Live Your Peace interviews Kayla Finlay

“Kayla Finlay is an instrument through which healing occurs.”

Kayla FinlayThe above is the only job definition Kayla Finlay permits herself or others for describing her lifework.  She has been functioning as this instrument since 1980, with a hands-on or hands-hovering simplicity of method, practised long before we codified and labeled human healing as reiki, surgery, ayurveda, pharmaceuticals, or as “techniques” of any kind.

In private or casual conversation Kayla will refer to her connection to Native traditions, and will use phrases such as the body’s divine guidance or spirit going where it needs to go.

But she is invested in no dogma, and more importantly, in her own words, she presents and channels her energy For the Highest Good for all concerned and humbly does not presume to know what the Divine Intention is.

Kayla has cared for herself, family, intimates, and  men, women, and children who suffered the triple grip of disease, extreme acute or chronic pain, and common modern “treatments.”  With the honed skills and consideration such firsthand knowledge provides, she is now expanding her clientele.

For clients not well enough to (or preferring not to) travel to her home-base of  Lexington, Virginia, Kayla is reviving the deeply-mourned lost practice of house-calls!

Locally, nationally and internationally she can come to your home, hospital, or hospice, as she has for many people in the past, and only charging unpadded travel expenses in addition to her compassionate sliding-scale fee.

Without jeopardizing her own family’s sustenance, and requesting any wisdom or resources on this subject folks may have to offer, Kayla is committed to finding ways to help those unable to afford her services either at her private practice, or on the road.

The testimonial page of this website goes one giant step past the usual un-certifiable blurbs:
Many listed clients have, if assured of carefully respected circumstances, agreed to be phone or email references. With permission, Kayla will pass the contact data of a prospective client onto a past client who will privately and accurately share their opinion of Finlay’s services.

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Ruth Anne Wood, Creator of Live Your Peace seriesRuth Anne Wood
the director of Scripting for Success, a publishing and production company dedicated to help her clients set and achieve specific measurable goals around sharing a personal vision and key message of hope, peace, healing, creativity, community, innovation and entrepreneurial transformation in the world. Through the “Live Your Peace” movie, interviews, live events and online community Ruth and her team brings together a wealth of resources from peace makers in our local and global community.

Since the first “Live Your Peace” workshop was conceived in October 2009 right after the announcement of Mr. Barack Obama’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Award, “Live Your Peace” has attracted the passion, resources and vision of Bill Jersey an Emmy award winning film maker, Twilight Wish, a national award winning 501c3 who honors and makes dreams come true for seniors, a two time Oprah guest, Patricia Gallagher who created the “Team of Angels”, best selling authors and speakers such as Dr. Judith Orloff MD, Scott Blum, co-creator of DailyOM,  Hay House authors; Jude Curivan, Alan Cohen, Karen Drucker and many other talent in her local and international community. In preparation for the Sundance Film Festival, Live Your Peace is hosting a special event to feature even more powerful conversations with peacemakers including how to use your passion, vision and expertise to profitably share your vision of peace on the world stage. These conversations will be featured in the hour documentary Live Your Peace.

To receive more information on the upcoming Live Your Peace events, training and resources contact Ruth at 215-872-5035.

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