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What if you were a writer and playwright who could live your dream come true relationships, conversations and experiences after you wrote about them such as meeting and marrying the love of your life, traveling the world, having restored heath and a dream come true career? Meet visionary writer, playwright, author platform builder and teacher Ruth Anne Wood, who uses the power of story to help clients and audiences “turn adversities into adventures” and achieve specific measurable career, publishing and relationship results through ScriptingForSuccess.com and her interview series LiveYourPeace.com.

1. Ruth, In your co-authored book “You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It” you and Stash Serafin who has skated with world-class figure skaters despite being blind since birth talk about turning your adversities into adventures and tuning into what feels good. Let’s talk more about that.

2. Ruth, what theater and writing exercise did you start using to help your massage clients become more healthy and happy on and off the massage table and how did that evolve into success training, public speaking and publishing services?

3. Listeners take lot’s of notes as Ruth walks us through the key process of “writing our success scripts or success stories”.

4. Ruth, teach us how to write the shorter version: “Success News Headlines” to carry around in our pockets to help us stay focused on what feels good!

5. Ruth, when your client reads back their success script to you what do you listen for and how do you know if their story is harmonious in their life and will quickly move them forward or will clash with their current reality and be soon forgotten?

6. Ruth, how does Scripting for Success supercharge the effectiveness of prayer, meditation and goal setting?

7. Ruth, you went from helping clients write and live success stories to interviewing best selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, award winning artists…What have you learned about peace, passion and prosperity from your LiveYourPeace.com interviews?

8. Ruth, what key Scripting for Success wording do find is missing from most people’s company mission statements and business plans that slows down success and what key words could they add to boost profits and productivity?

9. Ruth, what is the biggest block you’ve noticed your new Scripting for Success clients experience when it comes to moving forward with their specific measurable goals and dreams?

10. Ruth, ScriptingForSuccess.com has a one of a kind program called Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy. What kind of people do you accept in your program and how can they apply?

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