Ruth Anne Wood is the CEO of Scripting for Success. Ruth is big on educating her community/clients on how to create profitable communication through lead generating products, marketing, book publishing and profitable joint ventures.

Who are you interested in connecting with at our events?

Are ready to step out and play a bigger game as a leader in their industry?

Are you ready to make more money?

Do you know how to position yourself as the solution provider in your industry?

Tired of being  just another under appreciated expert in a networking group who has trouble connecting with your ideal clients?

Ruth helps you build authority and target your market through creating profitable: Marketing, Books, Webinars, 30 second commercials and Profitable Joint Venture Partners. Ruth speaks at events, seminars, companies and networking organizations to help professionals increase profits, and quickly become that go-to service provider with the right solutions for your ideal client. Check out some free resources on her Bucks Connect page.

Sample some of Ruth’s profit building resources

“Most Desirable Bucks Connect Client Leads Survey Results: http://bit.ly/146EubL

Questions to build a book, lead generating product or a relationship during your 30 second commercial: http://bit.ly/18cdLgi

Apply for Your Free
“Profitable Communication with Your Ideal Clients Phone Strategy Session”

Thirty minutes “Profitable Communication with Your Ideal Clients” strategy session.

During the session:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision of the kind of profitable life you want.
  • You’ll uncover hidden mental and emotional blocks that keep you from attracting your ideal clients.
  • And you’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to finally step into your abundant, fulfilling business/life once and for all.

“Jump Start Your Legacy Breakthrough”
Phone Strategy Session

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