People ask “Ruth how do your paid clients have a 100% success rate achieving and experiencing what you helped them write in their success scripts on money, health, finance, relationships and career?” The answer: For the last decade these six steps have helped paid clients set and achieve their seemingly impossible goals and dreams. Read How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy.

6 Modules to Script Your Remarkable Legacy

1.  Unleash you emotional engine to propel you toward your dreams.

2.  Setting and KEEPING priorities to hold you accountable to your dream and attract it to you more effortlessly.

3.  The automatic dream calibration that kills shiny object syndrome and leverages gravity to draw you to your dream.

4.  How to empower your subconcious to filter, attract, and protect your DREAM even when you are sleeping.

5.  How to magnify the effect of relationships to get anything and everything you want with less, time, effort, and work than you believe – and even how to do it successfully with no cash.

6.  The magic of commitment.

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