Watch the interview 11 Steps to Writing, Marketing and publishing your book.

In this video/interview eavesdrop on how a national charity learns the best way to publish their first book.

(Update: Since learning these 11 steps they have been approached by AARP and Oprah’s Office!)

What are your publishing goals? What do you want to learn?

How do you get others to partner on your 1st book project?

How to get media attention with your book?

How to do market research to learn what sells before you write your book?

Wanna know the absolute FASTEST way to create your 1st books and how to make sure it will sell?

Learn how to start with a passion on a specific topic yet virtually ZERO production (publishing, web site, marketing) skills, money or existing business of any kind.


I first discovered this method when I was a 27 year old unemployed single woman still getting over an eight year relationship. I had just quit my job with only a month of living expenses in my bank account, and in a couple short weeks I had 22 people who paid me to publish my first ebook (one of the contributors was an international best selling author) – and at the time I knew nothing about editing, publishing, building web sites when I started. I even threw a swanky book launch party and the group was thrilled!

(Now I teach national charities and experts with a message the best way to create and launch your co authored products.)

A couple years later I struck product magic again.
At age 31, just after meeting and marrying the love of my life, my husband dared me to put on a play at the city wide festival (2007 Philly Fringe Festival).

Using the same “stone soup formula” I committed to putting on an 11 show play before knowing what I was going to write or direct and got a free venue smack dab in the middle of the city to put on the 11 shows over three weekends.

We raised enough to give a school and local charity over $1000! Oh and the best part was the eager performers paid all their meal and travel expenses to and from the city to write and act in the show!

It flat out works–and I’ll prove it! My FREE Upcoming Tele-Class Reveals The Real SECRET of How I Generated Products and $1,000’s in Just A Few Days with…

NO Affiliates
NO JV Partners
NO Hyped-Up “Product Launches”
NO Product When I Got Paid
NO Experience making a Book, Play or Movie from scratch
…And I Even Had Money Left Over To Donate to Charity After Expenses!

I’ll show you how. And what’s really cool is you DON’T need any prior experience, an email list, a product or even even technical know-how.

Insider Tele-Class Reveals “The Secret GROUP PRODUCTION Method Almost NO ONE Knows About.”

BONUS: Watch the video and ask any questions you want to get your publishing career started. We’ll be having a FREE tele-class going into greater detail in the video of how I went from spending months on writng my own books to getting groups to create my books, plays and movies in a couple hours with less than a month prep work.

On the call, I’ll even tell you my Platinum Mastermind Coaching Secret how I got free promotion for one of my products during a three time best selling author Amazon book launch even though I didn’t know the author and she agreed to put my product on top of the give away list (a total of over a million subscribers) even though many best selling authors were the early birds and I registered to be a partner last minute! Oh and I had a small list.

You’ll get an inside look at how REAL PRODUCTS are being made with non of your upfront MONEY... starting from scratch, following a simple RAPID PROFIT METHOD that almost No One Knows The Secret To!

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Watch the interview 11 Steps to Writing, Marketing and publishing your book.

How to Be an Author

You’ll Get:

  • What are the 11 costly, time wasting publishing, marketing and writing MISTAKES new and seasoned authors make?
  • How can you avoid throwing away $100-$1000’s on failed publicity campaigns?
  • If you’re wise you’ll watch this video and learn from my mistakes

Watch the interview 11 Steps to Writing, Marketing and publishing your book.

To your group project success!



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