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ABUNDANT MAGICAL LIVES, Insights for Passionate People

(Inspiration for Passionate People)

Ruth Anne WoodRuth Anne Wood’s Classic (c)2003
Abundant Magical

Insights for Passionate People

Stories, Art, Poetry, PASSION

from 22 co-authors

personal than the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and more down to earth
than The Secret

Specifically, this book will show you how to … Birth Passion into Peace
Experience Your Passion Even In Hell.
Making Peace a Household Word

Observe Spheres of Healing In a Planetarium

Overcome Challenges and Handicaps Told By A
Blind Figure Skater

Nurture the Flower of Creativity

Acquire Passion Tools or Passion Fuel

Simmering On the Back Burner, No More Says
Single Mom Now Retired

Experience Chicken Shit for the Soul

Live with Passion and
Follow Your Calling

Have a Daily Declaration to Your Muse

Notice Passions All Around You

Realize How One Word Can Change A Person’s Life.
What Is It for You

Using Music to Inspire a New Career and New Lease on Life

Have Nature Inspire Your Relationships

Create and Keep Magic in Your Life

Learn the Art of Receiving Financial Abundance

Be Poetic

Transcend Life Circumstances

Sing along with a Blind Figure Skater


Have Compassion for Our Enemies

Discover Fifty Plus Ways to Thrive Without a

Reflect on Financial Prosperity

Embrace God consciousness

Re-igniting Your Passion

Universal Love to Meditate

What Do
Passionate People Say

About Ruth’s Stories Helping Them

With Goals and Dreams?

is a gifted individual who skillfully empowers me to live a life of fulfillment
and joy. Ruth’s incisive insight and clear and direct feedback allows me to
develop clarity and the poise of mind necessary to manifest a higher kind of

Diane B. Levitt

Writer, Mentor who transcended an ugly divorce with
dignity and peace and used Ruth’s stories to start a career as a journalist and
attract a  wonderful loving relationship.

“No Pain No

“I am realizing through stories Ruth shares I can
achieve goals and fulfill dreams without experiencing the concept “No pain, no
gain”. Within a week of my first lesson, I realized I had the resources to
fulfill a longtime dream, which I thought was only possible after I met certain
personal and financial goals. By the way, the Jag is blue.”

Nadja Newhall

The Facilitator of “Happily Ever After”

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