Need help having your first or next Joint Venture Conversation?

ASSIGNMENT: Get started on talking points 1-7 to launch your expert, joint venture, expert product/ community/ event.​​

  1. ​Jot down a description about your ideal joint venture/ promotional/ product creation partner. Be as specific as possible.
  2. What topic is having an up coming event or product launch that you too can help promote and introduce your product at the same time?
  3. Who could you help that already has launched a community on that topic?
  4. What problems have you been really good at solving for yourself, friends, family and clients?
  5. What hobby or activity do you love doing where enthusiasts invest a lot of time, money and energy?

Sample Ideal JV Profile
My ideal joint venture partner is an expert on dog show training. They’ve won some prestigious competitions…  They want to partner on an online facebook group/ paid membership coaching program for dog owners wanting to up their competition game.

Ideal Roles In Our Joint Venture
They could handle interviewing other top dog show trainers and I could manage the online facebook community and monthly PayPal subscriptions.

Where You Could Find Potential JV Partners And Audience​:
Facebook groups, Clickbank, JV Zoo, Google blogs, chat groups, social media posts with your keywords.

Ideal Guests Or Product Contributors
Names of popular judges, contestants, sponsors…

Other Help
We need other contestants and coaches to interview. We need a person to help set up our facebook coaching group or blog page with membership wishlist site to hide members only pages from none paying members.​

Big Media/ Calendar Event To Launch Our Event/ Online Community
​Westminster Kennel Club dog show
American Kennel Club show
Dog Show Sponsor Controversy

Popular Keywords On Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube… ​
dog show, winners, controversy… 

With each project I give an overview on how I had lots of contributors and partners to launch a community around a specific project and purpose and how you can do the same. Read my community building project examples. 

Create a video or sales page that describes your product or community. Study other launches and borrow elements that you like using your own words, images and concepts of course. I used Content Builder on WordPress to design my product/sales pages.

Need help creating a sales and product page email with you questions or visit to set up your blog, website and online community.

The biggest mistake a new member in the JV ATTRACTION community can make is:
To ask for help promoting their product without making friends first. Get to know the leaders in our community and be helpful to them as well as people who could use your marketing and product feedback. Just to make a point, you wouldn’t go up to a stranger on the street that is very popular and say, “Hey set me up on a date with one of your hot friends over there.” Unfortunately that’s what some of the unsuccessful, broke authors and coaches do just starting out asking you to promote them.

Act like a generous JV right out of the starting gate helping with other people’s launches. You’ll have people recommending your affiliate products much quicker.

At JV ATTRACTION we have lots of opportunities to help other members. Help them with these 7 Modules and 5 Bonuses. Offer to help the bestsellers in the community with their next launch​. Being helpful is the fastest way to make friends in this industry!

Offer to promote them. Talk about them, create videos, interviews and reviews about their latest product. They’ll tell you exactly what kind of promotional help they want here. Before long enough will be returning the favor.

Once You’ve Made Some Friends In JV ATTRACTION And Are Ready To Ask For Promotional Partners 

Fill out the following form and Email Your Filled Out Joint Venture Request. If approved your joint venture request will appear online and in our JV ATTRACTION newsletter.

*) The kind of products I recommend:

The topics I promote include:

My ideal promotional partner is:

I recommend products in the following ways:

I’ve promoted partners on tele-summits

Partners have appeared on my show

I promote products and partners to my email list and social media

I like to create co-authored products

I like helping products become Amazon best sellers

I have invited experts to guest blog on my site

I have participated in group product giveaways

My first name is:

My last name is:

My email is:

Check out my website:

My product is called:

My target audience is:

My category is:

Business/ Family/ Finances/ Health/ Marketing/ Personal Development/ Relationship/ Spiritual

My product format is a:

Book/ Coaching Program/ Home Study Course/ Live Event/ Marketing Tool/ Master Mind Group/ MP3/ Product Creation/ JV Tele-Class/ Webinar

The problem my product solves is:

Here is my sales page:

My retail price is:

My product affiliate link is:

Here is the commission I pay my affiliates:

You can get your affiliate tools here:

My product promotion incentives are:

I plan to launch my product the following date:

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