Embark on a delightful journey with “Where Is It Now?” – a heartwarming picture book crafted by the imaginative Ruth Anne Wood. Inspired by cherished moments with her nephew, Ruth’s book weaves together the joy of discovery and the magic of connection. As little ones explore simple illustrations and words in both English and Mandarin, embark on a playful adventure that sparks confidence, pattern recognition, and communication. This enchanting book isn’t just for toddlers; it’s a gift for all ages, fostering precious connections and memories. Join Ruth on this literary adventure, and let the magic of “Where is the…” inspire the young and the young at heart.

To learn to use this simple book to create deeper connections with loved ones, young and old, and use it in building memorable business connections, and teaching ais that engage and delight others, email ruth@ScriptingForSuccess.com. License this book for marketing events, sales launches, team training, local community engagement, building your children’s confidence, and more.