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Transforming Debt into Abundance is a successful program for my Scripting for Success TM individual and mastermind clients and now I’m honored to share Debt Forgiveness Scripts TM success blueprint.

If you are reading this I would venture to say you are someone who is ready to invite change and prosperity into your life. Like many of the people who seek out my support through Scripting for Success you have great ideas and are longing for insight that will unleash your potential. In the pursuit of your dreams you may have accumulated debts that restrict your path forward. Do any of these descriptions sound familiar?

    You have a lot to share but feel blocked
    You are frustrated by less than anticipated success in your business

    Your limited cash flow is a source of concern and fear
    Your tension around debt creates stress in your personal life
    You may have shame associated with the accumulated debt
    You resent all the work you’ve done with out adequate compensation
    Your debt challenges seem insurmountable
    You long for freedom to live your best life


Ruth Anne Wood is the founder of “Scripting for Success” and the “Live Your Peace” interview series, and co-author of You Can’t Get it ‘Cause You Already Got It. Creator of Transform Debt Into Abundance, Ruth has been referred to as a “Muse” and “Writer of our Lives” for over a decade. She has collaborated with community leaders in the personal development and business success arenas. She specializes in support to discover your true worth and the adventure of realizing your life work. Ruth is available for individual or group training and inspirational speaking. “Transform Your Debt Into Abundance”:

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“Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to script.”

Hi this is Rick Denzien from and I got to tell you, Scripting for Success is wonderful. Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to script. This is a great opportunity to write down the things that you really believe in your heart of hearts. You’re destine to be a human being. You’re destine to be great and you’re destine to script your life for success.

Rick Denzien,


“I’ve hired Ruth on Multiple Occasions”

Cass Forkin, Founder of



“Ruth and Jason are Amazing”

Serge Tancrede, Co-owner of Sweet Spot Concepts LP


“Scripting is a delightful way to set my day”











Lyn Hicks,


” I can carry my script with me to help aspire me to my goals.”

My name is Jeanne Devirgiliis. I am an independent Mary Kay consultant and I just got off the phone with Ruth Anne Wood speaking with here about Scripting for Success. I was very impressed at how quickly she was able to take the things that I was thinking, feeling and wanting to do and put that in a brief paragraph that I can carry with me and help aspire me to my goals.

Jeanne Devirgiliis,


“Allowed me to target how I’m going to grow my business going forward.”

Hello, my name is Russ Bragg. The company is Distinctive Financial Services, and I just spent some valuable time with Ruth Anne Wood covering how to grow my business and in a short period of time she was able to capsulate what I do in two or three sentences that has really allowed me to target how I’m going to grow my business going forward.

Russ Bragg, and


” Ruth Anne has opened my heart.”

Hi, my name is Debra Lee, and I’m with and Ruth Anne has opened my heart and shown me ways to have a breakthrough in raising my energy. I just feel so much more clarity. I just feel so much clearer, and the resources and the exercises she just gave are really going to help to focus and keep my energy and our energy at a higher level, so we can focus on what we want to accomplish.

Debra Lee, and

“Scripting Clarifies Your Vision In Your Own Mind”




Sian Lindemann,

“The Sky Feels to Be the Limit”

My writing/coaching sessions with Ruth have been such a rewarding experience. I cannot begin to put into words how meaningful our sessions have been. First of all, Ruth has guided me in a very gentle, and nonjudgmental way to allow my true self to shine through all of my beliefs of limited thinking. I have been able to raise my vibrational awareness to beliefs that will serve me rather than squash my real potential and talents within myself. The sky feels to be the limit, maybe beyond the sky if I dare to dream, imagine and act in harmony with my true nature and my real self. Thank you, Ruth, for helping me to activate my resources and move beyond those hidden blocks that sabotage my real inner nature.

Stash Serafin, figure skater with a vision, blind since birth



“Power to Change the World”

What we have accomplished in three months’ time could take some people their whole lives. I am able to share my light with others to change the world in a positive and uplifting energetic manner and share God’s hope with those who need it most, knowing it is through spiritual guidance. I accept all the goodness and plenty of it, without struggle, knowing that I am in the right place and connected to heaven and earth. Great job! Love, Cassy

Cass Forkin, Founder



“My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy”

Ruth Anne,Thank you sooo much! I just completed my copy of “My Prosperous Week Overflowing with Ease and Joy”! I did some tweaking and it feels really good! It goes with me everywhere.Rob and I can see how effective this process will be for so many that we know who are feeling like they are just getting by or missing the abundant life they are seeking to see manifest.This like minded dynamic duo enjoyed working with the “Innovative Genius with a big heart who easily enjoys a steady flow of multi-million dollar income generating projects working with like minded, high achieving CEOs.

We look forward to our next multi-million dollar encounter with you! Heart to heart Hugs from the inspirational and energetic woman of God who is full of love, peace and joy and who speaks a word of wisdom and prophetic prayer that imparts a change in those she meets. (Still working on this one liner!)

-Cheryl Adams, Senior Director at CEO Space Mid Atlantic


“Ruth Helped Me Get My Book Published After So Many Years In the Making”

Ruth Anne is a unique combination of warmth and compassion with a dash of realism and gentle confrontation. As we began our work together, Ruth Anne challenged me on just what I wanted out of the writing I had done, what were my goals and who was my audience. Together we created a newsletter and a web presence. In addition, I was a guest for “Live Your Peace” and found her interviewing skills powerful. As a result of our work together, I am no longer floundering in a confusing, foreign world of writing, agents, publishing, and social media. I have a steady resource who is generous with her time and energy.

Barbara K. Folts, Author of “Hidden Treasures From Past Lives”,



“I implore you to work with Ruth!”

Ruth takes the seeds of inspiration that her clients present; helps them find fertile soil in which to plant them; guides them to feed, water, nurture and fertilize them; and cheers along with them when they blossom into an exquisite garden. Her encouragement of my work as a writer has manifested a phenomenal harvest. In a six month time span, I have moved from writing for one publication to writing for seven publications as a free-lance journalist. Yahoo! She shares in the success of her clients like a proud parent would. I implore you to work with Ruth! You’ll be thrilled with the results.

Edie Weinstein,


“The best part is that how much results you see after just one session.”

Ruth Anne Wood is a great career coach and scripting expert. I had the pleasure of working with Ruth Anne and the experience changed my life. Her unique and vital program is essential to building success. Ruth’s passion for the work she does and her genuine heart for helping others shows greatly in each session. The best part is that how much results you see after just one session. Ruth’s scripting can help with all aspects of your life. I reccommend this service to anyone and everyone who wants to see major results in their personal and or professional lives. I am impressed by the major moves Ruth is making in improving the lives of others in her community and the world.

Loretta GreenWarren,


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