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As a budding film maker and comedy writer Ruth Anne Wood had the pleasure of interviewing Kent Emmons for her “Live Your Peace” series.

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kent in action

bulletCreated the 24/7 comedy radio format.

bulletBuilt an international product development and infomercial company.

bulletBridged the gap between direct product sales and radio content.

bulletCreated an empire of radio properties.

bulletPioneered 24/7 tourist radio format.

bulletAuthor of Generation Entrepreneur.

A Radio Industry Pioneer

Kent has extensive roots in the radio and television industry, having owned large and medium market radio stations and national radio networks as well producing hundreds of hours of television. In addition to being an accomplished producer, he was the host of the top rated “Martini Time” radio show for 8 years (the most widely listened to “standards” radio show in the country), internationally syndicated “National Lampoon Comedy Countdown” and televison’s “Ahead of The Curve”, a highly successful direct response television talk show that brings new and innovative products to the market. Over the years Emmons has been involved in the launch of products that have produced several billion dollars in sales.

Emmons pioneered the 24/7 comedy radio format having founded the only 24/7 comedy networks in America using his vast library of recorded stand up. In 2003, Emmons founded National Lampoon Radio Networks (NLR). Amongst the network’s shareholders and close advisors are: Barry Levinson (producer), Budd Friedman (Improv Chairman/Founder), Richard Belzer (comic/actor), George Schlatter (producer) and management legend Eric Gardner.

Kent is one of those rare people in the biz that maintains an unwavering deep appreciation for the art of comedy but has proven time and time again that he knows how to turn it into a commercial success. Barry Levinson – Producer

An Influential Author, Host and Speaker

Emmons is the Co-Author of three books – Generation Entrepreneur, Net2Bed/Net2Wed and “What The Hell Happened”, a semi-conservative book pointing out the ridiculousness of Washington politics and policy and offering some seemingly common sense solutions from respected business and civic leaders from the heartland of America. Emmons is producing and hosting WGN America’s “Worlds Biggest Joke-Off” in 2010 in addition to “Hometown Talent Show” and “So How’d You Meet”, scheduled for Summer production.

Not Just Another Hollywood Suit

Widely touted as “The nicest guy in Hollywood”, he laughed and said “I’m a farm boy from Sothern Illinois, Hollywood has just been a fun stop on my journey”. Emmons is a familiar face on Fox News, Fox Business News, CNBC and occasionally sits in with some of those rat bastards at MSNBC. Kent also donates his time as a “celebrity auctioneer” to big fundraisers all around the world that benefit mostly children and senior causes. He recently participated in a HUGE fundraiser co-hosted with Ed Asner for the Motion Picture Home at the home of Diane Ladd. He’s also lent his name and his charm to in New York and Los Angeles and the Revlon / UCLA Breast Cancer research center.

Emmons enjoys extreme activities like heli-boarding (snowboarding from helicopters), hang gliding and wakeboarding but is fast to say his favorite thing in the world is to hang out with my 2 year old daughter. Kent said “Had I know being a single Dad was going to be such fun, I would have done it years ago!” Emmons is an accomplished, humorous public speaker and an active member of the New York and California Friars’ Clubs, The Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills. .

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