If I had to be more intuitive, influential and profitable during my professional, decision-making, conversations

Let’s discuss how to use a scientific approach to plan exactly what you want to say to quickly be more intuitive, at ease, and influential in your decision-making process.

Do you want to work with the best and skip the rest?

  • In moments, test drive your desire and openness to achieve a specific goal and result
  • Know in the first conversation if the deal or agreement you want is a win/win or lose/lose for you.
  • Be more influential, confident, and relaxed when you share your vision of the best outcome/relationship
  • Plan the scope of your crystal clear decisions before the conversation
  • Start to notice how more often you have the winning advantage
  • Step into a higher, more confident, and intuitive version of you
  • Feel more at ease with communicating your message and desired result during the conversation


There’s nothing worse than losing your focus and agreeing to stupid things that don’t match your vision and mission.

20th Century Fox did. Their short-sightedness got George Lucas to take a pay cut of $20,000 in exchange for all of the merchandising rights to Star Wars, and all of the sequels thereafter losing out on billions of dollars in revenue. Doh!


For one thing, it takes a lot of time and energy to recover from choosing the wrong projects, investments, and relationships that don’t match your ideal result or mission.

They say, “Get busy living your dreams or you’ll be busy living someone else’s”.

When you are in your fast-paced day, who has the perspective and insight to make THE BEST decisions THE FIRST TIME without knee jerk reactions or being short-sighted?

Then after that important conversation or meeting no wonder you got confused or overwhelmed and frustrated as your vision and desired results got lost in the shuffle.

Even worse is when people on your team didn’t do a sufficient job conveying your vision and mission.

How can you avoid the wrath of other people’s agendas, demands, and requests that steal your focus from your ideal results?

It’s no fun when you’re kicking yourself later because, without that 20/20 hindsight, greed or stress led you to ignore the signs that looking back you clearly feel you should have noticed.

And now you’re stuck working with people that are less profitable and in sync with your process and expertise.

Yes, you really could have avoided making those costly business deals or investments when you had the chance.

With tons of unnecessary work and client hassle, that logical decision to do that project, make that purchase, or work with that person (who you were complaining about before even signing that contract) “suddenly” becomes a difficult situation! 

We’ve all had; clients, vendors, business partners, employees, and even loved ones we shouldn’t have entered into a business relationship that ended up sucking the life out of our time and precious resources!

If you are already complaining about a decision, it’s probably not in your best interest to move forward with that person, project, or organization. 

Sadly a lot of investment of time and money has already been put into the “seeing things to the end”, “not being a quitter”, “reducing procrastination” category because you didn’t pay attention to the “too good to be true voice” that was talking to you the whole time!

It’s no wonder you ended up doing tons of extra, unpaid busy work to manage the things that “had to get done”. And it’s even tougher when the other party changes the rules, gets upset or extends the scope of the project hoping to pay the same price for your precious time and resources! Doh!

What if you got a ping on your phone that helped you to not agree to do those things that weren’t in your best interest, to begin with?

What if you had the nose of a narcotics dog who could sniff out shady business before dumping a load of your passion, resources and expertise into the relationship?

How cool would it be to be able to know in seconds if an idea, relationship, or project was profitable and worth your energy or NOT?


“Back in 2000, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings asked the Blockbuster executives to publicize it in their stores. Netflix proposed that they would help Blockbuster to sell its brand online too. This essentially equated to Blockbuster being offered Netflix for a mere $50 million. Blockbuster was quick to say no and slam the door in Hasting’s face. Bad move.”


What if you could also know in seconds if you were going to hate doing (something about that deal) and knew upfront if you could sense if you would sabotage your own efforts?

(You would actually have the ability to pay attention to your intuition and see the fastball in slow motion), having your gut spell it out for you before striking out!

Imagine if you had the ability to quickly identify and avoid working with people that might take advantage of you and ruin your chances for profitable results?

According to Mike Erwin, the co-author of Lead Yourself First, he gives us six reasons in his Harvard Business Review article why we make bad decisions:

  1. Decision fatigue
  2. A steady-state of distraction
  3. Lack of input
  4. Multi-tasking
  5. Emotions
  6. Analysis Paralysis


What if you had a little setup and planning to do in your free time to use a system for quickly testing decisions before saying “yes” or “no”?

Then imagine there was time to make moment-by-moment decisions at work (that you knew right away if they aligned with or clashed with your mission), saving you tons of time, frustration, wasted energy, and embarrassment in the short and long-run?

That would be amazing.

Unfortunately, unless you have a way to time travel to the future moment of your decisions playing out it’s kinda hard to divine or scope out the best options without decades of experience. 

