Live Your Peace interviews Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen

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Lorraine is the CEO and founder of Powerfull Living. As a spiritual minister, life coach, hypnotherapist, counselor, published writer, inspirational speaker, and radio broadcaster, her great joy is helping people awaken to “who they are” – to fullfill who they are meant to be and what they here to do.

Since the early 80’s she’s been on her own spiritual journey. Lorraine  believes we all have a soul purpose and destiny that we are here to fulfill; a contribution to our own life and to the world. For more than 20 years, she has coached thousands of spiritually-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, professionals, and leaders from a wide range of industries to create a prosperous businesses, meaningful career, and fulfilling life that aligns with their spirit.

Recognized as a cutting-edge expert, her intuition and counseling background heightens my ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly, helping clients to achieve greater career success and personal happiness in their life. An expert in breaking through fear and removing barriers to success, Lortaine shows people how to get unstuck; to break through the confusion and roadblocks so that they move forward in all areas of their life.

As an engaging broadcaster, she hosts  two programs – Powerfull Living Radio and Compelling Conversations for Powerfull Living with leaders in the field of business success, personal transformation, and spiritual inspiration. I’ve been a popular guest on over 150 internet radio and teleseminar interviews globally and a sought-after inspirational speaker and seminar leader engaging audiences on topics of business development, overcoming fear, transitions, personal transformation, spirituality and life fulfilment.

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