Here’s a fraction of the resources for Miracle Mondays

At our 7 week class we help people:

  • Harness the power of meditation and visualizing
  • Create specific  measurable orders for Higher Power
  • Eliminate costly, painful distraction
  • Have ideal conversations with loved ones
  • Clear blocks and resentments
  • Be open to greater income miracles 
  • Organize the people currently in your life or you are soon to meet as ideal supporting roles as you step into your dream come true starring role in your life.

Join us at Miracle Mondays

8-9pm EST for transformational conversations, coaching, peer support and miracle generating resources. “A miracle is a shift of perspective from fear to love” – Course Of Miracles

A word to the wise… Without the coaching and peer support from Miracle Mondays it’s like the engineer that came out to fix the space shuttle with a hammer. When asked about his huge service fee for one smack on the side of the broken rocket the engineer said, “One price for the hammer and the other is for knowing why, how,  and where to hit the hammer!”



Chakra Download PDF and Audio

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Scripting Tools

Circle Map

Delegate to Your CEO


Scripting For Success Systems

Transform Debt Into Abundance (Introduces How To Uncover Your Worth, Blocks, Abundance)

How to Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy (Introduces the Six Steps To Script Your Process)


These are the very resources I’ve used in my coaching to help:

  • People who want to be aware of opportunities and blessings
  • People who have experienced miracles (a shift in perception) and want these moments more often
  • People who help other solve problems for a career or business
  • People who are open to spiritual adventures
  • People who love self exploration and claiming a more desirable future

Join us at Miracle Mondays!