If you make a costly decision in that fast pace moment, the momentum and goodwill you’ve built up with your great team and clients could be overshadowed by “having to second guess your business decisions and do damage control because you’ve chosen the wrong/ difficult people.

Then as life goes on you’re at the mercy of that difficult person or organization because you’re stuck working together!”

Of course, you could always scrap the project. Cancel or return the order, stop working with those difficult people who really weren’t committed to your success, and write off the losses. 

… if you’ve got money and resources to burn and don’t mind finding extra time and money to fix costly mistakes and fire difficult clients, business partners, or employees.

You and your team is already stressed as it is! <sigh>

This could be an uphill battle for yourself and team!

What do you do if you need things done and it’s up to you to inspire better resources and support? How does your winning decision-making process work then, Ruth?

… What if you could quickly test along the way if each of these decisions you had to make throughout the day were a win/win or a lose/lose?

“Kodak decided to pursue digital photography when it was far too late, leaving far too much ground to make up. They filed for bankruptcy in January 2012.” 


I’m not saying I have a crystal ball or can predict the stock market or anything.

However, humans do have the ability to pay attention to certain patterns and with a little help become hyper-aware of the game-changing ones and can move towards or away from opportunity and danger using very primal indicators.

“Back in 1981, Mars said no to having M&M’s in their film, for promotion of their film on their packaging. Mars gave them a straight-up no, so the company used Reese’s Pieces instead. The film was ET, which grossed nearly $800m en route to becoming one of the most important films in history. As an upshot, Reese’s Pieces saw a 65% jump in sales in the months after ET was released! Those contributions played a massive role in allowing the Hershey Company to grow from strength to strength.”


How did we start to eliminate these costly decision patterns and gain profitable ones?

It certainly wasn’t traditional therapy, that takes years to rehash old relationship drama.

When did these costly decision making patterns begin?

It ranged from bosses or clients who didn’t pay the agreed amount in the contract.

Or all the times you felt under-appreciated when you didn’t charge for your time and resources to help a friend or a relative with a service or using your expertise.

This lost or stolen revenue of unpaid overtime and poorly compensated resources adds up over decades and chips away at morale.

The ability for my clients to quickly bounce back from bad business decisions before we began working together took a huge toll on their confidence and finances until through our work together, they started to have the ability to recognize desirable patterns and start to make better, profitable decisions for their near future.

Oh and this also included accounting for the times my clients’ partners ran off with their money and their business crashed and burned or the times their clients didn’t pay what they owed.

Sound familiar? Sure, maybe, you’re doing better now, but imagine the thrill of recouping some of that lost time and energy from the last few decades!

How is that possible?

*We look no further than Einstein that states,

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” ~~Albert Einstein

That applies to the ability to recognize all our efforts were not in vain and that the energy of our time and resources can still provide benefit for us.

The place to start the conversation is through forgiveness and changing our stories from victim to generous philanthropist, and springboarding this new outlook to make better more profitable, and fulfilling decisions.

We are now able to harness the “lost” energy expended in those failed decisions and relationships and access the lessons and even good karma to speed up the rate we notice better opportunities and desirable relationship patterns?


So, if I had to be more intuitive, influential and profitable during my professional, decision-making, conversations, I’d have to be at peace with my old decisions, recognize the unprofitable patterns, and put in place new ideal conversations and patterns that I would automatically and intuitively use when winning opportunities suddenly came along!! (And more of them do come along when you already decided what and who you want to do business together in advance!)


What if there was a systematic way to make faster and better business decisions that you can now measure at a better success rate before you throw away your hard-earned money and reputation on another bad knee jerk business decision?


  1. Reduce decision fatigue
  2. Increase focus and avoid distraction
  3. Avoid lack of input by immediately getting input from your decision measured against your mission, integrity and desired results 
  4. Use the power of story to stay focused and organize your interactions and relationships in a mental and emotionally triggered way to quickly identify friends and foes to your mission 
  5. Harness Your Emotions To Help make win/win or lose/lose decisions faster and more accurately 
  6. Avoid Analysis Paralysis by doing the decision making leg work before that important conversation, meeting, or interaction.


I’m Ruth Anne Wood, and I’d like to introduce you to my Intuitive Decision-Making Resources, (from training to consulting), The Zing Method.

With The Zing Method, you can Plan and Test winning personal and professional Decisions in minutes with our “making the right decision the first time exercises and mentoring“.

It also puts a  STOP to dealing with Difficult People on THEIR terms, while moving forward on yours!

