CEO Strategy Sessions

I see so many people

big ass problem


we’re here for them

stop being the information gathy

switch from

guru than student.

work with people ahead of time- being proactive

position yourself on the authority

small business owners drag along

Make it more about  them


working togther


sell the into

prevention – get a busi

what’s being offered.

break up about me

entrepreneurs that have seen success.

turn scrpt into power point


screen capture

script round two – webinar software

send email on software

create an outline

reiterating steps

put script into outline

!0 weeks to launch your global community

It’s crazy how much effort and expense it takes to educate the public about your programs and services. Then suddenly everything changes when you’ve got millions of critics posting your name and comments when something goes wrong in your company due to policy changes, leadership, natural disasters or media blunders! Hi my name is Ruth Anne Wood, founder of Scripting for Success and I help CEOs and multi-national companies turn their business and media nightmares into dream come true legacies. (Hopefully you have the opportunity to put these systems I’m going to share with you in place to harness the power of global discussions. Do this before it costs you customers, your reputation or activates the government regulation beast that leads to plummeting profits, stifled growth and innovation.)  When you know how to turn a public uproar into a facilitated conversation playing by your rules and desired outcome rather than the Wile ECoyote script of the media or protesters… amazing things happen! It not only effects your profits but you raise the bar for your entire industry. And if the media tsunami of terror hits your competitors as it inevitably will, you have a massive opportunity to showcase your leadership and becoming the new standard of excellence by facilitating the conversations your community are already having!

I teach my clients to harness the classic villain and hero story that the media tells so well for your own benefit. When you are the superhero it creates massive goodwill, record profits and support from your audience and customers fast. It also keeps CEOs from being hated by the media and global critics. As you’ve seen recently in the news it creates panic in the market place, diving company value and an outcry from disheartened consumers and investors! After all who needs to waste precious time batting off protesters, reinventing company policies under pressure and having your spotless reputation get flushed down the drain the first moments of unflattering press. 🙂

How do I know this? I’m what some call an innovative genius. I use my passion for writing stories, over 20 years of holistic health and powerful communication to help superstar entrepreneurs solve problems. My clients discover how to “Work with the best and skip the rest.” This including giving my clients the uncanny ability to sense ideal people, partners, projects and resources to invest in with confidence quickly. One millionaire entrepreneur who coached me recently calls me “The under the radar secret weapon for multi-national companies!” I’ll take that.

Lets take how an outcry over a $5 monthly bank charge could actually benefit the company if they did something other than make a public statement defending their new policy. But first I want to give you alittle bit about my background and why I’m a master a community building and working with innovative leaders to facilatate the conversations they want to have on the global stage..

I’ve been using the power of story to get lazar focused results since I was a kid. Since I was in elementary school the stories I jotted down from my imagination eventually became the events, conversations and inventions I noticed in the world. After winning awards in elementary school for my fiction I had the added bonus of seeing what I wrote come true in popular science magazines. NASA, the Japanese scientists and savvy product developers and marketers later came out with the products and global events I wrote about in my short stories and idea notebook.(Some of these gadgets and inventions haven’t been created yet if history is any guide they’re worth a mint.)  My beloved 9th grade teacher Mr. Lamm dubbed me “the writer of our lives” when what I wrote about in English class came true in science class a couple days later. I write about it in my co-authored book You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It! A blind figure skater and a visionary writer’s inspirational guide to moving through life. Since then I’ve used a process called Scripting for Success to help clients avoid their immediate looming issues including; lawsuits, staying in business, getting fast surges of cash and attracting big government, pharmaceutical and entertainment projects. With the success scripts that are anywhere from one sentence to a page long it’s helped clients get a fast infusion of cash, have the quick ability to sniff out good and bad business deals before they signed on the dotted line and hired the best team quickly. I’ve never been comfortable calling myself a psychic. My IT husband with computer engineering degree calls it the ability to recognize patters and what better way than to predetermine the pattern you want to recognize before it occurs! Quantum Physics is a whole filed that uses some of these Scripting for Success principles. Companies have lost millions of dollars in bad hiring decisions, bum investments, worthless business partners, counterproductive media coverage and not knowing how to mobilize an audience already at their finger tips eager for someone to lead! Unfortunately they didn’t know how to control their own media to focus the public’s attention on the story that was most profitable and transformational.

