worship, school, family or business and were only given 10 seconds each to express/embody a state of PEACE what would you share with the 2009 Nobel Peace recipient, Oslo, Norway guests and world?

Would it be a song, a chant, a meditation, a stress reduction exercises, a declaration for peace, art, silence or something else?

Inspired by President Obama’s “Nobel Peace Nomination critics” that question his mettle for receiving the award; schools, sanctuaries, families, friends, businesses across the world are uploading their 10 SECOND group montages for PEACE onto youtube with their group’s name and “Live Your Peace” as a way of saying “Peace role models you can’t do it alone. Peace begins with me. Here’s how I choose to embody/express peace in ten focused seconds!”


If you are an expert and/or facilitator of peace we are inviting you to schedule a recorded phone interview with the director of the “Live Your Peace” project which will be featured on the site and linked back to yours. Please email your request at ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com


The “Live Your Peace” 5-7 movie and local LIVE YOUR PEACE 10 second peace montages are intended to be picked up by media locally and around the world. Featured clips (of 10 second peace montage productions) will start airing the 2nd week of December during the Nobel Peace Award Events. “Live Your Peace” raises awareness and funds for local community peace projects.


If you are media or a special guest attending the event we’d like to do a recorded interview by phone with what you would share in your ten seconds. Please email your request at ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com


The official start of the project is on 11/29/09 when a group of people who teach and practice peace in the Philadelphia, PA region are communicating what it means to “Live Your Peace”. They are responding to that very challenge: Ten seconds on the clock – LIVE YOUR PEACE in front of the lens of an Emmy award winning documentary film maker in the global collaborative film project “Live Your Peace”.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA); ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com; www.LiveYourPeace.com

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Peace Games Really Reduce Stress and Heal Relationship Challenges?

Inspired by December 2009’s widely publicised Nobel Peace Award in Oslo, Norway, a group of people are attending a workshop at the end of November to document their exploration on the topic of peace with the help of Emmy award wnning documentary film maker and movie director and workshop facilitator of LIVE YOUR PEACE.

The cast/crew attending the November 29th event range from therapists, counsellors, musicians, martial artists, film makers, singer song writers, carpenters, artists and IT programmers.  The Sunday afternoon workshop is broken up in a series of activities and games inspired by the hit show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” where the cast is given a series of skits to test their improv mettle. In the case of LIVE YOUR PEACE, the cast aren’t actors. They are all practitioners or lovers of peace personally and professionally and are given a menu of activities to help them get clarity and healing around their blocks from experiencing deeper levels of peace and to gain insights and practice dealing with conflict and stress in fun and comical ways.

The Games Include:

EXPRESS YOUR PEACE – You are invited to play music, sing, stretch, take breaks, snack, hug, dance, teach, help, share through out the day.

MOLD YOUR PEACE – You may use clay, you or someone else in a skit or human scupture, a group conversation or anything you need to gain clarity around living your peace.

JUGGLE YOUR PEACE – This is a break the ice activity that involves tossing soft objects such as rolled up socks, pillows, small objects around the group formed circle. The director tosses the first object to someone and the object is passed to a new person in the circle. Remember the person who you gave or received the object from because that pattern will remain the same through out the game. As the group gets in the swing of jugging, more objects are added including a word game that monitors the pulse of the group.

DEBATE YOUR PEACE-You may choose a team mate to be the voice of peace in your life as you work through your challenging: fear, relationship, experience,  (This is done in a safe, supportive, non judgemental environment. The director of LIVE YOUR PEACE will honor confidentiality and only use footage in the 3-7 minute film that show cases the best of the group activities. All cast/crew are invited to participate in the activities yet it’s not mandatory. Many of the cast/crew are trained facilitators in the peace practice and creating a sacrid, honored space for healing and expression.

FINANCE YOUR PEACE- This is a new exercise that involves restoring your peace around money and “loveraging” (as Mark Victor Hansen calls it) the power of love and generosity. Individuals fill in one or more blank gift certificates with your passion/service. Then the fun begins as we play with relationship building and real money.

LOVE YOUR PEACE- It’s a group check in and sharing gratitude for the unfoldment of the Live Your Peace experience.

SPEAK YOUR PEACE – One person introduces the speaker of the next activity which includes how you know the speaker and how you notice they express peace in their personal and public lives.