(Instead of reacting to someone else’s bad communication and behavior patterns, simply answer a few questions about your personality traits and about your decision-making style. Then my training will guide you to craft more winning conversations that you can use to reprogram your super-conscience to have more winning conversations with yourself and others in natural, intuitive, and spontaneous ways!)

No more dealing with the costly mistakes of rookie sales reps, incompetent and lazy employees, pushy, sue-happy clients, and greedy business partners. (Be able to evaluate, train, influence, and boost the profitability of yourself, clients, team, and assets with a little planning what you want to say to them in advance. Then quickly recognize that ideal situation as it shows up at that moment, (without wishing you could go back in time and make a different decision.

With this new focus, more of these winning decision-making opportunities will show up for you with less drama and hassle!)

You’ll literally feel a shift with your conversations and options dealing with others using The Zing Method. It’s as if you suddenly gained access to better resources because you’ve activated a new pattern in your super-conscience that matches your ideal relationships and experiences.

Your ability to move with ease goes from sitting in cramped economy airplane seats with the snoring guy hogging the shared armrest, to your own luxurious business class pod with a personal server asking you your pre-ordered meal choices with a linen table cloth and nice silverware and drink choices.

Or said in another way…”Ruth took me out of the crisis and during our session created a bridge out of thin air that led me to where I wanted to be”. (We, of course, tested this new, winning experience using the [Zing Method] days earlier.)

No more having buyers remorse after investing in the wrong decision, product, or service, because you’ll know before the investment of resources if it’s a win/win or a lose/lose decision!

And no more having band-aid situations dealing with difficult people. You won’t get left behind if the job title, organization, client, or partner expectations changes in leadership style and culture because thanks to The Zing Method you’ll have your core decision-making blueprint set in place and (a perceptive pulse on how things shift around you) which you can help to harness more winning decisions big and small.

If I had to quickly INSPIRE myself and others to support my winning decisions…

Use a scientific approach to plan exactly what you want to say to quickly be more intuitive, at ease, and influential in your decision-making process.

Do you want to work with the best and skip the rest?

  • Test your desire and openness  to achieve a specific goal/result in moments.
  • Know in the first meeting if the deal or agreement you want is a win/win or lose/lose for you.
  • Be more influential, confident, and relaxed when you share your vision of the best outcome/relationship.
  • Plan your crystal clear decision before the conversation and notice how you have the winning advantage.
  • Step into a higher, more confident, and intuitive version of you.
  • Feel more at ease with communicating your message and desired result from the conversation.


Every time you want to increase your ability to make better decisions and perceive more desirable opportunities and resources, read your Zing Method blueprint out loud! Suddenly your mental, emotional, and physical awareness is calibrated to pay more attention to winning opportunities and less attention to costly, time-wasting distractions.


I wanted to help myself, clients, husband, other family members, and business professionals to stop dealing with the costly mistakes of rookie sales reps, incompetent and lazy interns once they became employees. (My husband made that painful mistake a couple of times before he implemented The Zing Method.)

Pushy, unexpected, sue-happy clients and greedy business partners are also a thing of the past. I wanted a system to be able to evaluate, train, influence, and boost the profitability of our “decision making” clients to make winning decisions right out of the starting gate before signing their next business contract.

I wanted to give my clients a way to systemize the ability to harness mindset and decision-making books like Think And Grow Rich and How To Win Friends And Influence People, on command.

After years of studying personal development books, cassette tapes, CDs and digital downloads, interviewing hundreds of industry leaders, collaborating on stage and launches with best selling authors, and 7+ figure business owners,  I went back to the roots of my powerful decision-making process that I started using in the 1980s, when I was winning awards for my short fiction stories in my elementary school young authors contest!

Then after studying oriental medicine and acupressure points starting my senior year in high school in 1994, I got inspired to marry my storytelling with releasing the blocks and stuck patterns stored in the body by using the tools I learned to laser focus mental and emotional focus.

Then in February 1997 visiting my mom on vacation, we took an evening theater class where at the end of the evening class a seasoned actor made up a juicy, gripping, believable stage character from scratch by changing his body posture under the direction of the teacher and answering a couple “yes” or “no” questions from the audience.

I thought if an actor could create an inspiring character from scratch with just a few tweaks to his body posture and yes or no decisions, what if, 22-year-old “Ruthe” could use this technology to have my oriental medicine/ acupressure, wellness clients create better versions of themselves by changing their body posture and conversations?    

I began workshopping and developing my process right away and giving lectures on the story, mind, body, emotional connection.

