Who do we help?
We help professionals who are talented at what you do and want to get your message out there in a big way fast. We work with go getters who take a no excuse approach to taking your passion and life purpose to the next level by conceiving partnering with others and creating that book, documentary, workshop, coaching program, educational business in 10 weeks or less- not years with the 7 steps to create, market and launch your big mission projects.

If you want to save $1000’s on advertising, pr, product creation and boost you productivity, income and energy- it’s time to leverage your passion and expertise and create your own lead and income generating products. Discover in 10 weeks how to inspire others how to help you, get media attention, do marketing and joint ventures right out of the starting gate. We show you how we raised capital for our business and big mission and how you can too by tapping the interest and support of your community.

Get Paid to Grow Your Business, Community and Income with Co-authored Projects. Invite your prospects, clients, role models and competition to partner with you on:

1. Books
2. Movies
3. Performances
4. Workshops
5. Online Communities
6. Product Launches

What’s our secret to attracting award winning talent and investors for Big Mission Products?

Why do we love Big Mission Group Projects so much? It’s the quickest way we know to bring a group of people together to create products in a short time period tailored around a big global event that attracts great media attention, and build a responsive community in weeks! It may take years of writing and rewriting manuscripts or raising funding for all on your own products and services. Stop becoming indebted to angel investors or bank loans you only have to pay back. Discover the steps to becoming a project producer of a big mission group projects that attracts talent like nothing else. At the same time gain access to other people’s money, time, talent, credibility, clients, audience and sales force for free! You could go back to college, train for a better job then when you get out in a few years only to find creative jobs that you still have to trade your time for dollars to someday build up a portfolio of your work to get funding for your someday dream projects. Or you could get “lucky” and still have to give up an obscene large portion of your profits to a producer or publisher even if you end up doing most of the marketing!

Let us offer you a better way! We suggest you become the person that calls the shots. Discover the formula and resources we use to  bring the right people together for our big mission projects. Enjoy the thrill of getting paid shortly after the conception of your project before anything has been created. Then enjoy having a finished product you can sell for profit or give away to build a list of subscribers in less than ten weeks!

With Big Mission Group Projects You’ll
Get a step by step process and tools to:

-Discover what your audience will buy before you create a product
-Team up with others who share your passion and interests
-Know the start and finish time of your group project
-Get clients to pay you in advane to help you create your products
-Create an unpaid sales force to market your products
-Build instant credibility with the media and your team
-Attract award winning endorsements and talent
-Raise funds and awareness for your favorite charities
-Build an online community of responsive subscribers

Ruth Anne Wood, Big Mission ProducerRuth Anne Wood the director of Scripting for Success has raised thousands of dollars for charity and has partnered with award winning authors, film makers, journalists, charities and businesses to co-create books, plays, movies and online communities. When Ruth isn’t doing an interview series that ties in with her documentary Live Your Peace, (that attracted the cast and crew of an Emmy award winning film maker, two time Oprah guests, best selling authors and other talent in her local and international community), Ruth is helping entrepreneurs launch profitable Big Mission group projects that attract the attention of the media, ideal clients, joint ventures and increased passion and purpose in her clients’ businesses. For a fraction of the cost of one on one coaching register for the next 10 week Boot Camp that promises to launch your Big Mission and boost your profits in less than 10 weeks

Register for 10 week Big Mission Boot Camp

All our coaching has a 100 percent Money back guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with the products you’ve created, amazing relationships you’ve built and money you’ve raised for your business and charity send us an email and we’ll return your investment. You’ll still get to keep all the training materials, powerful coaching and contact info of the people who supported you and set up profitable joint ventures we teach you how to do during the 10 week Big Mission Group Project Boot Camp!!

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