My humble beginnings after I realized the power of my stories I wrote in elementary school began in my twenties using a theater exercise I dubbed Walk About for the Soul TM. I used it to transform my client’s posture and outlook on life on and off the massage table. I’d have them walk around the room and literally change from slumped position to more energetic, healthy position. I instructed them how to walk and then get them to quickly internalize their ideal scenario they wanted to create in their lives. It’s kind of like practicing a speech yet the focus is on test driving a new aspect of your life. To their surprise they went from complaining about their situations to powerfully talking about their new improved life and businesses within minutes! The power of focused story anchored in their body and in the subconscious helped my massage clients alleviate cronic pain. I quickly discovered what hurt worse then neck and back pain was personal and professional relationship and money pain. When I finally courageously stepped out into this new profession of mine, I scheduled 30 massage clients in one week from my Women’s Business Forum networking group. They got their bonus session to Tap their Awesome Potential and shift their focus on what they wanted instead of the crap that was currently going on in their families, health and career. A month later I checked back with them and 58% forgot about the ten minute exercise we did. Doh! Yet when I asked them about how things were going, their large scope of personal challenges, 100% didn’t have those major stresses and issues. Wow! I thought. On one hand I loved the improvements on the other hand I was bummed that they didn’t give my Walk About for the Soul exercise and powerful coaching the credit it deserved. That’s when Scripting for Success was born.

While reading Think and Grow Rich when I was 22 I learned I could how to control my writing and create positive stories that would dictate the amount of money I would make and the awesome adventures I would have. This lead to hang gliding three times, traveling the world and meeting my 30/30 man, now husband and working with superstars and leaders around the world. Now I speaking on stage with 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs about how to write stories that dictate the positive experience my audience wants to have. People fly in all over the place to attend these JV events and their happy to discover how to make the most of their conversations and connections with potential clients and business partners. For years I would listen to massage clients stories on the table and it wasn’t until I helped them make their stories match what their hearts and bodies wanted that real transformations occurred. Once I got them to write down their ideal love, health or career story that’s when Scripting for Success was born. It’s not enough to write a business or action plan. You have to infuse emotion into it and write it as if it’s already in full swing in your business. Think of  it as watching  movie about you with your favorite actors. Except the story only highlights your successes and none of your failures. Then when the stories back to yourself something powerful happens. You start interacting with people in your circles that act like they’ve read your story because they’re having the same conversations you designed previously in your ideal scenario.

Fast forward almost a decade and I’m pleased to say I’ve helped professionals around the world transform the broken messages trapped in their body and conversations with themselves, team, audience and media.

I had a dream the other night that I did a Scripting for Success strategy session with You and that’s what prompted me to do this webinar. In the dream we talked over the phone and then on skype and I helped you write/ script you and your company’s happily ever after story. It focused on enjoying record profits and engaging conversations with your Global Community.

After all, you have a huge online presence as a global leader. You have been featured in major media, given so much to your community and serve millions around the world. Yet there are times when WHAT your audience thinks, feels or does is different than you had hoped or predicted. Unfortunately this reality is costing you and your company precious time, money, resources and energy. That’s why we rewrote your success story or as I call it “Script for Success”.

We covered a lot during our time in the dream and I found out that you are dealing with some of the following challenges that some of my dream CEO clients face:

CEOs like you are:

  • Promoting an event and attendance is down from where they want it to be.
  • They’ve come out with a new innovative product that will really make a difference in their community and sales are too slow or low.
  • There has been a major change in the structure of their company and it is causing investors, customers and their team to be less invested.
  • The media is having a negative field day about them after a natural disaster; i.e. storm, earthquake, oil spill or energy emergency wreaking havac.
  • They have the opportunity to hire and partner with new folks and yet are cautious about making costly potentially disastrous team building decisions.
  • They have an internal vision of how to revolutionize their industry, yet are giving outside factors such as economics and trends more power than their vision and internal guidance system that makes them feel good when they are headed in the right direction.

Once we identified your global community challenge in the dream we wrote a new story showcasing your company’s success!

When you read it back to me you were beaming and it felt like you had already reach some of your amazing goals.

We wrote it in third person as if you were already living your dream come true scenario.

This helped you prioritize and more easily pay attention to what felt good during your upcoming conversations with your team, media, associates and family.

That’s because everything you wrote in your happily ever after story was about:
-Inspired, productive employees
-Record Investor profits
-Consumer confidence skyrocketing
-Engaging conversations online with your passionate audience
and opportunities for your community to support and help you!
-And more…

Suddenly you had the clarity and passion to communicate the direction of your company with your team, media and audience!

In the story we wrote together the comments, videos and links that your global community posted about you during your trying times had a profound ripple effect in your profits.