Over two decades as I found more ways to automate the process with questions that activate the mind-body connection, it’s evolved to the latest incarnation of the Zing Method that marries the decision-making process to energy patterns, storytelling, and most recently adding the extra boost of plugging in my student’s personality testing for even faster more intuitive decision making!

How does this work?

Through short statements and stories, I help myself and clients laser focus on the desired outcome and make profitable decisions and connections faster.

With the Zing Method, we designate/ program our bodies/senses to pay attention to these decided opportunities so our head doesn’t get in the way of over-analyzing, trying to remember, or second-guess our decisions.

It’s like creating a jingle or a commercial for our decisions in advance and then seeing that product jump out at us when we shop…except now it even more convenient like shopping online and mental and emotional cookies showing you more of what you want the more you hear the jingle or in this case, read the decision out loud.

This all sounds cool, but…

Sometimes our decisions are clouded by mistakes we made in the past or the greedy promise of others who want to “do business with us” for a better future.

There are things that mess-up and even harm our ability to make winning decisions the first time, (which is the Zing Method promise, “To make profitable winning decisions the first time!“) Unfortunately, when we make the wrong decisions working with or trusting the wrong people instead of our own internal guidance system, this leads to costly do-overs, crumbling our confidence, income, resources, and reputation. Some seasoned sales pros and business mavericks say it takes years to master the art of charisma and influence. I’ve witnessed first-hand beginners using the Zing Method suddenly be able to communicate on a higher level of flow, creativity, intuition, and charisma with “good enough” results to get their foot in the door and land that deal, after the very first use of the Zing Method! 

In some cases, we might have trusted a vendor, employee, business partner, a friend, or even a significant other in the past. Over time their promises went unfulfilled and left us scrambling to recover from the precious time, energy, resources, and financial loss of an overbudgeting project or broken relationships.

But now we are stronger and wiser… perhaps even guarded to avoid getting hurt again. That presents another challenge as our cautiousness swings in the opposite of trusting or calculating risk-taking and pushing off the real decisions that are needed for massive growth so we “don’t get hurt again”. 

Sure, a therapist or a more seasoned partner could help us push through this, but…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a decision-making process, that gave us the tools to evaluate those feelings and mental and emotional blocks without having to relive those moments or even have to remember or talk about them?!

That may even help us make decisions based on “regret management” (something Amazon owner Jeff Bezos uses to explode his business and do the things that he would regret NOT doing!

In a matter of hours, the Zing Method helps us get in touch with our true feelings, desires, and intentions to achieve specific life and career goals!

Then it becomes easier to tweak and expand our Decision-making blueprint to cover every aspect of our life.

Imagine not having to protect ourselves from new costly decisions or feel the lingering pain, shame, regret, or resentment for being suckers for taking that deal or working with the wrong people in the past. 

The Zing Method isn’t all peaches and roses. You may need to do a deep dive in our “Forgiveness” module to sharpen the decision-making radar.

Wouldn’t it be amazing that when presented with amazing opportunities we focused on that happily-ever-after result rather than automatically start to replay old events and questions that created the stress we’re feeling today?

Let’s decide to stop slumping back into “playing it safe” and “business as usual”?

In this case, going through the Forgiveness module is totally worth it!

We can either tighten up on the reigns or put on the breaks to brace ourselves for the stress of new decisions. 

Fortunately, the Zing Method honors those tiny or big stresses while still helping us pay attention to those intuitive nudges that guide us through emotional land mines of recalling bad decisions. (This is the difference between a newbie and a seasoned pro.)

But, what if we could have a program or a tool to help executives and interns think, feel, and pay attention as much as a seasoned veteran of business and sales in a way that does not take years to get up to speed to gain confidence and intuitive decision-making skills?

The good news is we can laser focus our attention on more winning connections and ideal decisions. 

And we don’t have to go to therapy, drink heavily to drown out the nasty inner critic that says we can’t get that promotion or change the culture in our organization. (We operate on the “Butterfly Effect”. A small shift in the way we communicate with ourselves and others creates a change in the weather and behavior of the people around us.

In that case… We’re done having that scared voice, putting on the breaks, calling the shots, all in the name of “keeping us safe”.

You don’t have to drink plenty of water, eat healthier, exercise more to get great Zing Method results, (although it will boost the Zing Method experience even more after hitting the ground running and being able to spot winning opportunities more quickly just using our introductory tools and training).

I’ve often had trouble sitting still in school doing multiple-choice questions. I was much better at writing stories. I also had trouble finding any tangible benefit from prayer, meditation, affirmations, or writing down my goals.

I would think, “now what?” “Is this all there is? “I’m still making the wrong decisions and not getting what I want!”

