“This is a special message to just my featured luminaries in the Live Your Peace community… I need your help promoting you!”

==> At the bottom I suggest how you can add hundreds of subscribers, facebook fans and super successful JV partners to promote you. It includes every Live Your Peace guest using this amazing resource to promote each other and get connected with a couple other communities of amazing JV relationships with the featured guests here and that I’ve just joined through my friend Ken Mc Arthur. Ken is a master at bringing amazing people together for profitable ventures. I say this in gratitude since of how my life is transforming since I met Ken this summer and already got to be featured at his JV Alert event in San Diego next to a panel of superstar marketers! Much love, Ruth<==
Ruth_Anne_Wood_Headshot_2011_croppedThanks to the awesome panel for our Live Your Peace library event during the Live Arts Festival in Philadelphia, PA! Ruth Anne Wood, Cassy Forkin, John Rasiej, Edie Weinstein, Suise Beiler, Janelle Chambers and Annabella Wood, your stories, audience interaction and insights made a producers dream come true! And a huge thanks to our sponsor and my darling husband Jason Wood of Immersion Technology. (If you’re not friends on facebook add now!)

Between JV Alert San Diego and the beach in Avalon, New Jersey… I finally asked Jason to find a cable for the video camera and then I’ll have the event available for your viewing pleasure!

I can only help you get your powerful message out there so much as featured guests in the Live Your Peace community and then I have to call in the big guns.


Ken McArthur, JV Alert, Tobri MarketingKEN MCARTHUR dubbed “the nicest guy in internet marketing” and someone I fell for his authenticity and generosity immediately! He’s suddenly one of my biggest cheerleaders next to my mom and Edie Weinstein … which is something we all need if we want to succeed in delivering our transformational service to a bigger, receptive audience.

I was introduced to Ken McArthur by my Emmy award Winning filmmaker friend/ neighbor Rick Toone. I reached out to Rick for help for my Philly Live Arts event on the weekend after having one of those aha moments in the shower and Rick arranged a meeting with Ken that Monday! Not a bad response for Ken, a well connected guy who has elite mentoring programs and friends like Brendon Burchard on speed dial. Since doing Ken’s JV Alert San Diego my face-to-face connections with generous superstar authors, entrepreneurs, marketers have skyrocketed.  A month ago before the event I leapt at the chance to be on Ken’s JV Alert panel in San Diego to advise his three hot seat winners with their projects. It felt so good to be of service sharing my strategic marketing, community building, JV, publishing expertise and transformational mindset. And I’m pleased to be invited back on Ken McArthur’s panel at JV Alert Atlanta in November 4-6th. (I hopped on the plan to Ken’s event in San Diego the next morning after our big Live Your Peace event the on September 14th.)

By the way attending a JV Alert was 10x better than me putting on my first big event after a 16 day Live Arts festival. I wasn’t sure how to pay some of my speakers who requested 1K-25K when I announced “Get Your Dreams out of the Drawer FAST!” (Yes the title has been prophetic in my life!) I had a feeling saying “No” could hinder my future abundance, so I changed courses after Rick Toone and Ken McArthur asked me if I “wanted to be known as a professional event planner?” (FYI: My dream is to fulfill my life purpose as a master community builder spreading love, inspiration, and transformational solutions in the world through my communities, books, transformational consulting results using the power of success stories and movies.) It turned out, the universe had a much simpler more elegant plan to help grow myself and Live Your Peace when I let go of how I thought “my event” should be!

Just to share a life changing moment in JV Alert San Diego… There I was sitting next to superstars in the publishing and marketing world and the same “gurus” I had paid thousands to study with and use their products including Mike Koenings and Kevin Nation. (That was surreal since I had inserted my name in an event I wanted to speak at with Mike Koenings a year ago as part of my “Scripting/Planning for Success” and now I’m interviewing Mike’s wife Vivian Glyck from “Just Like My Child” about her work in Africa!) I tried to get an interview with Vivian before… It’s who you know right? Being married to the King of Traffic Gyser video marketing she asked me how big is my list.


It got me thinking… Live Your Peace could be a lot more impactful and profitable for all of you with your help. Or even better your Live Your Peace interviews could inspire a more with your team work!


Live Your Peace is a tool that could work 10x’s better for “Connecting with your ideal clients and community” if you help each other! (Kind of what Ken is doing with JV Alert)

“A mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open. “ The same is true with getting media and participating with interactive communities filled with awesome change agents who love you!

Here’s my vision for your participation…

Since we have a combined influence of over a million subscribers with over 70 interviews let’s promote each other’s Live Your Peace stories. It doesn’t cost you a thing and by sharing this resource to your audience you are associated with some of the coolest heart centered change agents on the planet!

5 minutes a week could double your audience!

Step 1: Be sure to opt-in to receive Live Your Peace interviews now.

Step 2: Recommend Live Your Peace on facebook to your audience today.

Step 3: Search for your interview and recommend it to your peeps.

Step 4: Each Tuesday or Wednesday take a minute or two to check out the featured guest and if s/he could be of value to your community share it to your list. (If all of you pick one person to feature each week it could mean 100’s of new eyeball and ears drinking your Cool-Aid! Or you could pay someone else a whole lot more for a whole lot less promotion and community building. It’s your choice. *Either way I’m committed to feature the most inspiring heart centered community leaders on the planet and be a cheer leader for growing your community!

BONUS: Get to know Ken McArthur including his powerful communities of superstar entrepreneurs. I found the quality of JV partners and resources to be a entrepreneur’s dream. Plus Ken did all the work to create such a lush community, why reinvent the wheel?  Tobri Marketers facebook group, seriously consider JV Alert Atlanta in November 4-6th and  JV Alert facebook group!

All this boils down to us getting more of what we want… More love, more likes, more attention… more support, more clients, a bigger audience, living our celebrated purposes and having lots of fun with the people who get what life is all about!!

Much love to my Live Your Peace community!!


PS The first two people that do the above suggestions sharing Live Your Peace gets my a ticket to JV Alert Atlanta in November 4-6th. After all it’s the best thing I did for my business this year and I went to three amazing events in the last month in a half… four if you include ours in Philly. 🙂

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