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Success Scripts
How They Are Used In Personal
Development and Motivation To
Boost Sales & Conversion


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Why do professionals create Success Scripts?

  • To get crystal clear about a decision
  • To feel good when it’s read out loud.
  • To test if you are a mental, emotional, physical match to the ideal decision
  • To test drive a decision on a relationship, conversation, sales call, meeting, hiring, partnering…
  • Test if you have to clear blocks or rephrase the statement to bypass the inner critic
  • To eliminate time-wasting distractions and keep healthy focus/boundaries
  • To save time, money and precious resources
  • To access more time, connections, support, profits, influence, winning conversations
  • To quantum leap your current blocks to your ideal result rather than let others dictate the results

What happens when the Success Script is working?

  • You feel great when you read it out loud
  • Start to notice conversations, projects, leads, business opportunities that match your Success Script,
  • Pay more attention to new or old relationships that match the choices made in the Success Script


Sample Circle Map used to plan out winning Success Scripts for Decision-Makers!



Don’t let another hiring, buying, partnering, career, investing decision suck your precious time, money, reputation, and resources!

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*Clients who had the first Success Script creation session with Ruth Anne Wood get entered into a special group of Success Scripters to get feedback, help tweak and add to existing Success Scripts.