But when I look back at the stories I wrote in the Young Author yearly contests in grade school just about all those fictional stories came true from the NASA shuttle explosions to get to sit in the very spinning machine, astronaut Buzz Aldrin sat in to train for shuttle launches…to winning an Environmental Club scholarship and being gifted trips to over 20 countries around the world…to my short stories on hang gliding and being married to an awesome guy… to hang gliding, to being able to teach abroad… to speaking on stage at conferences with specific industry leaders…

Then I started to use the Zing Method (that gave me instant feedback if I was making smart or stupid decisions). A little bell would go off inside my body like “the Peter Tingle” in Spiderman where he can sense danger.  .. you guessed it, “that ZIng feeling” throughout my body when my beliefs and my goals were in mental, emotional and physical alignment and the resistance that I had to a decision or goal melted away! 

I combined the prophetic, sci-fi/now reality nature of my grade school adventure stories with my background in acupressure to have that instant connection with that goal, prayer, mission, intention, conversation, or desired result.

My clients and I didn’t have to memorize these Zing statements or decisions. We just knew that this was the moment we had been waiting for and that same Zing energy in our assignments was available talking to this awesome person in front of us about working together! 

How does the Zing Method work in helping to make the right decisions the first time?

I discovered a way to anchor in the stories that filter our reality and notify the user when their story and reality match.

The key is to read these scientifically formulated stories out loud. It instantly gets the reader in that ideal state of focus where you can intuitively notice opportunities and relationships that fit your heroic story within weeks, days, and sometimes even hours after using the Zing Method!

It may seem silly at first, but reading the decisions we create in this program creates that internal ZING (that feeling when you land a big client, get your dream toy or fall in love!

What if we could bypass the inner critic that says, “Fool, that’s never going to happen!”, and enough of those hidden mental and emotional blocks to moving forward are bypassed long enough to align with that ideal conversation and profitable partner?

The Zing Method is a lot like Google Alerts, (used to instantly notify bloggers keywords being used on social media). With the Zing Method, users start to automatically notice relationships, opportunities, and resources that match the decisions processed through the Zing Story Creation Process. These decisions are then anchored into the users’ senses in the form of stories and conversations written with the help of this program and feedback from the Zing Method Community. 

The Zing Method helps to focus on and harness our natural tendencies and strengths and create an accelerated path to more focus and attention to what we want. Also, this process is great to help reduce distractions by things that don’t match our winning Zing Decisions. 

The power of mini-stories are used, so you don’t have to memorize your decision or do a lot of mental and emotional conditioning to change who you are or what you want or believe to make that sale or land that killer job or partnership.

Instead, you are following a step-by-step process to bypass the inner critic (that wreaks havoc on traditional goal setting and decision making). No longer are you working so hard through sheer will power and experience while your younger more ADD team members are thrown off course through overwhelm and inexperience unless you share what you learn inside our community!

The Zing Method is a cool workaround from those brain fog and brain freezes. Decisions that align with your values and desired outcome become brighter and more accessible in your awareness. This is thanks to the long term and daily decisions that are plugged into the Zing Method program.

If you haven’t guessed it all ready, I’m passionate about helping myself and others make winning decisions. I’ve used what I’ve learned to speak on business conference panels next to industry leaders that I had forgotten I plugged into my Zing Method Program. One day I was coming back from lunch and the last panel seat on stage for the “Hot Seat” was mine. I found myself next to the very internet marketing gurus I had added in the role model section of my Zing Method exercise. I laughed out loud as I made my way to my seat, muttering to myself, “Thank you,” and “okay, I get it!”, “I’m supposed to continue to use [the ZIng Method] for my own success. 

For over a decade I interviewed industry leaders about their Zing moments on my podcast “Live Your Peace”. I’ve studied conversations with the judges on America’s Got Talent and replayed the videos watching the huge shift of energy before and after that moment of a talent judge hitting “The Golden Buzzer”.  I’ve applied my love as an award-winning sci-fi short story writer, gaining the recognition of my school as early as third grade all into the Zing Method process.

And before I was officially graduated from high school in the early 1990s, I began to study acupressure and oriental medicine. It wasn’t until age 22 when I was visiting my mother in Sarasota, Florida and we took a Tuesday night acting class. At the very end of the night, Mom and I witnessed a seasoned actor create a multidimensional character out of thin air that we thought was a real person or at least took months to rehearse.  Mom and I discovered sitting cross-legged on the floor eating sushi that night how powerful this decision-making theater exercise was which I later named Walk About For The Soul.

