Dear Ideal Client,

  • I love the way your eyes sparkle as you communicate your vision.
  • I love how your energy comes alive when you claim a story of your ideal self.
  • I love how I help you get clear on what you want and create the very pieces of conversation to have with your self and others to create your ideal results.
  • I love how projects near and dear to your heart easily come together through Scripting for Success despite the years it may have been on your to do list.
  • I love how you notice synchronicities all around you once you make a decision on what you want and write it down as if it already happened.
  • I love how things just click into place when you script your success.
  • I love how just like me you are an innovative genius with a big heart.
  • Through Scripting for Success, you know how to take your field of expertise and make it engaging and easy to integrate to solve your ideal clients’ challenges.
  • I love how you and I communicate in the portal and you easily find and hire me to transform your conversations, DNA and reality.
  • I love how you seek me out for my brilliant mind and amazing connections.
  • I love that you instantly hire me upon first contact to share my interviews and Scripting with thousands of your clients, partners and employees.
  • I love how you find me when you are frustrated with your ability to communicate with your audience, media and team and how I make that simple, profitable and fun for you.
  • I love how moments after you reread your ideal success script I help you write, that you get that tingling rush of energy throughout your body as you connect with your ideal self and dream come true purpose.
  • I love how your DNA and life path alter forever with a one sentence Success Headlines.
  • I love how synchronicities that match your success script rapidly are experienced.
  • I love how you are well connected and you successfully refer tons of clients to Scripting for Success.
  • I love the more business you give me, the more I pay you in wonderful thank you commissions.
  • I love how this quickly skyrockets the quality of conversations and profitability of your business relationships.
  • I love how your very first “Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy” phone strategy call you catch a glimpse of how powerful you are and how much easier, rewarding and fun life is for you and all you support when you script your success.
  • I love how you save large portions of your money, time, energy, resources and emotional well being with the transformational conversations we playfully script together easily transforming yourself and others.
  • I love how surprised you are when major financial changes or reputation management issues quickly disappear through the Scripting for Success process saving all that you hold dear in miraculous, delightfully unexpected ways.
  • I love how these scripts strengthen your leadership and best practices in the global community and how you immediately know you are in the right place, connecting with the right people in the ideal moment.
  • I love how quickly you are recognized for the transformational results you create for others.
  • I love how you thrive in an online community of like-minded professionals and my weekly Scripting for Success training and Q & A calls.
  • I love how you quickly approach me to facilitate 50+ clients to participate in “Jump Start Your Remarkable Legacy” training with your team.
  • I love how you quickly reap millions in additional profits within hours of our work together.
  • I love that you easily reach record profits in the first couple months you are my client.
  • I love how our work together energizes, heals, transforms with such contagious wealth and delight.

You are a blessing and a miracle and I am so honored to serve you as my client!


<3 Ruth

Ruth Anne Wood
Founder of Scripting For Success

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