Live Your Peace interviews Luisa Rasiej

A Contessa…

  • Is a woman aligned with her own inner guidance, integrity and compassion.
  • Is not afraid to love life and people passionately and deeply.
  • Is a catalyst, a woman who makes things happen around her and in the world.
  • Brings elegance and grace to anyone she touches.
  • Lives in her full abundance.

Are you ready to re-connect with your Inner Contessa?Luisa Rasiej, The Inner Contessa

Luisa created the Inner Contessa and its events, seminars, and retreats because she believes that each and every woman has within her the potential to know and live her life mission. However, unconscious fear patterns, stress or negative emotions block its true unfolding.

The Inner Contessa classes, workshops and retreats use the power and beauty of a community of like-minded women to provide an amazing atmosphere for life changing personal transformation.

This work will reconnect women to the magnificence they are through the Divine Feminine.

Luisa facilitates the transformational work through the B.E.S.T. Abundance Technique, a process she created that combines the best of fear-release practice, energy medicine and other holistic healing techniques.

She has taught workshops on three continents, and clients around the world have enjoyed the benefits in their lives.

Luisa Rasiej brings a lifetime of experience to her role as the original Contessa and to her transformational work with women. Whether you are burned out from your climb to the top, craving balance in your business and life, or stuck in some old patterns that you’re finally ready to release, Luisa’s approach is compassionate and effective.

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