What Are the Steps to Launch a Big Mission 10 Weeks?

Don’t have a website?- start from scratch

Hour 1

Choose a niche- tie it in with a big global event

Name it something catchy with the words:

-Inner Circle



Hour 2

Pick a domain name with those words-

design an ongoing program learn to from experts

(Avoid negative words – “Secrets”, “Author Marketing Masters”)
Google words you are considering and see if there are positive or negative results with those key words

Hour 3

Find experts- using your chosen keywords






Hour 4

Invite experts you’d like to interview for your website-

If they turn you down- snooze they loose, right?

Possible experts:

-documentary film makers

-expert book authors


Contact experts:

Create a form letter to send them about your project

Invitation to experts-

Create a platform to show case you to your target audience

-Build a web site-

Buy a template from WordPress.com and a domain name and you’re off the the races


Hour 7

Write sales copy

headline-Discover these secrets of successful newbe info product makers

bullet points

Hour 9

Set up the expert interview

Ask guest:  “Is there something you want to promote?”

Set up a template – of what their page will look like

Created an application form to collect their bio, photo, interview questions, web site link

Add a link to an online calender so these busy experts with virtual assistants can schedule the interview online.

Ask the following in person, by email or better yet in the application they email back to you.

Which product do you want to promote?

What is your goal for this interview?

During the interview-

Push them for questions-
Ask follow up questions if it starts to get interesting

Have a list of questions

Stand when you are doing phone interviews

Go to the bathroom first

Talk to your guest very simply and ask them to explain the jargon in their industry that the reat of us doesn’t know

Test your phone-

Use AudioAcrobat.com

Hour 10

Set up an auto-responders account and click bank

Set up thank you page-

you are on your way to be the rock star of your— big mission industry

Set up audio- hidden pages

Hour 12

Create front end program to build leads

Set up affiliate page for clickbank.com which include:

sample photos and copy to use

Get approved for clickbank.com

Join relevant discussion forums

Deliver good usable content to onlineforum users

Create a special opt in page using aweber.com for every new forum you join and post comments

Put a link to that opt-in page for great free content in your forum signiture line and tagline

Hour 13

Comment on other blogs

Do a blog search for blogs to post your comments and free download opt-in link


leave comments

offer to be a guest blogger – they’ll love it

synducation- long tail -mycro seo




You can be number one on these sites for key words

It’s better than optimizing on google

Focus specific on your topic-



speaking at theses local events

get offered columns

be the person and connector

ad swaps

warrior forum

Build your email subscriber list to 500 using above steps

joint venture with people with 10,000

I’ll promote you 10 times to my 1,000

May offer to put them in my auto responder


affiliate recruitment



whose promoting?- basic traffic arbatrage

Make a commitment, “I’m going to recrut 3-5 affiliates a day.”

Digital product- and offer affiliate 75 percent profits

I’d rather make five percent of 5 than 100 percent of 0

build back in offers



boot camps

six figure- seven figure launches

Stop tweeking and get your first product out there

Then you start tweeking

Then you test

Buy one system and follow it

Find one thing and get lazar focus

Create upsells

Take the audio interviews and repurpose into transcription for sale

I’ll give you a years worth for $99 instead of $200

Get paid up front for monthly or yearly subscriptions

Bundle products that make sense together



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