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Interview With David Darling
by Edie Weinstein

It would seem that music was infused in David‘s Soul in utero, since he put fingers to piano keyboard formally at age 5 and bow to cello at age 10. What emerges now is nothing short of the sounds of the celestial. Viewing images of David embracing his beloved cello, it is as if he and his instrument are One.

In addition to having numerous CD’s to his credit, including the 2010 Grammy Award winning Prayer For Compassion, David is the founder of Music For People, which is an internationally recognized, non-profit musical education network that encourages people of all ages, musical training and expertise, to find passionate and playful expression in rhythm, lyric, harmony and melody.

I have experienced the benefit of David‘s influence in the form of performances, drumming circles and a gloriously expansive weekend retreat with one of the students trained by David. His name is Ron Kravitz, based in the Philadelphia area. Ron is producing an exciting event, gathering together talent to raise money for Music For People. The concert will be held at Immaculata University in Immaculata, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) on June 27th.

On stage, with David will be Grammy Award Winning Master Drummer Glen Velez and Rhythm Voice Virtuoso Lori Cotler Last year, I sat in awe and delight as Lori and Glen performed in another local venue. Together, they are referred to as Ta Ka Di Mi duo, creating unique percussive and vocalization stylings in a “primal rhythm cycle of four beats” that need to be experienced to be fully grasped. Listen to this you tube video to get a sampling

Edie :Why does music matter?

David: Music is the most spiritual and most profound entity that humans have to create a life full of high consciousness , awareness celebration and social connection.

Edie: What impact does it have on our lives?

David: It is the one entity that we use for every ritual that humans use to make their daily life more spiritual and more celebratory.

Edie: Is it truly a universal language that crosses barriers?

David: There is no doubt!!!

Edie: Your music merges the spiritual and earthly, inviting people to deepen their connection to both. Is that an intention you set when recording or performing?

David: There is no intention having to do with finite ideas. There is a presence that over comes me when I enter into playing or composing music. I have always had a transcendent experience playing or listening to music. It is my spiritual practice and where God is clearly in charge.

Edie: Does your music ‘play you’?

David: Yes!

Edie: Why the term “Maverick Cellist” to describe you?

David: I have always been interested in all styles of music so my path as a learner has been eclectic…jazz, Ethnic, Classical, Blues etc….so my style as a cellist is eclectic and not as a virtuoso cellist playing one style.

Edie: Can you please talk about your ‘baby’: Music For People?

David: It is a humanistic organization that provides a humorous, active,vigorous, spiritual, pragmatic way for people to find their own personal way into being the musician or creative being that they truly want to be and were as a child. I am so happy that we are 22 years old and that we are an international humanistic center that is changing the way people enter into their own personal relationship with their way of “following their Bliss” according to Joseph Campbell.

And our Music for People benefit concert, caps off our Music Improvisation Camp (, led by MFP facilitators Lynn Miller and Ron Kravitz. The concert also honors the memory of Sister Jean Anthony Gileno, a true pioneer and visionary in the field of Music & Healing. She headed the Immaculata University Music & Healing Institute, and for many years served as our connection and host for countless workshops and special events held at Immaculata University.

Edie: What might people experience by joining you and Glen and Lori?

David: They will experience two giants of music in Glen and Lori..both super virtuosos and what they are doing together is one of the most unique sounds that I have heard in years. They will experience David Darling live doing his solo improvisations and they will experience an immense variety of world instruments and world sounds played by Music For People friends in solo’s as well as small and large ensembles. The concert also will present a chance for the audience to interact all together as community.

David Darling and Friends: A Benefit For Music For People
Location: Immaculata University 1145 King Road Immaculata, PA 19345
Time: 3:00PM Sunday, June 27th

To order your tickets, please call 877-446-8742 or on line We see this selling out, so please get your tickets in advance.

David Darling

Glen Velez

Lori Cotler

Ron Kravitz Edie Weinstein, Bring Your Own Bliss

Edie Weinstein is an internationally recognized, sought after, colorfully creative journalist,
interviewer and author, a dynamic and inspiring speaker
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