LIVE YOUR PEACE – It’s the highly anticipated 10 seconds of Living your peace directly to the camera. It could be in the form of a shared song, poem, joke, insight, riddle, art, silence, challenge, invitation, meditation, art, memory, exercise, tool…

Ruth Anne Wood is creator of the LIVE YOUR PEACE workshop and filming happening on Sunday November 29, 2009.

Bill Jersey is the Emmy award winning movie maker filming the premier LIVE YOUR PEACE event.

Register for LIVE YOUR PEACE at: http://www.LiveYourPeace.com or call 215-872-5035 to learn about the benefits of becoming a Producer and part of this spiritual cinema cast of peacemakers.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA); ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com; www.LiveYourPeace.com

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The Global 10 Second Peace Challenge:
How Would You Express the Essence of Peace If You Only Had 10 Seconds?

The second week of December 2009 when the U.S. President Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace award, millions of citizens are invited to participate in a cyber peace project of their own called “Live Your Peace”. Workshops are conducted far and wide as participants have their own group discussions on the many facets of peace including mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, scientific, artistic, philosophical and social experiences and concepts of peace.

Workshop attendees are lead through a peace exploration process. Exercises that encourage the participants’ personal stories of peace are woven through out the workshop from sculpting clay models to drawing, journaling or role playing personal concepts of peace including the blocks that get in the way of these precious moments. The facilitators that are versed in specific tools to generate a focused experience of peace also conduct clearing exercises to help participants process blocks to experience peace on deeper levels. All this introspective and group interaction is the preparation for the much anticipated event of the 10 Second Peace Challenge.

The stop watch is set to 10 seconds. You feel the gentle tug as you step in front of the simulcast camera where the world is awaiting your focused message of peace. 10 magical seconds of a song presented before you lingers in the air as well as one woman’s moving declaration for peace. Others share a guided meditation and one friend’s 10 second joke has the whole room in stitches when he says, “Thanks for the Nobel Peace Award, but I have to correct you with the misspelling of my name. It’s spelled D A V E   P E R KI N S!” What will your 10 seconds of peace be? You take a deep breath and step into your peace…

The creator and director of the 10 second peace challenge, Ruth Anne Wood was moved by the publicized criticism of the 2009 Nobel Peace Nominee. What does it mean to win such an award? Do you have to achieve an enlightened state of being or have the focused intention for peace backed by powerful conversations and a position of power to relish such an award? And what about the suggested Halloween custome to come back as Ronald Regan’s ghost demanding his own peace award for  the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the cold war? Are we our greatest critics preventing ourselves from peace? Do peace and prosperity go hand and hand or is that just a gimmicky weekend workshop? The cast and crew of Live Your Peace have some opinions and insights.

The bigger inspiration behind the “Live Your Peace” movie filmed by Emmy award winning documentary film maker, Bill Jersey was the director’s love for spiritual cinema and her desire to create a Yes! feel good movie rather than a “Henny-penny the sky is falling” documentary. “See ya on the flip side Michael Moore.” -Ruth Anne Wood, Director

CREDENTIALS: After years of helping her coaching and massage clients lessen the drama and aches and pains in their life, Ruth Anne Wood who spent the last year writing her spiritual comedy about an eighty year old women who discovers what it’s like in the body of a thirty year old with the wisdom of an eighty year was told by Hollywood script coach her screenplay didn’t have enough drama! Putting the project on pause Ruth entered a quest to experience more peace and gratitude for her blessed married suburban life. Then Ruth opened a global conversation though the creation of the “Live Your Peace” workshop, movie and her goal setting and achievement online resource community, Scripting for Success TM .

Ruth has the good fortune of partnering with retired Emmy award winning documentary film maker of 40 years, now landscape painter, Bill Jersey.  Ruth  collaborates with a stellar “Live Your Peace” cast which hopes to inspire 10 second peace montages from groups and families around the world. Ruth also seeks the peaceful insights of her husband Jason Wood and her friend and co-author Stash Serafin who has appeared in the national media since the 1970s, becoming a well-known figure skater and sensitive movement coach, despite being blind since birth. Together Ruth and Stash lead training and have written the book about turning “adversities into adventures in; YOU CAN’T GET IT ‘CAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY GOT IT!.

AVAILABILITY: PA, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone
CONTACT: Ruth Anne Wood, (215) 872-5035 (PA); ruth@scriptingforsuccess.com; www.LiveYourPeace.com

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