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Live Your Peace director invites professional service providers to think like Expert Peace Makers.

“If you have solutions to the biggest barriers to personal peace (self improvement, stress reduction, health, financial growth, and energy therapy we want to feature your expertise”

From: Ruth Anne Wood,

Director of:
Live Your Peace movie and online community

Ruth Anne Wood, director of Live Your Peace

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What I’ve discovered interviewing some friends and peace makers across the world is you are really good at helping people yet you are all over the place when it comes to letting others know what problems you solve. You also do many things instead of specialize in one thing that I can easily refer clients to you. (I’m not saying if you have to give up craio sacral and just focus on deep tissue massage. I’m saying if you help our audience create peace by teaching fast easy ways to reduce head aches. Or you eliminate stress at tax time with a tool that automates your accounting.  Who cares if you do reiki, accounting or energy audits for my home. If you can help me save money, make money, save time, reduce stress, stay healthier, make my services more popular, now we’re getting somewhere. I’m sure I’m not alone and since 1994 when I began my journey as a massage therapist right out of high school (with only a day of marketing training- what a raket!) and later as a publisher of inspirational books and relationship/business coach, I made the mistake about explaining my tools, techniques and process rather than how I improve your situation or problem. My husband, Jason would intently listen to who I was at the current networking meeting because he had no idea what service I was promoting next! (Sorry, Love)

Even if you don’t write a single article or post a single comment with a link back to your website the process of submiting your contribution to the Live Your Peace conversation will have you thinking in a much more profitable way (Take advantage of the $1,000’s I spent on marketing training) which I hope you use in your other solution focused marketing. There is too much to do in this world to dabble at helping our clients. STOP wasting time trying to find people to help and make it easier for them to find youInfact as an experient only post solutions or resources to one problem you solve and notice what happens. 🙂 That’s the beauty of Live Your Peace. It’s a community of peacemaking experts in one area and solution seekers in other areas. LE’T HELP EACH OTHER!

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