It rekindled passion for consuming your products.

The media suddenly made you the hero of your industry. This felt amazing considering how much they attacked you previously.

This happened because of the way you were accountable for the challenges you faced.

Now you were facilitating a conversation through social media, hosting global summits with your competitors and creating an Oprah like network for the global community to vent, share solutions, post ideas for innovate products, offer to help with clean up efforts and next steps.

As an added benefit, while other companies faced with similar challenges had blocked keywords saying anything negative about their company
You took a different approach and actually made tons of money on keywords that drove traffic to your company site.

Talk about brilliant!! (I bet BP is kicking themselves after discovering how you managed your global community challenges?)

Suddenly the wind went out of sails of your biggest main street protesters who had previously organized groups to boycott or bitch about you.


You changed the legacy of your company to include being a leader and facilitator of the difficult, painful, challenging conversations your competitors were afraid to discuss and wanted to avoid.

Luckily you learned from the mistakes of CEOs past and other challenged leaders who had plenty of opportunities to give their global critics a mega phone and safe environment to vent inside the safe haven of your own social media rather than trying to create a huge fortress around your company to keep out the raping and pillaging of your good name and efforts by the media and protesters.

It reminds me of those karate moves that use the charging force of your opponent as they fall away from you and you stand victorious ready for the next round.

Like any good parent who has an upset child you made it safe to share directly with you what was so upsetting and how to get their needs met.

What was so brilliant about the way you structured this conversation was how you made record sales by being the curator of global conversations.
In essence you became an Oprah of your industry, driving massive traffic to your online community and offering your product solutions and company vision.


“That’s the best of both worlds!” wouldn’t you say?

Aren’t you glad I took notes from our dream meeting? LOL.

A lot was discussed about how you positioned yourself as a benevolent leader in your community. You still put out video updates about your adventures around the world in your fancy modes of transportation and you shared highlights of your rest and relaxation time, Hey, every CEO needs some some down time! This took the hot air out of the media making you out to be someone who avoided the problem.

Instead your new character persona that we wrote about in your Script for Success demonstrated how important it was to refuel and better serve your community in the most empowering, energized and committed way.

Meanwhile in the story I helped you write you became a shining example of wealth, leadership, community service, passion, service, transformation, positive collaboration and communication with your global community. How cool is that!

People were so inspired by you being the kind of CEO that reaches out, they were totally enrolled when I helped your team put together an ongoing interview series that featured the best authorities in you industry and delivered weekly podcasts to your team, global consumers, associates and investors.

Also we also found authorities in your industry with a huge social media following to interview in your community and here comes the great part. We inspire them to invite you to be the controversial guest on their blogs and radio interviews. This where you get to roll out your new legacy as leaders in the market place. Here’s where you’ve already put together a special package for their elite clients and fans such as a membership club to get the latest insider tips to your industry or special report that helps cut the learning curve on how to find and work with the best companies in your industry.

It was a pretty involved dream!

This improved the goodwill of your company BIG time!

People started calling your mindset and best practices training featured on your company website a University for its amazing educational and entertaining content value. Critics of your company couldn’t believe how powerfully you had became as such a media powerhouse creating a new paradigm in your industry of service and leadership. They wondered, “How did you bounce back from your incredible setbacks in record time with more vision, record profits and positive superstar impact than ever before?!”

I knew YOU could do it because as the founder of Scripting for Success, for over a decade I’ve helped professional transform their most painful situations in their finances, communications with their team and loved ones, sales, client relationships and global community in record time by writing personal success stories and ideal conversations! And since 2009 I’ve interviewed some of the most awe inspiring, successful business professional on the planet in my interview series Live Your Peace. It was serendipitous that you were in my dream and we could have this strategy session!

If you got everything you need from our dream conversation and the notes I took, I invite you to create a new legacy in you company harnessing the conversations that are already out there. Remember to position yourself as the facilitator of global conversations of your industry even if it’s with your critics. I’m not suggesting that you debate these conversations, change the direction of your company from their feedback or block them. Rather create a safe, open venue where the biggest and smallest voices get to be heard thus creating massive goodwill and raving fans. This is better than any Pay Per Click advertising you could ever do!!

If you would like to have a WAKING conversation about how I could assist you in all of this, please send me an email and request a complimentary strategy session that you previewed in your dreams <grin>. It will take you to a private intake form to clarify where you and your company could rescript your vision and create a thriving global legacy that is inspired by this defining moment in you company’s experience.

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