Although I thought it was cool to invent a stage character out of thin air, I was more interested in using this technology to help my massage and soon to be coaching clients quickly test drive important decisions and then be able to access that mindset and focus on command! Well, that was 1997 and I was able to quickly use what I now call The Zing Method to manifest a series of life-changing moments, including the first time I manifested $20,000 a month after doing the Napolean Hill, Think And Grow Rich exercise where I wrote down how much money I intended to have, by the specific time and activity. So, I wrote down, “I intend to have $20,000 by my 22nd birthday through my writing.”

My March 24th birthday came and went. Then in late April, I got a check in the mail from my grandfather’s estate for $20,000. It was my inheritance from my grandfather I didn’t know was coming! Unfortunately, I accidentally ripped that check-up because it was delivered in my grand mother’s hand in the same envelope as an angry note from my her (something about me being too selfish and busy to write or call her enough even though I sent her a thoughtful gift on her birthday. This was before I had voice mail and email! LOL!) Seeing the public television Yanni cassette tape, (the first purchase I had made with my new Visa bank card returned to me in the envelope) in a fit of anger, I ripped up the check I thought was $20 only to discover by my high school sweetheart that I had stupidly ripped up a check for $20,000 which would have gone a long way in rehabbing our first fixer-upper home!

I was too stubborn to ask for a new check and she was too stubborn to write me a new one. After three months of Gestalt therapy to learn how to communicate better with my grandmother and a year later she came to visit my HUD repo project (where I sunk my college money after dropping out the third semester of liberal arts, community college to study oriental medicine). Yes, the $20,000 did come in handy gutting and rehabbing, where the former owners had raised cats, dogs, and chickens in the house. My grandmother was so impressed by me and the high school sweetheart’s hard work, she rewrote me the check. I just smiled with appreciation this time.

Needless to say, I studied a lot about mental and emotional blocks and forgiveness in the last two decades to help myself and clients make powerful decisions that bypassed the family or career drama that held them, hostage, from making winning decisions the first time.

Luckily my clients didn’t have to go to more years of therapy or counseling to suddenly notice all this support and resources that matched their winning decisions run through The Zing Method. Who wants to relive all that drama every time you want to build your career and grow your assets?! Not me!

They had already used the Zing Method (which distills the steps of my two decades of coaching and personal, scientific research. Now it’s in a duplicatable program that can be used as a stand-alone or in our group and private Zing Method forums and mastermind groups.

Heck, this program doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes my clients stop three feet from gold and forget to use this scientific method of testing decisions. And they wonder why it didn’t work for them. I gladly return their money because who wants a bunch of whiners who don’t want to follow directions and consistently use the system.

Not testing your decisions before that important conversation and having to keep on negotiating or convincing others to see it your way… It’s like wondering why you are hungry if you stubbornly stop eating or get cavities when you stop brushing your teeth!

That’s why I have a 99% success rate with paid clients getting results from the very first decision they run through The Zing Method.

And all these years I’ve only had two refunds.

Most recently, before developing the latest version of The Zing Method, I’ve been able to travel and teach this method to university and continuing educations students in classrooms, workshops, factories, and lecture stages in China 2018. (All my slides had to be approved by the Communist Party so there is no bias, fluff or propaganda, just the step-by-step training, tools, and resources.  I continued to develop The Zing Method in 2019 and 2020 in classrooms and online forums in the states with much gratitude from my American workshop participants.

In that role of mentor and classroom facilitator, I’ve realized that many decision-makers on the highest level of the organization could be much more successful if they only knew how to take a few minutes of prep work before having that game-changing conversation.

Suddenly that important conversation with current and prospective clients, investors, employees, or even the media take on the same familiar patterns programmed into the users subconscious through the power of emotional and mentally compatible stories created with the Zing Method.

All this and more has given me the idea for The Zing Method, (which is the feeling our users get when they are correctly using our tools and resources).

Before creating this incarnation of the system, I devoted myself to learning everything I could about decision making. I read countless books, listened to tons of podcasts, and spent hours on the Internet, learning secret decision-making formulas from the best professionals in the biz…Things like…how to stay focused on the ideal result and not get bogged down by the details.

How to get helpers and resources to show up quicker when you fully believe and love your decisions.

How do you know you love and believe your decisions? You get that delightful ZING feeling.

You get to be more influential, avoiding pending setbacks in personal and professional relationships, (without having to be charismatic or take years to master the art of persuasion).

It all boiled down to helping clients quickly have integrity with themselves. This process gave my users the ability to quickly notice patterns in conversations and daily interactions that ZING when they are a match to the users’ statements and stories.

