Get the complete in depth interviews from some of top joint venture experts who generously share how they used their affiliate community of authors, mentors and industry leaders to have 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Over 120 minutes of “How To” step-by-step stories of how they became leaders in their industry!

Get the audios with my interview with:
Christian Mickleson, Coaches With Clients

Christian Mickleson






Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner






Jill Lublin

Jill Lublin






Larry Winget

Larry Winget







Get copies of the email messages I used to get exclusive interviews with them which became the bedrock training in JV ATTRACTION.

Module 3: The “Super Carrot” JV Attraction Method 

​The biggest mistake a new member in the JV ATTRACTION community can make is:
To ask for help promoting their product without making friends first. Get to know the leaders in our community and be helpful to them as well as people who could use your marketing and product feedback. Just to make a point, you wouldn’t go up to a stranger on the street that is very popular and say, “Hey set me up on a date with one of your hot friends over there.” Unfortunately that’s what some of the unsuccessful, broke authors and coaches do just starting out asking you to promote them.

Act like a generous JV right out of the starting gate helping with other people’s launches. You’ll have people recommending your affiliate products much quicker.

At JV ATTRACTION we have lots of opportunities to help other members. Help them with these 7 Modules and 5 Bonuses. Offer to help the bestsellers in the community with their next launch​. Being helpful is the fastest way to make friends in this industry!

Offer to promote them. Talk about them, create videos, interviews and reviews about their latest product. They’ll tell you exactly what kind of promotional help they want here. Before long enough will be returning the favor.

Once You’ve Made Some Friends In JV ATTRACTION And Are Ready To Ask For Promotional Partners 

Fill out the following form and Email Your Filled Out Joint Venture Request. If approved your joint venture request will appear online and in our JV ATTRACTION newsletter.

*) The kind of products I recommend:

The topics I promote include:

My ideal promotional partner is:

I recommend products in the following ways:

I’ve promoted partners on tele-summits

Partners have appeared on my show

I promote products and partners to my email list and social media

I like to create co-authored products

I like helping products become Amazon best sellers

I have invited experts to guest blog on my site

I have participated in group product giveaways

My first name is:

My last name is:

My email is:

Check out my website:

My product is called:

My target audience is:

My category is:

Business/ Family/ Finances/ Health/ Marketing/ Personal Development/ Relationship/ Spiritual

My product format is a:

Book/ Coaching Program/ Home Study Course/ Live Event/ Marketing Tool/ Master Mind Group/ MP3/ Product Creation/ JV Tele-Class/ Webinar

The problem my product solves is:

Here is my sales page:

My retail price is:

My product affiliate link is:

Here is the commission I pay my affiliates:

You can get your affiliate tools here:

My product promotion incentives are:

I plan to launch my product the following date:

Email Your Filled Out Joint Venture Request For Our Next Newsletter

Here’s How You Get Expert Credibility Without Being One Yourself

​Creating a product with expert interview lends credibility to your product, coaching program and community from the start.

Make sure the experts you interview are in line with your products and services so you can reuse these interviews in your online community and product access pages.​

(Here’s something I learned recently from one of our newest JV ATTRACTION members. Alex Jeffreys way of working with affiliates is twist on the free report or webinar and is a huge game changer in having affiliates drive traffic to your offer. Instead of giving away a high value product, report, checklist, book SELL IT and give your affiliate 100% commission. That’s what I’m doing here. I have a powerful JV ATTRACTION community that get even better with more involve members. Affiliates of JV Quick Start get 100% profit on this product you are using now. Affiliates also get 50% profits from my monthly membership site.  By paying affiliates to promote you it saves you a lot on paid traffic and endless hours on social media.​ Lean all the detail on how to get super affiliates (people who have a list of buyers to drive a list of buyers to opt-in to you site, just like you did! For less than $10 Super List Method will change the way you market for the better using affiliates to create your Super List of opt-in buyers!)

Back to the Expert Carrot. Once you find a potential expert and their affiliate product you want to promote send them a similar email with your specific details edited into the email.​

You can find big list, best sellers to promote if you subscribe to their launch announcements, follow them in social media or at JV ATTRACTION JV Request​

Once you find an expert you want to help with a launch email them the following:​

The Expert Carrot​

​1st Email or Private Message Contact

​Subject: Interview Request

Hi [Expert], / Hi [expert’s promotional manager],

I noticed you have an upcoming [best seller book campaign/ giveaway page launch],

and [your product launch company] / [referral] has invited me to help with your launch.

​Instead of promoting one of my products

I would like to interview you about:

[their featured product name] during the [launch] and share it with my [audience name and description].

The [pre-recorded] interview would be [30-55] minutes.

I’m in [Philadelphia] [PA]

Pick a [Wednesday] in [May] [7,14, 21 or 27] at [3pm] [EST] to do the interview.​

Please send a link to your product affiliate page:



Also friend me so I can link to your pages on:

[your facebook link]​, [your twitter link]​, [your linkedin link]​, [your G+ link]​

What phone number or skype address shall I use for our interview?​



​ Notice the email was all about them and how you were going to help them. Any time I’ve gone off on a tangent and tried to talk about my products before securing the interview my request was ignored or denied. ;-( You’re a nobody until you help somebody. 😉

Follow Up Email​ 2

Subject: Re: Interview Request

Thank you for getting back to me about the interview.

I received all the requested info for your *special interview page. THANKS!

I have our interview scheduled for:

[Wednesday] in [May] [21] at [3pm] [EST]​

Thanks for sending this out to your [peeps] [before] the interview.

@[Expert] [Product Name] will be featured exclusively on [your interview site/show] [Wednesday] in [May] [21] at [3pm] [EST]​ [your show / keyword hashtag #]

​Here are the social media messages to send before and after the interview:

​In 144 characters or less Include: @ExpertName [Your Show] @YourName #Topic [shortened link]


​[Your Name]


*Have yours or my IT website developer set up your blog/ interview site on wordpress. Get Wishlist for your membership site to create special expert interview pages or go to set up a podcast or vblog. Some popular ones include: itunes, blogger, ​spreaker and many more. Type in podcast and some of your keywords and discover where your audience is already visiting.




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