If You Knew What Caused your Setbacks in 2009 How Quickly Would You Fix Them in 2010?

(Group Marketing and collaboration was something Ruth Anne Wood discovered worked like a charm at the end of 2009 when she attracted media attention, funding and award winning endorsements for her movie in eight weeks!)

  1. Ruth’s Setbacks: Creating a product on her own and barely breaking even

    Her Success: Inspiring over a dozen award winning authors, artists, speakers, holistic practitioner to invest and promote her project when she featured them in her co-authored movie project!

  2. Setbacks: Ignored by a national charity to raise money for them and put an endorse in her book.

    Success: Advising another national charity about the media opportunities of publishing their stories. Then get a resounding YES! from them as they financially contributed and endorsed her movie project!

  3. Setbacks: Paying for expensive media placement and not getting a return on her investment.

    Success: Getting pricy pr companies to send leads and awesome opportunities and interview gigs for free.

  4. Setbacks: Making the focus about her.

    Success: Making the focus about an international event in the news and exploring core human experiences.

  5. Setbacks: Helping authors, speakers and holistic practitioners market and run a business one client at a time.

    Success: Teaching authors, speakers and holistic practitioners to leverage time, record and repurpose process
    and expertise into ebooks, tele-classes, audios in a couple hours with free tools on the internet.

  6. Setbacks: Waiting till the product was finished to promote and ask for audience feedback and orders.

    Success: Inviting her audience to invest before she started the project so that she was committed to getting it done by a specific date. This gave her working capitol to invest in marketing, coaching and tools to manage and automate her project. She also got involvement along the way in the writing, editing and creative feedback process.

  7. Setbacks: Lamenting that her spiritual comedy wasn’t ready to send to a Hollywood producer.

    Success: Realizing her dream of working with award winners after all when a two time Oprah guest, Emmy award film maker, national prize winning journalist, award winning charity and many insightful friends came out of the wood work to collaberate a powerful message of peace in the spirit of Spiritual Cinema.

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Dear Ruth, What we have accomplished in three months’ time could take some people their whole lives. I am able to share my light with others to change the world in a positive and uplifting energetic manner and share God’s hope with those who need it most, knowing it is through spiritual guidance. I accept all the goodness and plenty of it, without struggle, knowing that I am in the right place and connected to heaven and earth. Great job!  Love, Cassy -Director of www.TwilightWish.org

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