Webinar Replay: HOW TO SAVE BIG – MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS THE 1ST TIME: 7 Steps That Rapidly Attracted More: Income, Gifts, Fulfilling Relationships, Career & Significance, To My Clients Through More Intuition, Integrity & Influence

(by ignoring ALL the conventional wisdom!)


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Power to Change the World

”What we have accomplished in three months’ time could take some people their whole lives. I am able to share my light with others to change the world in a positive and uplifting energetic manner and share hope with those who need it most, knowing it is through inner guidance. I accept all the goodness and plenty of it, without struggle, knowing that I am in the right place and connected to heaven and earth. Great job! Love, Cassy

-Cass Forkin, TwilightWish.org Founder

​Ruth Anne Wood is the founder & CEO of Scripting For Success. Dubbed “The Writer Of Our Lives”, she helped executives, thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs focus on what’s already working using mentally and emotionally focused stories, news headlines and pre-planned conversation that helped her clients quickly recognize that deja vu feeling and know they were in the right place at the right time for 6-7 paydays in the form of new clients, pay raises, untapped assets, unexpected; conversations, projects, resolved family drama, gifts and win/win business partners, ideal employees, investors, JVs and vendors.​


-How to attract an UNSTOPPABLE flow of UNEXPECTED gifts, income, pay raises, win/win conversations and opportunities with your business associates and loved ones every single week…

-Why BELIEVING THE WORKPLACE DRAMA is hurting your health, focus, family intimacy, and career and how to start calling the shots and inspiring respect, cooperation and influence from your electrifying vision.

-A PROVEN 5-minute exercise to positively inspire and influence EACH of your personal and professional conversations and put them on a mental and emotional “Google Alert” so you know the first meeting if your prospect, project, prospective business partner or vendor is a win/win or a loose/loose.

-How to elevates the pleasure centers in the brain and notice more experiences of feeling fully engaged, alive, one with the world, socially connected, euphoric and special energizing and thrilling​ connections.

-How to STOP doing everything for the adults around you and how to EMPOWER your loved ones to naturally resolve conflicts, get dream jobs and overcome legal, financial and career challenges without you micro-managing or nagging them one more time to get their sh*t together.-Be able to test your options to make sure it fits your mission and stop second-guessing your win/win opportunities.-How to harness the power of a mastermind to quantum leap to the next level of clarity, career opportunities, fulfillment, and significance.

-How to leverage the unpaid work and goods and services you did over the years for ungrateful exes, family members, clients, and bosses to rapidly generate unexpected support, recognition and unexpected income sources.

-AND…how to do ALL of this without changing your marketing, sitting in meetings, talking to the offending or challenging party or leaving the comfort of your home or office, saving you precious time, money and resources. Let’s get this remarkable legacy started!

Watch and Listen The “Decision Maker For Winners” video now and:

-Experience a whole level of connection in your relationships

-Increase your income and career position with more fulfillment and satisfaction​

-Infuse balance, integrity, intuition, and influence into your already successful life​

-Shift your focus and values and live a life by your own design​

-Access explosive energy and razor-sharp focus​

-Feel yourself getting stronger and better each day​

-Enjoy record profits in your career​

Let’s get this remarkable party started!

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