The stories that have all the key elements of the decisions in them notified the users when they were making winning decisions, and sometimes generated an empty or a sick, nauseous feeling when they were being steered off course and shouldn’t partner with that person or invest in that project or client.

Instead of feeling that ZING, they felt the pain of the relationship while test driving the mental and emotional connection in the future.

That sounds pretty handy, doesn’t it! To be notified at the moment if the decision is a win/win or lose/lose!

That certainly eliminates a lot of regret for not acting sooner or buyers’ remorse for investing too heavily in the wrong opportunity or people.

I took everything I learned from world-class decision-makers, years of developing and testing this scientific approach with my clients and students, and as a BONUS partnered it with personality testing to give even faster and better examples of helpful decision making!

WITH The Zing Method, YOU’LL GET TO:

  • Be able to quickly process feedback to pivot and grow more seamlessly and intuitively within your organization.
  • Be able to test drive if the decision will be met with resistance or receptivity.
  • Be able to focus on the best-case scenario rather than the fight or flight, band-aid reactions.
  • Act like a tuning fork and have a mental, emotional, and physical response to the decision before beginning communication with the prospective service provider. Then during the conversation ZING together as you quickly have that much-needed rapport and déjà vu connections!
  • Have the ability to inspire greater confidence and influence in yourself and team once The Zing Method is used to test your decisions.
  • Be able to build momentum with each new and revised decision.
  • Customized your decisions to be more compatible with your personality traits and communication style. (*NEW!)
  • Inspire more leadership, synergy, initiative, and compatibility across your entire organization.
  • Have the ability to work with more of the best resources and top-notch professionals in your community with more stealth, rapport, and ease.

I guess you could say that the Zing Method is like being able to get hyper-focused on making the play and seeing profitable opportunities come along with the heightened awareness and timing of a professional catcher gloving a fastball seen on instant replay in slow motion.

Minus the bruises and skinned knees of dealing with opposing team members slamming into you!

I guess you could say The Zing Method is like having the ability to work with the best resources and top-notch professionals in your community without getting distracted by tire kickers, unprofessionals, and backstabbers.

My students and I call it the déjà vu feeling because we’ve already ran it through the ZING Method simulator, mentally, emotionally time traveled to that future decision and tested if it was what we wanted or not. If we were already complaining about the future relationship then this was just one of many reasons it didn’t pass The Zing Method test!

Over the years, I’ve also been fortunate to able to help my students mentally and emotionally travel back in time to undo the sting and blocks of bad, costly decisions. And it didn’t take rehashing the painful past or years of therapy. Instead, my students were able to tally up the lost opportunity of their bad decisions and change their story from losing big to donating big! Soon even their most costly mistakes became fuel for their next profitable decisions.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what our “Zingers” (our outstanding clients) have to say:

“While I was first going through Ruth’s training, there was so much tragedy, (two deaths from drive-by shootings) in my family, yet within two months of using this decision-making, effective communication tools, my boss approached me out of the blue and offered a 20% raise, travel expenses to teach abroad and even offered to pay for my daughter’s expensive dialysis treatments and my grandchildren’s childcare. I was so inspired by this turn of events and the wisdom I learned in the program, I started teaching my version of Ruth’s decision making training at our local adult continuing education center!”

–Janice J., Harlingen, TX, Public School Teacher


“I didn’t follow Ruth’s advice at first and signed a contract with a client after Ruth told me it would be a “difficult” relationship. Ruth told me that if I was going to take on this “difficult” contract to double my fee to minimize the blow. Did I listen? No. Then when the project went way over budget and the “difficult” client threatened to sue us because I wouldn’t continue working for free, I finally followed the “repair damage” part of “The Zing Method” and within a day my situation turned around! Fortunately, the “difficult” client was no longer threatening to sue. Suddenly the client was helpful and agreeable to my terms without me ever having to negotiate with the “difficult” client. (They just came to the decision on their own, after I did Ruth’s [Zing Method] exercises to come to my highest and best decision to have the client agree to my terms.) After that, I made sure to follow Ruth’s [Zing Method] from the very beginning of the new client evaluation phase and it has saved so much hassle and expense!”

 –Peter Wesley, Philadelphia, PA, Business Owner


“Sometimes bad things happen to good organizations. As the director of a national 501C3, I was stressing out gathering tax information for a next day surprise audit. I used Ruth’s coaching to shift my whole perspective from being a freaked out, stressed, frazzled mess, “in reaction mode”. During the private [Zing Method] session I started to make decisions based on planning for my ideal day that inspired and delighted me instead of filled me with dread and fear. Ruth had me imagine this tax audit distraction wasn’t an issue.

By the end of my call with Ruth, I felt calm and at peace, (which I didn’t think was possible when we first started talking). The next day during the meeting, the IRS apologized for their accounting error! When I heard this, I immediately recognized that wave of calm and peace we co-created during our [Zing Method] session 12 hours earlier. I of course had to call Ruth with the good news and thank her for getting me in the feel-good zone!”

— Carol Johnson, Petersberg, NJ, Long Time Friend, And Client


“I like how quickly Ruth assessed so quickly why my sales team had dropped the ball. It turns out I had decided my team was incompetent. There was no time to change affiliates and sales reps before our big JVZOO launch so Ruth invited me to make new decisions about my sales team focusing on their core genius rather than their shortcomings. It worked a charm. The next day it was if a flip had been switched and I wasn’t paying attention to their annoying quarks. Instead, I was noticing how great they were at their sales job. We went on to have our biggest launch up to that point. breaking some JVZOO sales records in the process. #ProudPapa

–Ronnie Michaels, Product Developer & Sales Launch Consultant, Macon, GA


“P.S. I like the fact I could do the [Zing Method] process discretely without my team knowing I was concerned about our performance.”


By now, you’re probably wondering how much The Zing Method costs.

Before I answer that, let me ask you a question.

How much would you spend to…

Easily have that déjà vu feeling talking to your team and prospects because it’s as if they read and agreed with your private/winning decisions that you tested with The Zing Method? 

(In a way they did by subconsciously reading you and your new communication style after you read your winning decisions out loud.)

Save hours talking or working with the wrong people. To scientifically stop doing business with people that “don’t get you”, respect you or your company’s mission and service because your attention has shifted? 

Use the Zing Method to train new hires to be more masterful at communication and decision making without them sounding awkward, memorized, or rehearsed?

Get help testing your winning decisions with email feedback, online discussions, training, and Q & A critiques?

The Zing Method gives you all that and more.

If you had to pay for vague academic theories and general business training, and tons of leadership training for yourself and team, I’d say you’re wasting your money on another cookie-cutter approach.

However, if you are a skeptic who is a scientist and engineer at heart and would love to quickly run your decisions through a systematic testing process that is uplifting, entertaining, effective, and fun, you could expect to spend $$$ for hours of hand-holding and done for your services unless this was a special…

To kick off the new mentoring community around this program, I’m making The Zing Method available for a fraction of that with an online forum to help you move through the Zing Method steps.

It costs a one-time introductory fee of $100 to go through my Zing Method Training videos (that I made for my very first registrants who progressed through the class. These are brand new, you can have access to them indefinitely when you log into the Zing Method training of the member’s area.)

Get your questions and decisions tested and critiqued in the members’ area.

But that’s not all.

Act today, and I’ll also include FREE exclusive access to interviews with my most profitable decision-makers that will teach you dozens of successful strategies for increasing fulfillment, influence, integrity, leadership. And you’ll get a transcript and some ZING Method strategies to go with them!


I’m so confident you’re going to love The Zing Method that I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you use The Zing Method—and don’t completely love it—I will refund every penny of your purchase, no questions asked.


Because The Zing Method online training and members area are brand-new, I’m offering it at a special introductory price of $100 to get all the recorded training and bonuses which I will be creating while you take the course and answering your questions.

Also, when you enroll today, you’ll get invited/ for extra investment to experience our Done For You service that helps you accelerate the decision making training with even more turbo speed and ongoing support.  So we’ll help you set up what you are learning in the videos to hit the ground running)

However, Done For You spots are filling up fast and there are only a limited number of memberships available at this introductory rate. You’re going to want to sign up today to lock in this special pricing before the rates rise.

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… regretting putting your foot in your mouth and figuring out how to undo the damage. 

… spending your own precious time micromanaging the trouble makers and rabble-rousers in your community when you could just be focused on your winning decisions.

… worrying your big vision for your upcoming launch or merger will fail to be that company morale booster

… settling for more unplanned for “dealing with difficult people” expenses. (working longer hours for less pay, feeling stupid for agreeing to work with them!)

With The Zing Method, you can put these things behind you and gain access to thousands of dollars worth of professional-decision making resources. Just click the button below to begin using the Zing Method today.

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Ruth Anne Wood

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Let’s say your time is worth $100/hour. If you spend just 1 hour a week mapping out your ideal partnerships and decisions, The Zing Method will have paid for itself.

Enjoy your weekly planner that will be filled using the same winning formulas used by legendary decision-makers.